Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 130 - Chapter 130: Sword Dao Expert!

Chapter 130: Sword Dao Expert!

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This scream made everyone’s hair stand on end!

An intermediate-stage Grandmaster Realm expert had his arms crippled just like that!

However, this was not the end!

Just as Kitada Karyu was about to faint from the pain, Yang Luo kicked twice in a row!



Another two crisp cracking sounds rang out!


Kitada Karyu screamed again. His legs were broken, and the pain woke him up completely.

With a loud thud, Kitada Karyu knelt on the ground!

There was no mercy in Yang Luo’s eyes. He kicked Kitada Karyu’s lower abdomen again and shattered his dantian!


Kitada Karyu was sent flying. With a bang, he fell dozens of meters away. His entire body twitched and he wailed endlessly!

At this moment…

The event location fell into a strange silence again.

Everyone present did not even dare to breathe loudly.

Yang Luo crippling Nakamura Ichio with a single kick had already shocked them!

And now, Yang Luo had easily crippled Kitada Karyu!

The shock in everyone’s hearts were indescribable!

To be able to cripple an early-stage and middle-stage Grandmaster Realm expert consecutively, it was enough to prove that this young man had the cultivation of the late-stage Grandmaster Realm!

This time, no one doubted Yang Luo’s strength!

Even Alliance Master Hong Yunzhi, the dojo masters of the three first-rate martial arts schools, Qiao Jinsong, Chen Qingshan, and Yuan Shichuan no longer had any doubts!

Chen Rongrong’s face turned pale and she said with a trembling voice, “Brother Qiao, is this guy a monster…”

Qiao Yongjie took a deep breath and said, “1 don’t know if he’s a monster, but he’s definitely an existence we can’t provoke…”

At this moment, Sato Taro was so scared that he almost peed his pants.

He looked at Yagyu Goemon and shouted, “Second Senior Brother, hurry up and attack. You must kill this kid!”

At this moment, Yagyu Goemon’s expression was extremely gloomy as he walked towards Yang Luo step by step.

He stopped a few meters away from Yang Luo.

A cold light flickered in his eyes as he said coldly, “Kid, you crippled my two junior brothers. You have to pay with your life.”

Yang Luo said calmly, “You’re not qualified.”


Yagyu Goemon let out a roar and instantly drew the sword at his waist!


A purple light streaked across the sky, tearing through the air. With sharp killing intent, it slashed at Yang Luo’s chest!


Qiao Jingsong could not help but exclaim.

“It’s really the famed Drawing Technique!”

“Moreover, this guy’s Sword Drawing Technique has already been cultivated to the Large Success realm. Even an early-stage and middle-stage Grandmaster Realm expert can be killed by him in one strike!”

Chen Qingshan and Yuan Shichuan also exclaimed, their eyes filled with shock.

Because everyone present was a Martial Warrior, they knew very well that the Draw Technique was a move created by the Country Sakura’s Sword Dao!

Once one cultivated to Large Success, they would be extremely terrifying and could instantly kill their opponents!

They didn’t expect this silent swordsman to be so terrifying!

“Father, could this guy be a late-stage Grandmaster Realm Martial Warrior?!”

Chen Rongrong asked Chen Qingshan.

“It’s very likely!”

Chen Qingshan nodded.

Chen Rongrong’s face turned pale, “Then won’t Mr. Yang be in danger?”

Therefore, after seeing Yang Luo cripple two Grandmaster Realm experts in a row, she was completely convinced. Other than respect, she also admired Yang Luo.

Just as Chen Qingshan was about to speak!


The sound of metal clashing resounded!

Everyone looked up!

Yang Luo was still standing on the spot, but his body was enveloped in a golden barrier that blocked Yagyu Goemon’s sword!

True Qi surged and flames shot out in all directions, piercing one’s eyes!

“He blocked it… He blocked it again!

Too strong… This young man is really too strong!”

Yuan Shichuan exclaimed repeatedly. At this moment, he truly admired Yang Luo to the extreme.

The others were also extremely shocked and gulped!

Seeing Yang Luo block his sword, Yagyu Goemon was stunned!

One had to know that his cultivation level had already stepped into the late-stage Grandmaster Realm, and he had also cultivated the Sword Drawing Technique to the Large Success Realm. It was not difficult for him to kill early-stage and middle-stage Grandmaster Realm experts!

However, he did not expect this kid to block his sword!

Could it be that this kid had also stepped into the late-stage of the Grandmaster Realm?

This kid was only in his early twenties. How could he have such a high cultivation level?

“Father… I’m afraid Mr. Yang is really at the late-stage Grandmaster Realm!”

Hong Zekai said to Hong Yunzhi in a trembling voice.

Hong Yunzhi nodded slowly. He was also quite shocked to learn of this fact.

At this moment, in the middle of the arena.

Yagyu Goemon said coldly, “Kid, so what if you block my sword? Let’s see how you can block it later!”

As he spoke, Yagyu Goemon gripped the sword in his hand tightly and slashed at Yang Luo!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

One sword after another slashed out, leaving behind afterimages!

Hundreds of purple sword beams tore through the air like a curtain and slashed fiercely at Yang Luo!

As for Yang Luo, he used the Dragon Nine Steps Movement Technique and moved around the martial arts arena, easily dodging every sword strike!

Crack! Crack!

The stone slabs on the ground were shattered piece by piece, turning into rubble and dust that swept into the sky!

Everyone present was shocked!

All the Hall Masters and disciples present could tell that Yagyu Goemon was definitely a Sword Dao expert!

No wonder this guy didn’t attack just now. It turned out that he disdained to attack them!

It was precisely because of this that they were even more worried about Yang Luo!

Nakamura Ichio and Kitada Karyu, who were lying on the ground and unable to move, gritted their teeth and shouted, “Senior Brother, you must kill this guy. Kill him!”

“Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!”

Sato Taro and his disciples followed suit.

Although the situation looked like Yagyu Goemon had the upper hand, only Yagyu Goemon knew that he did not have the upper hand at all!

No matter how he attacked, this kid could easily dodge it. The more he fought, the more anxious and angry he became!

After slashing thousands of times, Yagyu Goemon roared angrily, “Kid, if you have the ability, fight me head-on. What’s the point of dodging?!”

Upon hearing this, Yang Luo suddenly stopped and smiled, “Alright, I’ll do as you wish!”

“Go to hell!”

Yagyu Goemon seized this opportunity and held his sword with both hands. He circulated the True Qi in his body to the limit and slashed at Yang Luo!


This slash was simply terrifying to the extreme. It directly cut a gully more than ten meters long in the ground and continued to spread towards Yang Luo! “Mr. Yang, be careful!”

Hong Yunzhi and the others reminded him in shock. They were so frightened that their hearts were about to explode.

They could all feel how terrifying this sword was!

However, the moment the sword slashed down!

Yang Luo also mobilized the True Qi in his body. He clenched his right hand into a fist and punched out!

With this punch, the golden True Qi transformed into the phantom of a golden dragon and collided with the sword!

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