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Chapter 121 - Chapter 121: Overwhelming Popularity

Chapter 121: Overwhelming Popularity

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At this moment, the various media and internet celebrities had already spread the news.

Jiang City’s business world was in an uproar.

At a certain trading company.

“CEO Wang, the effect of a new facial mask developed by Hua Mei Biomedical is simply explosive. The effect can be seen in ten minutes. Should we order it first?”

“Yes, of course!”

“Then I’ll call Hua Mei Biomedical now!”

“By the time you finish the call, all the goods have been snatched away. Prepare the car and quickly go to the event location to order the goods!”


At an e-commerce company.


The door of the general manager’s office was forcefully opened!

A fatty rushed out of the office!

He quickly arrived at the office area, took a deep breath, and said loudly, “Everyone, just now, Hua Mei Biomedical released a magical facial mask. It only takes ten minutes to see an obvious effect!

“Therefore, I plan to order a batch of goods. From tomorrow onwards, we will focus on selling this mask!”

“President Qian, is this mask really that magical? You can see the effect in ten minutes?”

“President Qian, are you joking with us?”

The employees did not believe it at all and felt that the boss was joking.

President Qian said, “I’m telling the truth. If you don’t believe me, you can watch the replay of the news conference through the various live-stream platforms!

Alright, I won’t talk to you guys anymore. I have to go to the news conference event location to order the goods!

Secretary Zhang, quickly prepare the car and go to the event location of the news conference!”

At a certain beauty salon.

The television was playing the scene at the event location of Hua Mei Biomedical’s new product news conference.

When they saw the effect of the Jade Countenance Beauty Mask with their own eyes, all the beauticians and customers became rowdy.

“Oh my god, what kind of mask is this? The effect is too good!”

“Ten minutes. It’s amazing to see an effect in just ten minutes!”

“Has it been sold online? 1 want to order it now!”

Customers exclaimed one after another. They picked up their phones and opened the various online shopping platforms to search for this mask.

However, what made them depressed was that the online sales had not started at all.

At this moment…

The female boss of the beauty salon hurried down the stairs.

“CEO Wu, have you seen the news conference for Hua Mei Biomedical’s new product?”

A beautician asked.

“I did!”

CEO Wu replied and said, “I’m certain that this facial mask will definitely become the most popular skincare product in Jiang City’s history!

“Therefore, I’m preparing to go to the event location to order the first batch of goods!”

At the same time…

At the entrance of the Cloud Peak Hotel.

There were already many luxury cars parked at the entrance of the hotel.

Moreover, there were many luxury cars speeding over from afar.

The car door opened, and the well-dressed bosses got out of the car and rushed into the hotel.

The hotel’s security officers were all stunned, thinking that there was an emergency situation.

Initially, the security officers wanted to stop them.

However, after knowing that these bosses were going to attend Hua Mei Biomedical’s new product news conference, they did not stop them and let them pass.

At this moment, at the news conference venue.

The originally empty venue was already filled with people.

“President Su, I’m really sorry. I originally wanted to attend the news conference today, but I was busy with something, so 1 only came now. 1 hope you can understand!”

“President Su, I’ve already seen the video of the news conference. The facial mask your company produced is really amazing. I plan to order a batch of goods. You must leave some for me!”

“President Su, I want to work with you. We can sign the contract now. 1 want as many masks as you have. 1 can pay for the goods at any time!”

“President Su, don’t forget me. We’re friends!”

At this moment, other than the bosses who had never worked with Hua Mei Biomedical and had maintained a neutral stance, even the bosses who had sided with Ding Sheng Biomedical also came.

Su Qingmei, who was standing in front of the hall, was stunned when she saw the scene in front of her.

Thinking of the pressure, distrust, and grievance she had suffered during this period of time, and looking at the current situation, Su Qingmei’s eyes turned red.

All the hard work she had put in during this period of time was now worth it.

Of course, if not for the secret recipe provided by Yang Luo, Hua Mei Biomedical would not have developed such a popular product.

If not for Yang Luo cheering her on, comforting her, and supporting her, she would not have lasted until now.

She was endlessly grateful to Yang Luo.

The higher-ups of Hua Mei Biomedical were also extremely excited!

They never expected this news conference to be so successful!

They never expected so many bosses to come and support them!

They never expected that the new product they developed would cause such a boom in the market!

At this moment, Jiang Mingyu and the others, who were squeezed in the corner in the distance, were about to go crazy from anger!

Today, they had originally planned to watch the commotion and see a joke!

But who knew that such a situation would happen!

They thought that no one would attend Hua Mei Biomedical’s news conference!

However, he did not expect the four Divine Doctors of Jiang City, the top figures of Jiang City, and the top figures of Jiangnan province to come to support him!

They originally thought that the new products developed by Hua Mei Biomedical could not compare to their Ding Sheng Biomedical products!

Unexpectedly, the products developed by the other party directly shook the entire market!

One had to know that Ding Sheng Biomedical had never been in such a situation even when they held the new product news conference!

Envy, anger, extreme hatred, and all kinds of emotions surged into Jiang Mingyu and Jiang Xinyue’s hearts!

He Yilin, Liu Yuwei, Liu Yuting, and the others were the same!

Why was it so difficult to step on Hua Mei Biomedical, Su Qingmei, and Yang Luo?!

Jiang Mingyu was completely enraged. He shouted at the bosses, “If you dare to cooperate with Hua Mei Biomedical, you will be making an enemy of our Ding Sheng Biomedical and our Jiang family!

You all have to consider carefully if this is worth it!”

“Young Master Jiang, we can work with whoever we want. You have no right to interfere with us!”

“That’s right. Don’t use your Ding Sheng Biomedical as a bargaining chip. We won’t fall for it if you use your Jiang family to suppress us!”

“Even without your Ding Sheng Biomedical, our company won’t starve to death!”

The bosses who did not work with Ding Sheng Biomedical spoke up one after another, feeling very unhappy.

“You guys…”

Jiang Mingyu was so angry that his chest heaved up and down. He turned to look at one of the bosses in a partnership with him and said angrily, “If you dare to cooperate with Hua Mei Biomedical, our Ding Sheng Biomedical will cancel the cooperation with you now!

Moreover, from now on, don’t even think about having any business dealings with our Ding Sheng Biomedical!”

With that, he looked at Su Qingmei and said coldly, “Su Qingmei, let’s see how long your Hua Mei Biomedical can last! Let’s wait and see!

Let’s go!”

Then, he left the venue with Jiang Xinyue and the others.

He really did not want to stay here anymore.

It was too embarrassing to continue staying here. He felt like he had become a clown.

Seeing that Jiang Mingyu and the others had left, a portion of the bosses who had worked with Ding Sheng Biomedical hesitated for a while before chasing after them..

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