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Chapter 122 - Chapter 122: He’s Qualified!

Chapter 122: He’s Qualified!

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However, there were still some bosses who stayed.

They were all bosses, so they could naturally see the huge potential of this product developed by Hua Mei Biomedical. It would definitely become the number one popular skincare product in the future.

For the sake of benefits, they had to cooperate with Hua Mei Biomedical even if they had to beg.

After Jiang Mingyu and the others walked out of the hotel, they left in cars one after another.

At the entrance of the hotel.

“I’m so angry, so darned angry!

Seeing that dog Yang Luo’s smug look makes me angry!”

Liu Yuting was going crazy. The more she thought about it, the angrier she became.

She looked at Zhao Tianheng with a vicious glint in her eyes and suggested, “Brother-in-law, why don’t we find an opportunity to kill Yang Luo?”

Zhao Tianheng also smoked unhappily and said in a low voice, “I also want to kill Yang Luo.

However, Yuting, you should know that Yang Luo is no longer someone we can deal with.

Just the Su family and the Qin family alone gave us a headache.

Now, even Governor Luo, Director-General Ren, Director-General Lei, and the four Divine Doctors were on good terms with him. It would be even harder to kill this guy.

Of course, this guy is also very strong. It’s too difficult to kill him.”

“This won’t do, that won’t do. Are we going to let that dog continue to be arrogant?”

Liu Yuting took a few deep breaths and suggested, “Brother-in-law, why don’t we find someone to kidnap Su Qingmei and use her to threaten Yang Luo?

At that time, as long as we kidnap Su Qingmei, Yang Luo will be at our mercy.”

Liu Yuwei’s expression changed and she said, “Yuting, isn’t this a little too risky?”

Liu Yuting said, “It’s fine, Sister. As long as we do it secretly, we should be fine.” “No, absolutely not!”

Zhao Tianheng immediately rejected this suggestion and frowned, “Yuting, I advise you not to do this!

Now that the Jiang family, the He family, and the Song family have already started to deal with the Su family and the Qin family, let’s not cause trouble!

As long as the Su family and the Qin family fallls, it would be much easier for us to deal with Yang Luo!

Therefore, before that, let’s endure it!

Alright, I still have something on, so I’ll take my leave first!”

With that, Zhao Tianheng got into the car and left.

After Zhao Tianheng left, Liu Yuwei said, “Yuting, Tianheng is right. Let’s endure it a little longer.”

“Sister, that bastard Yang Luo has been arrogant for so long. Even if you can tolerate it, I can’t!”

Liu Yuting clenched her fists tightly and said fiercely, “Moreover, if this dog had saved Grandpa back then, he wouldn’t have died!

Therefore, Grandpa’s death is also related to him!”

“That’s true, but…”

Liu Yuwei also wanted to kill Yang Luo, but she felt that this method was inappropriate.

Liu Yuting continued, “Sister, don’t worry. We didn’t kidnap Su Qingmei to hurt her. We are only kidnapping her to threaten that bastard Yang Luo.

Moreover, I’m doing this to make that dog Yang Luo kneel down and kowtow to us to apologize. I want to suppress his arrogance and vent my anger first.

As long as we don’t kill anyone, we’ll be fine with Young Master Jiang, Young Master He, and Young Master Song supporting us.”

At this moment, Liu Yuwei had already been blinded by hatred. Coupled with Liu Yuting’s words, she was also a little tempted.

She gritted her teeth and said, “Alright, let’s do that!”

Liu Yuting immediately became excited, “Sister, I’ll spend money to hire someone now. We’ll start tonight!”


Liu Yuwei nodded heavily.

Then, the two of them got into the car and left the hotel.

At this moment…

At the hotel venue.

Seeing that Su Qingmei was still in a daze and had yet to recover, Yang Luo planned to say a few words on behalf of the woman. He couldn’t just leave these bosses here.

He glanced at everyone present and said loudly, “Thank you, bosses, for participating in Hua Mei Biomedical’s new product news conference. Thank you for your love for our new product!

“Everyone, don’t worry. Anyone who rushes to the venue today can sign a cooperation agreement with our Hua Mei Biomedical!”

“Good, good, good. That’s good. As long as we can sign a contract, we won’t have to worry about not being able to order the goods!”

“I can already predict that as long as this mask goes on the market, it will definitely be snatched up in an instant, so I have to stock up more!”

“Hahaha, I’ve already thought about it. I’m prepared to order 30 million yuan of goods first and increase it by 30 million yuan later!”

Hearing Yang Luo’s words, the bosses were very happy and discussed non-stop.

“However, some of them have already been blacklisted by Hua Mei Biomedical. Even if you come today, Hua Mei Biomedical will not cooperate with you!”

At this moment, Yang Luo spoke again.

Hearing this, the event location instantly fell silent.

Some of them immediately became nervous.

They thought of what had happened at the Blue Sky clubhouse a week ago.

At that time, they had already offended Su Qingmei and Hua Mei Biomedical.

They only hoped that Hua Mei Biomedical had already forgotten about them, but it seemed like that was not the cause.

Just as these bosses were hoping for a fluke, Yang Luo said in a loud and clear voice, “Now, I’ll name the people. The people who are named can leave!”

As he spoke, Yang Luo looked coldly at a bald boss in the crowd and said coldly, “You’re Zhang Youfu from Taixing Trading, right?

Back then, you were the one who screamed out the most. You even said that if you begged to cooperate with our Hua Mei Biomedical in the future, you would be a dog, right?”

Zhang Youfu wiped the sweat off his forehead and smiled dryly, “Assistant Yang, I was just joking previously. How can you take it seriously?”

“I’m sorry, I took it seriously!”

Yang Luo sneered and pointed outside, “That’s the door. You can get lost now!”

Zhang Youfu was instantly enraged and shouted, “Who do you think you are? What right do you have to chase me away?”

Ma Shengqiao from Eight Horse e-commerce also shouted, “That’s right. President Su hasn’t said anything. What right do you have to make a decision for him?!”

Right after he finished his sentence!

“He has every right to make decisions for me!”

Su Qingmei finally spoke. She looked at Zhang Youfu and Ma Shengqiao coldly, “He owns 20% of Hua Mei Biomedical’s shares and is the second-largest shareholder of our company!

Moreover, he was the one who provided the secret recipe for the new product!

“Do you think he has the right to make a decision for me?”

Hearing this, Zhang Youfu and Ma Shengqiao were instantly dumbfounded.

The news they heard was that Yang Luo was just the Su family’s live-in son-in-law and Su Qingmei’s assistant.

Unexpectedly, Yang Luo was actually the second-largest shareholder of Hua Mei Biomedical. Moreover, even the secret recipe for this new product was provided by him.

Zhang Youfu broke out in cold sweat and said with a smile, “Mr. Yang, I hope you can forgive me for offending you just now.

Mr. Yang, I, Zhang Youfu, guarantee that I will stand firmly on Hua Mei Biomedical’s side in the future.”

Ma Shengqiao also hurriedly guaranteed, “I, Ma Shengqiao, also guarantee that our Eight Horse e-commerce company will definitely be Hua Mei Biomedical’s most loyal business partner in the future!”

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