Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 120 - Chapter 120: Mask For The Immortals!

Chapter 120: Mask For The Immortals!

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They were all women and had used countless expensive skincare products, so they had the most say in the effects of skincare products.

No matter how expensive a skincare product was, it would take a period of time to see the effect. It was impossible to see the effect in ten minutes!

At this moment, not to mention Jiang Xinyue and the others, even Shen Yun, Zhang Xiuqin, and the others felt that Su Qingmei was exaggerating.

“Impossible, absolutely impossible. If it’s really that effective, 1’11 wash my hair upside down from now on!”

“Nowadays, merchants really dare to say all kinds of big words to sell products!”

“If I can really see the effect in ten minutes, I’ll order a hundred facial masks on the spot!”

The netizens of the various live-stream platforms also expressed their disbelief and mockery.

Su Qingmei smiled faintly and said, “Since everyone doesn’t believe me, I’ll show the effect of our ‘Jade Countenance Beauty Mask’ now!”

As she spoke, Su Qingmei looked at the female attendants in the hotel and asked, “May 1 ask if any one of you have skin problems?”

“Miss, my skin is a little dark and yellowish. It’s useless even when I use all kinds of skincare products.”

“I’ve always had acne marks on my face. 1 couldn’t get rid of them even after using all kinds of products.”

“I have crow’s feet and smile lines on my face because of the pressure of work and the fact that 1 stay up late all the time.”

Three of the female attendants mentioned their skin problems.

“Very good. Let’s try it with just the three of you.”

Su Qingmei nodded and said, “Please remove your makeup first. After that, apply our facial masks.”

“Alright, Miss.”

The three female attendants responded and left the hall.

Not long after…

The three female attendants came back after removing their makeup.

Just as they had said, one of them had a dark yellow face, one had many acne marks on her face, and the other had crow’s feet and smile lines.

After the three female attendants arrived, Su Qingmei first got someone to take a photo of their faces and displayed it on the big screen.

Then, Su Qingmei personally opened three facial masks and applied them on the three female attendants.

Su Qingmei looked at the time and said, “The time will start from now. In ten minutes, I’ll get them to remove the masks. Please wait and see!”

Everyone present and the netizens of the various live-stream platforms waited quietly.

However, most people did not believe it.

It was definitely impossible to see any effect in ten minutes!

Jiang Xinyue, He Yilin, Liu Yuwei, Liu Yuting, and the others were already prepared to watch a joke.

Seconds ticked by.

After a while, ten minutes passed.

“Su Qingmei, ten minutes are up. Hurry up and get them to take off their masks so that everyone can see the effect!”

Jiang Xinyue sneered.

Su Qingmei looked at the three female attendants and smiled, “Please take off the masks.”

All the cameras were aimed at the three female attendants.

The three female attendants took off their facial masks at the same time.

The moment the three female attendants removed their masks…

The entire hall instantly fell silent!

Everyone’s pupils constricted as they stared at the three female attendants’ faces in disbelief!




Various expressions appeared on everyone’s faces!

A few seconds later.

The crowd went wild!

“Oh my god, am 1 seeing things? It really only took ten minutes to see such an obvious effect!”

“The skin of these three ladies has become much paler, and the acne marks and wrinkles have also faded a lot. This is too magical!”

“Immortal mask, this is a mask for the immortals!”

Everyone present exclaimed, especially the women present. They all went crazy immediately.

Shen Yun was so excited that her entire body was trembling. She hurriedly stood up and said, “President Su, we’re friends. You have to leave me a hundred pieces of this mask. No, a hundred isn’t enough. Leave me a crate!”

“President Su, leave me a crate too. I really need this mask!”

Zhang Xiuqin stood up excitedly.

“Sister Qingmei, you have to let us use such a good mask first!”

“Sister Su, we won’t take it for free. We’ll spend as much as you want!”

The women of the Su family and the Qin family also stood up one after another, wanting to buy this mask.

Li Sihai shouted, “President Su, how much have you produced?

“I’ll take as much as you have. We can sign the contract now!”

“President Su, my relative is in the e-commerce business too. Leave me some face masks!”

Cai Donglai also stood up excitedly.

Originally, they did not think highly of Hua Mei Biomedical’s new product.

However, now that the actual effect was in front of them, they saw the huge potential of this mask.

Once it was listed on the market, it would definitely blow up the entire market.

Cao Jisheng sighed and said, “As expected of the secret recipe provided by Master. It’s simply amazing!”

Huang Tai’an said, “This mask is too magical. I want to order a few crates myself too.”

Han Shouli teased, “Old Huang, why did you buy a facial mask? Don’t tell me you want to put on a mask too?

It’s useless even if you apply it on your chrysanthemum face.”

“You don’t know shit!”

Huang Tai’an rolled his eyes at Han Shouli and said, “With such a magical mask, the sales in the future will definitely be very popular. If you’re slow, it’ll be gone!

I have to hoard a few crates first. It’ll be quite good to use them as gifts when 1 visit my relatives and friends in the future!”

Han Shouli immedaitely slapped his thigh, “That’s right, why didn’t I think of that!

Then 1 have to hoard a few crates too!”

Cao Jisheng and Sun Boren also nodded, planning to hoard a few crates themselves to give as gifts.

“This… this… how is this possible?!”

Jiang Xinyue was about to go crazy, “There’s such an effect in ten minutes? Am

I seeing things?!”

He Yilin gritted her teeth and said, “Don’t tell me those three attendants were hired by Su Qingmei?”

He Jiahao said in a low voice, “Even if they were purposely hired, the effect is right in front of us. This mask is indeed extraordinary!”

Jiang Xinyue looked at Jiang Mingyu and said anxiously, “Brother, once this mask goes on the market, it will definitely cause a huge impact on our Ding Sheng Biomedical. What should we do?!”

Jiang Mingyu’s expression was gloomy. He did not say a word, but he was extremely shocked himself.

He never expected Hua Mei Biomedical to really produce such a good product.

Although the facial mask produced by the secret recipe he bought from an ancient Chinese medicine family in the capital was already very good…

However, it could not compare to the facial mask produced by Hua Mei Biomedical!

“D*mn it!”

Everything was developing in an unexpected direction!

“F*ck, this mask is too awesome. 1 can see the effect in ten minutes!”

“It’s really a mask for the immortals. When will it be on the market? I want to buy it, I want to buy it!”

“The effect can be seen in ten minutes. I’m afraid the side effects are not small!”

“Didn’t you hear what President Su said? This mask is developed with pure Chinese herbs. There should be no side effects!”

The netizens of the various live-stream platforms were also crazy. Even if some netizens maintained their doubts, most of them were completely convinced by this mask..

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