Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 119 - Chapter 119: The Most Grand News Conference!

Chapter 119: The Most Grand News Conference!

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Jiang Mingyu and the others’ expressions darkened.

It was fine if the Su family, the Qin family, Li Sihai, and Cai Donglai came to support them.

Unexpectedly, even the four Divine Doctors of Jiang City were here.

This completely exceeded their expectations.

It had to be known that even if no one else came to support him today, just the four Divine Doctors were enough.

“How can this be? This dog actually knows the four Divine Doctors!”

“The key is that Divine Doctor Huang, Divine Doctor Cao, and Divine Doctor Han are all his disciples. Divine Doctor Sun even begged him to acknowledge him as his master!”

Liu Yuwei and Liu Yuting were furious.

Jiang Mingyu, Jiang Xinyue, He Yilin, and the others were also furious.

They had originally planned to watch Hua Mei Biomedical make a fool of themselves today, but now, they had become a joke.

Qin Zurong said with a sigh, “Old Su, I didn’t expect your grandson-in-law to be so capable. He actually has such a close relationship with the four Divine Doctors. I’m really envious of you!”

Su Guoxiong said happily, “I don’t know when Little Luo got to know Divine Doctor Huang and the rest. As expected of my Su family’s son-in-law. Good, good!”

Now, he completely believed the words of the old Daoist from ten years ago! Fortunately, he let his granddaughter get engaged to Yang Luo. His decision was too wise!

Perhaps, under Yang Luo’s lead, the Su family would definitely soar in the future and step into the ranks of the top families in China!

Yang Luo was caught between laughter and tears. He did not expect Huang Tai’an and the others to come over.

He raised his hand and said, “Since the four of you are here, please take a seat.” Huang Tai’an, Cao Jisheng, and Han Shouli sat down.

However, Sun Boren didn’t sit down. Instead, he said angrily, “Mr. Yang, you must give me an answer today. Will you accept me as your disciple or not?!”

Yang Luo said in amusement, “Alright, alright, alright. You’re already here to support me. If I still don’t accept it, I’ll be too unreasonable.”


Sun Boren immediately became excited.


Yang Luo nodded in reply.

Sun Boren laughed and bowed to Yang Luo, “Master, please accept a bow from your disciple!”

After bowing, Sun Boren sat down in satisfaction.

Just when everyone thought that this was all the people who came!

Suddenly, loud laughter came from outside the hall!

“Divine Doctor Yang, you’re too dishonest. Why didn’t you inform us about the news conference? Are you looking down on us?”

Hearing the voice, everyone turned around again.

Another group of people walked into the hall.

When they saw this group of people, everyone present was dumbfounded.

“This, this, this… What’s going on?

“Even Governor Luo of Jiangnan Province, the director of the Jiang City Industry and Commerce Department, and Director-General Lei 3 of the Jiang City Police Station are here?!”

“Oh my god, there are actually so many big shots attending this news conference. It’s simply amazing!”

“I’m afraid this will become the grandest news conference in the history of Jiang City!”

The reporters and media exclaimed in shock. The shock in their hearts was indescribable.

Jiang Mingyu and the others were also stunned. As if they were numb, their expressions twitched but could not show any drastic change.

“How could this be… Why are Governor Luo and the others here too?!”

“Also… Governor Luo and the others seem to be here for that bastard!”

“When did that dog get to know Governor Luo and the others?!”

Liu Yuwei, Liu Yuting, He Yilin, and the others gritted their teeth. They were extremely unhappy.

This was because Luo Zhongyue, Ren Pinghui, and Lei Guodong were walking in front of this group of people.

Their three Madams followed closely behind.

“Greetings, Governor Luo, Director Ren, Director-General Lei!”

The Su family, the Qin family, Huang Tai’an, and the others stood up and greeted him.

No matter how unhappy Jiang Mingyu and the others were, they did not dare to neglect Luo Zhongyue and the other two. They also greeted them.

“Governor Luo, Director Ren, Director-General Lei, thank you for coming!”

Su Qingmei was a little flattered and quickly thanked them.

Luo Zhongyue smiled and said, “President Su, you don’t have to thank us. We naturally have to support an outstanding company like Hua Mei Biomedical.” “That’s right.”

Ren Pinghui smiled and continued, “If Hua Mei Biomedical encounters any problems in the future, feel free to tell me. 1 will definitely help you solve them.”

“If anyone dares to cause trouble at your place, tell me!”

Lei Guodong added.

Su Qingmei nodded repeatedly and thanked them profusely once more.

She thought that not many people would attend this news conference.

However, he did not expect so many people to come at once, and all of them were very important figures!

However, she also knew that these people were basically here on account of Yang Luo.

“Yang Luo, thank you.”

Su Qingmei thanked Yang Luo softly.

“Silly, why are you thanking me?”

Yang Luo smiled dotingly. Then, he looked at Luo Zhongyue and the others and said, “Everyone, don’t stand anymore. Please, take a seat.”

Luo Zhongyue and the others nodded and sat down.

“Brother, should we retreat?”

Jiang Xinyue whispered to Jiang Mingyu.

“Old Jiang, why don’t we leave?”

He Jiahao also spoke out.

They had come today to see Hua Mei Biomedical make a fool of themselves. However, from the looks of it, the farce they planned was no longer possible. Jiang Mingyu said coldly, “Everyone, don’t be anxious. Let’s wait a little longer. So what if someone comes to support them? If their products are not good, this news conference will still become a joke.”

Everyone also felt that what Jiang Mingyu said made sense, so they planned to stay and take a look.

At this moment, Jiang Xinyue looked at Su Qingmei and sneered. “Su Qingmei, didn’t your Hua Mei Biomedical develop a new product? Aren’t you planning to show it off so that everyone can see it!”

“That’s right, that’s right. Hurry up and show us your new product!”

“Don’t make it sound like it’s all bark and no bite. That would be a scoop!”

Liu Yuwei, Liu Yuting, and the others echoed.

The reporters and media present also suggested that Su Qingmei showcase her new product.

Su Qingmei glanced at everyone present and said firmly, “Everyone, don’t be anxious. We’ll naturally show the effect of the new product later!

Now, allow me to introduce a new product!

Our new product is called “Jade Countenance Beauty Mask”, made with pure

Chinese herbs!

This mask has many effects such as whitening skin, cleaning pores, diluting acne marks, diluting wrinkles, and so on!

“Moreover, you only need to apply it for ten minutes to see the effect. There are no side effects!”

As soon as she finished speaking…

Jiang Mingyu and the others immediately burst into laughter.

“Su Qingmei, keep bragging. You can see the effect after applying it for 10 minutes. How ridiculous!”

“Your words are even better than singing. Who knows if it’s true!”

“If I can really see the effect in ten minutes, I’ll write my name upside down!”

Jiang Xinyue, He Yilin, Liu Yuwei, Liu Yuting, and the other young ladies from wealthy families did not believe her and mocked her.

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