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Chapter 13 Partners

Chapter 13 Partners

11.45 million star coins!

According to the exchange rate of 1:10,000, Xia Fei could exchange them for 114.5 billion federal dollars!

The purchasing power of the federal dollars was equivalent to a third of the olden US dollars, which also meant that it was close to 40 billion US dollars!

With this much wealth, Xia Fei could already be listed as the top 100 wealthiest people in the federation.

Furthermore, this was star coins, the universal currency, and it was a completely different concept with the federal dollars that could only be used in the federation! Apart from the federal government, no one else possessed such a huge amount of star coins.

"Sir, since your account balance has exceeded 10 million star coins, our Endaro Interplanetary Bank has upgraded your client grade from ordinary client to 1-star VIP client. We have prepared a dedicated VIP room for you, please follow me." Dawson respectfully said.

Those with money were the boss. It was a rule that would never change, and it was the same for the entire universe.

At this moment, a man who looked over 40 years old walked out of the office. He walked towards Xia Fei and Andre before bowing to Andre before speaking, "I have just received a notification from the system that an esteemed VIP client has arrived at our branch. Mister Xia Fei, I am Xu Feng, and I am the bank president here. I represent the Endaro Interplanetary Bank, and I welcome your arrival."

Andre was well-versed in behaving in a gentlemanly style. As compared to the young Xia Fei, Andre looked more wealthy than Xia Fei. As such, Xu Feng had mistaken Andre for Xia Fei.

Xia Fei and Andre smiled at each other while Dawson quickly tugged on Xu Feng's sleeve and leaned towards his ear to whisper. "President Xu, you got it wrong. The young one is Xia Fei."

Xu Feng was slightly startled as he used his eyes to scan Xia Fei. Xia Fei had an ordinary appearance and wore very regular clothes. He never expected a VIP client to be so young and so low-key. It was still the same old saying, 'You shouldn't judge a book by its cover.'

"Apologies, Mister Xia Fei, it was my mistake. Please follow me to your dedicated VIP room. We have prepared premium champagne and strawberries for you."

Xia Fei chuckled and pointed at the AI computer while asking, "Does the VIP room also have this high-grade AI computer that can login into the interplanetary internet?"

Dawson's face turned pale and was regretting the fact that he had humiliated Xia Fei.

Xu Feng was startled as he didn't understand why Xia Fei would ask like this. He immediately associated it with Dawson, who must have said something he shouldn't and had offended Xia Fei.

He glared at Dawson and said in his heart, 'You actually dare to offend a VIP client. I think you are sick of living.'

Dawson's legs went numb, and it was fortunate that he didn't kneel down. His entire body was constantly dripping with sweat. 'I'm finished, I'm finished.'

In the luxuriously decorated VIP room...

Xia Fei logged into the Endaro Poetry Hobbyist website and realized that all 37 poems he uploaded were listed on the website's front page. The average hits were over 100 million, and the purchases were over 20 million.

"What is going on? So many hits and purchases in just a few days." Xia Fei couldn't understand. "Forget it, as long as there is money to earn, why bother so much?"

Xia Fei turned around to pour two glasses of champagne and handed one to Andre. "Keke, I don't know what is going on. I suddenly have so many star coins. It seems like we need to renegotiate."

Andre received the glass of champagne and spoke in a serious tone, "We are willing to use the exchange rate of 1:12,000 to purchase one million star coins. It will be used to purchase the controllable nuclear fusion field. If you agree, not just our Rothschild Family, the entire federation will be grateful to you."

To be able to offer 12 billion federal dollars in one go. It seemed like the Rothschild Family's reputation as the federation's No.1 banking family wasn't just for show.

Xia Fei smiled and proposed. "Let's do it like this. Consider the one million star coins as my investment for the new energy source power plant. As for the number of shares, your family can decide and the management can also be handled by your family. I will only receive dividends and will not interrupt the operation of the power plant."

The Rothschild Family had been able to remain at the top for centuries, not just because of their wealth but also because of two other factors.

Firstly, the family members were natural financial experts. Even the most brilliant genetics expert couldn't find out why this family's members were so talented in handling money, and none of the family members was an exception for over a dozen generations.

Secondly, the Rothschild Family had used marriages to gain connections. They spent centuries establishing a massive influence network throughout the entire globe.

Talent in finances and the massive connections was precisely what a lone person like Xia Fei urgently required. Making friends with the Rothschild Family only had advantages with no disadvantages.

Moreover, once this new energy power plant was established, the profits would be very impressive. They were making use of water to generate electricity. Was there any raw material cheaper in this world?

Apart from the large amount of funds required to set up the power plant, once the power plant was functional, the cost to generate electricity would be close to zero. This was simply a great deal for great profits.

The entire Earth had a population of 7 billion, and if each individual had to pay an electric fee of one dollar for each month, it would be 7 billion dollars! Furthermore, they would also be eliminating the pollution generated from fossil fuel power plants and hydroelectricity power plants. The decrease in electricity bills would also be something that everyone would appreciate.

It was the same as killing three birds with one stone! If Xia Fei didn't get involved in such a business, he would be a fool.

Andre laughed heartily, "I will immediately inform the elders of the family to start a conference. You just have to wait for the good news."

Andre patted on Xia Fei's shoulder and said in a cordial tone, "You are unfamiliar with New York, why not come over to my place to have dinner?"

It was a huge deal for westerners to invite others for a meal at their homes. This meant that Andre considered Xia Fei as his friend.

"Unfortunately, I cannot accept your invite tonight. I have other things to handle. I will definitely visit some other day."

Xia Fei tactfully rejected Andre's invitation because that batch of medicinal ingredients and the Wind Eye Ring he purchased had arrived, and he had more important things to do.

Andre arranged Xia Fei's hotel with enthusiasm and had also reserved a Lincoln stretched luxury limousine for Xia Fei's usage. For the wealthy Rothschild Family, such a matter was not worth mentioning.

The Plaza, top floor, presidential suite.

Xia Fei locked himself in the bathroom. In front of him was a large pile of medicinal ingredients and a strange-shaped concoction device.

This place was worthy of being a presidential suite. Just the bathroom was already around 60 square meters, and it was already bigger than Xia Fei's previous one-room apartment. It had sufficient space to put down all the medicinal ingredients.

"Medicine concoction is a very precise task. The purification of each medicinal ingredient and the sequence are all crucial. If you mess up and lower the medicinal effects, it is considered a minor problem. For serious cases, you might cause an explosion." Phantom stood at the side and spoke when he observed that Xia Fei was flustering while purifying the medicinal ingredients.

"These are merely medicinal ingredients. Why would they explode?" Xia Fei wasn't convinced.

"You need to know that this is a lost art from my discipleship. We use different characteristics from each medicinal ingredient to conduct the precise proportioning. The effects are far beyond regular medicines."

"Different medicinal ingredients would have some conflicting or complementing relation. Take the Blue Star Herb and the Cold Moon Plum, for example. If used individually, they would be able to increase the speed of active cell movements, but when put together, it would become a fatal poison, and there would be no antidote to cure it."

"However, if you purify the Blue Star Herb to 41% and the Cold Moon Plum to 59% before adding in the Summer Night Pickled Plum Seed that has a purity of 73%, the prescription wouldn't have poison and would have a 70% increase in effect than the Blue Star Herb that is at 70% purity."

Xia Fei frowned. "To put conflicting medicinal ingredients together to compose a medicine is simply too insane! In case of a slight mistake, it's all over."

Phantom spoke as though he didn't care, "That's why I asked you to be careful."

"Such a precise concoction is truly radical. Isn't there an ordinary concoction method that is milder?" Xia Fei asked.

"Ordinary? My discipleship has never had this term. No matter what we do, we would do it to the best of our abilities. Right now, you have yet to encounter a true society in the universe, and you don't know how cruel it is out there. Every warrior had to do their best to improve themselves, and there were plenty who would risk their lives to improve even by 1%."

"To stand firm in the society of experts, you have to become sufficiently powerful. Only the strong are respected, while the weak don't even have the right to speak. If I use the words that you taught me to say this, the universe is where only paranoid people would survive."

With Phantom's guidance, the bathroom now had 17 different colored bottles. There were red, green, purple bottles placed in a row, which was truly beautiful.

"This is a primary cell activation medicine that is formed with a combination of 17 different medicines. After consuming it, you will greatly enhance the cell's vitality and would then be able to strengthen the physique intensity and toughness. The allocation of medicine isn't considered difficult. As long as you follow my instructions, I guarantee that you will be safe."

The concoction device had three different entry points, and they were responsible for purification, mixture, and catalyzation.

Now that the purification work was done, next was the mixture and catalyzation processes.

The medicine bottles had a display screen where the amount of medicine required could be keyed in. When pouring the medicines into the entry point for the mixture process, the bottles made automatic adjustments according to the amount set. It allowed the precision to achieve one ten-thousandth of a milliliter.

When pouring the medicine in, precise control was also required. What to put in first, what to put in next, when to put it in... There must not be any error.

The mixture part of the concoction device was emitting a slight sound, and it sounded like the buzzing of a bee. Xia Fei could hear that it was flying around inside the concoction device at a very high speed.

After accurately pouring the first seven medicines according to the time frame, Xia Fei picked up the eighth bottle and carefully brought it over.

When the green indicator on the machine had lit up, Xia Fei poured this bottle of white medicine hastily.


The mixture device suddenly emitted a sound that was like a car tire losing air. Immediately after, a yellow vapor was fuming out from the concoction device.

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