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Chapter 12 Overnight Millionaire

Chapter 12 Overnight Millionaire

"You found this Golden Stinger. What about Atlantis? What about the lost city of Atlantis?" Xia Fei couldn't hold back and asked in excitement.

Andre shook his head. "I regret to say that this exploration is decided by the family. I don't have the authority to reveal the exploration's progress. I can only say that with the current information we possess, it is very hopeful."

Xia Fei was somewhat disappointed. With his current strength, it was very difficult to enter a social circle like the Rothschild Family.

"It seems like you are very interested in Atlantis," Andre said when he saw that Xia Fei was feeling somewhat gloomy.

Xia Fei leaned back on the seat and took a sip from his wine cup. "Every man once had the dream to be on an adventure. While I happen to be a man as well."

Andre nodded in an understanding manner. "That is true. I did have plenty of dreams of exploring ancient ruins when I was young."

Wu Long scratched his bald head and hesitated before saying, "I am also a man, but why did I always think of eating red braised pork when I was young? I never had any dream of visiting anything like Atlantis. That's right, I did dream of becoming a chivalrous hero."

Xia Fei looked at the honest and frank Wu Long while smiling. "You are already a chivalrous hero now. I noticed that you twisted that thug's head without any effort. Your cultivation should have reached a rank."

Wu Long smacked his chest proudly. "That's right, my strength is now over 200 kilograms, and I am at the Intermediate Star Light rank. That day, when you rushed over, your speed was truly incredible! You arrived in a flash."

"Keke, my cultivation isn't as high as yours. During my last test, I was only at the Primary Star Light rank." Xia Fei stated.

"Impossible, your speed definitely isn't at the Primary stage. I have seen Ability Users with speed ability, but I have never seen anyone as fast as you." Wu Long shook his hand and was unconvinced with Xia Fei's explanation.

Xia Fei pondered for a moment and said, "It was an emergency at that time. Perhaps, my capability exceeds during a critical moment."

Andre chuckled. Among the trio, he was the only one without any abilities, and it was probably difficult for him to unlock his seventh brain region at this age.

"The entire federation only has a total of over 1,000 Star Light rank individuals, yet, two of them are gathered in this small cabin. It is truly my honor to know the two of you. Come, let me offer a toast."

After putting down the wine cup, Andre asked Xia Fei, "Do you still remember about the discussion regarding the star coins?"

"I remember it. When we reach New York, I will transfer my star coins to you." It was the same regardless of who Xia Fei exchanged the star coins with. As such, he didn't really mind.

"That is great. This way, I will be one step closer to my goal." Andre said with excitement, "My family has reached an agreement with an extraterrestrial friend. We will use one million star coins to purchase a kind of energy technology from him. You should know that the Earth's fossil fuel is already depleting faster than ever before, and we have yet to find a suitable energy source replacement. If we can solve this energy source problem, it will be a great thing for the entire Earth."

"What kind of technology are you planning to purchase?" Xia Fei asked.

"A controllable nuclear fusion." Andre said in an excited tone, "The controllable nuclear fusion is a limitless, clean, and safe energy source. It uses the deuterium, which is abundant in Earth's seawater. It is as much as 40 trillion tons, and if all the deuterium is used for nuclear fusion, it will release enough energy for the humans to use for tens of billions of years!"

"The current problem is the heat produced by the fusion would be as high as 400 million degrees celsius. No substance can withstand such an immense temperature. Scientists came up with a design that creates a kind of force field to control the fusion and use it as a forge. However, the current Earth's technology isn't capable of doing so yet. Therefore, we are thinking of purchasing this field kit from an extraterrestrial civilization."

Xia Fei nodded. The source of energy was a huge problem that was imminent to the Earthlings. If they could use this kind of clean and safe energy to replace fossil fuels, it wouldn't just solve the problem of the energy source but also solve the problem of pollution.

"Alright, how about this. When we reach New York, we will immediately head to the Interplanetary Bank. I will exchange all of the star coins that I have with you." Xia Fei stated.

Andre nodded repeatedly. "Alright, the Rothschild Family will remember this friendship. We will pay 1.2 times more than the government's exchange rate."

Xia Fei shook his hand and said, "I am also a federal citizen, and it is my responsibility to contribute to the federation as much as I can. Let's use the government's exchange rate. I might be avaricious, but I shouldn't take advantage of this dire situation."

New York...

It was the location of the federal government and also the Earth Federation's capital city.

The Manhattan Island, which was only 57.91 square kilometers, had the headquarters of over 3,000 banks, securities firms, finance companies, etc. It was evident that this place was the Earth Federation's financial center.

The Endaro Interplanetary Bank's Earth branch was situated in Manhattan Island, which was an expensive piece of land. It occupied an unassuming location in Wall Street.

As compared to Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, UBS, and the federation's well-known banks, the Interplanetary Bank wasn't considered bombastic, and their facade was actually rather unpresentable. However, no one dared to look down on its existence. In fact, people would subconsciously admire it as it was the only extraterrestrial bank on Earth.

To enter this place, there were two conditions. First, this place only accepted the universal currency, star coins. Second, apart from a few elite organizations and privileged people, only A-class citizens were allowed to set up an account here.

The exchange rate of the star coins to federal dollars was as high as 1:10,000. Such a high exchange rate was enough for ordinary citizens to take a step back just by looking. Furthermore, star coins were a rare commodity within the federation. Even if one had the federal dollars, they might not be able to exchange for any star coins.

The number of A-class citizens was also very few. The entire federation only had around 10,000 registered A-class citizens. Therefore, the Interplanetary Bank didn't have anyone at the front doors, and it gave off a solemn and rigid feeling.

Xia Fei and Andre alighted the limousine and walked into the main hall of the Interplanetary Bank.

An extraterrestrial person with a small beard walked over slowly and casually in front of the duo and had a very arrogant attitude.

"The Endaro Interplanetary Bank is at your service. I am the bank manager, Dawson. Can I help the two of you?" He might sound respectful, but his face didn't look respectful at all.

The entire Interplanetary Bank had just two staff members, one manager and one bank president. These two staff members had the worst annual evaluation within the Interplanetary Bank. Therefore, they were dispatched to the remote and backward planet like Earth to work.

Dawson looked down on Earth as Earth only had a civilization level of class 0.5, and Dawson's impression of Earth was: backward, primitive, dirty, inferior, and poor.

"I wish to login and do a bank transfer." Xia Fei said.

"Please follow me." Dawson led Xia Fei and Andre to an AI computer and asked, "Can I ask if you know how to use this type of high-grade AI computer to login to the interplanetary internet?"

Xia Fei frowned and was extremely displeased with this extraterrestrial person's attitude. "Apologies, I don't know how to use such a high-grade AI computer to login into the interplanetary internet. Can you help me to open up my account?"

Dawson's expression turned pale as he didn't expect Xia Fei to instruct him. Even a fool could see that Xia Fei was doing it intentionally.

However, if Dawson didn't act accordingly, it would violate the bank's rules and regulations. While filled with resentment, Dawson helped Xia Fei to login into his account.

After taking a glance at the balance in the account, Dawson's eyes were dumbfounded. 'Impossible? How can an Earthling have so much money!'

Dawson quickly used his sleeve to rub his eyes and took a careful look at the long string of zeros on the screen. "Sir, can I know how much you wish to transfer and to which account?"

Dawson's tone suddenly became respectful, and it was rather dubious. It wasn't as icy cold as earlier, and due to the sudden increase in Xia Fei's account balance, he was automatically promoted to a 1-star VIP client of the Interplanetary Bank.

Dawson clearly knew about the privileges that a 1-star VIP client possessed. If a 1-star VIP client complained about him, he might just be fired from the bank. After recalling how he spoke sarcastically to Xia Fei earlier, Dawson's face was dripping with cold sweat.

When Xia Fei and Andre saw the number, they were shocked for a long moment. Andre's chin was already about to drop from the shock. 'So he is actually richer than me! You truly can't judge a book by its cover!'

Xia Fei scratched his scalp and said, "Eh... It does seem quite a lot."

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