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Chapter 11 Golden Stinger

Chapter 11 Golden Stinger

Endaro Star Region was a small-scale star region within the boundless universe.

Shell TV Station's weekly news was the most popular TV program in the Endaro Star Region. It was popular for only a single reason, the news program had a beauty known as the No.1 female anchor in the star region, Enya.

At this moment, on Shell TV Station's No.17 streaming channel, Enya was seated in her seat like usual and smiling.

"In the past week, a very special name came to our attention which deserves to be remembered by us. That is the poet, Wind Speaker."

"The most popular poet in the poetry world has just released a series of classic poems. Today, we are honored to invite Endaro Poetry Research Association's President He Shuhai."

"President He, can I ask why are Wind Speaker's poems receiving so much attention in the poetry world?"

"His poems have an intense concern for humanities and have an ancient writing style that transcends all mainstream ideologies."

"Apologies. I don't really understand. Can you explain to the viewers in more detail?"

"How about this? I will read one of his poems, then everyone will be able to understand."

"Please listen to this poem. 'Passion would lead to a parting with sorrow since ancient times, even more so in the cold autumn.'"

"This poem is truly too beautiful. I can feel a faint grief and sorrow. Can you recite the entire poem for us?"

"Apologies. Due to the restriction of the copyright, I can only recite this much."

"That is truly a pity. Mister He, what kind of person is this Wind Speaker? I think that our viewers will be very interested in finding out."

"He is a mysterious poet! When he released the poems on the Endaro Poetry Hobbyist website, he never revealed his identity. As of now, we still don't have any information regarding this Wind Speaker."

"This is the first time I have heard such a beautiful poem. If it is possible, I hope to interview him in person. Mister He, can you introduce more poems from this Wind Speaker?"

"Sure, with pleasure."

It was now night time at the Endaro Poetry Hobbyist's network station. The staff members had already finished work, and there was only one staff member in the control room.

On the screen, there was a red curved line that was rapidly climbing. Just minutes after the weekly news program, the website's hits had suddenly increased by several times.

The young staff member quickly called the station master's phone number.

"Hello, is it Station Master Wang? This is the Xiao Zhou from the control room."

"Oh, what's the matter?" Station Master Wang asked with a rather unhappy tone. It was apparent that this station master was busy in some brothel from the noisy environment.

"Our website's hits are climbing rapidly. It has already reached 100,000 hits in less than five minutes. If this carries on, the main server will collapse." The staff member said emotionally.

The Endaro Poetry Hobbyist was a rather neglected website. It was already considered good for it to have a hit rate of 100,000 in a week. Only 5 minutes had passed, and the hit rate was already more than last week's hit rate.

The website's only small server lit up with a yellow light. It was an indication that the amount of data being received and sent out had reached an alert level.

"What!? Could the massive hits be due to a hacker?" Station Master Wang asked anxiously.

"The inspection system is showing that the visitors are all rushing for Wind Speaker's poem collection, and there aren't any other movements. Technically speaking, all these are normal hits."

"It is the Wind Speaker again." Station Master Wang was very familiar with Wind Speaker's name. Wind Speaker's poems were very popular among the hobbyists; therefore, Wind Speaker naturally became the website's flagship character.

Endaro Poetry Hobbyist website had been in a deficit since it was established. In the past two days, Wind Speaker's poems were on a selling spree. In just a few days, the website had earned tens of thousands of star coins just by taking a share of the profit.

It wasn't exaggerating to say that Wind Speaker was the website's money maker.

"My god! In just five minutes, Wind Speaker's poems' sales figure has already broken through 500,000! It is still climbing rapidly! This is so crazy!" The staff member, Xiao Zhou, was yelling on the phone excitedly.

"What? 500,000!? Wait for me, I am coming over right now!"

Station Master Wang didn't bother about the beautiful girls beside him and picked up his jacket and rushed for the headquarters.

Shock! Extreme shock!

A dagger with a strange shape was lying quietly in the secured briefcase. A person wouldn't bear to touch it due to the golden color and exquisite craftsmanship.

After experiencing changes through tens of thousands of years, this ancient dagger still looked as though it was brand new. The beautiful decorative motif on the dagger was still very clear, and it was simply the work of the Gods. It was unknown as to what kind of technology the prehistoric civilization used to craft this flawless weapon.

The dagger was triangle-shaped, and there was a handle at the bottom. The design wasn't a common one and was very different from an ordinary dagger.

Andre picked up the dagger carefully as Xia Fei and Wu Long's eyes gradually followed it as they were unwilling to look away from the golden dagger.

"This thing is called the Golden Stinger. Take a look at the structure that allows the wielder to grip it tightly in hand and exhibit the most powerful piercing strength. It has a triangular design, and there are sawteeth at the sides. Using it to attack the enemy would make it more direct and lethal than a normal dagger." Andre said unhurriedly.

"This Golden Stinger uses a material that seems similar to gold, but actually isn't gold. It is an unknown metal that is harder and more stable. Its properties are 99% alike to gold, which means there is 1% of unknown metal added into the gold. It is then forged into this uniquely divine weapon!"

"By adding 1% of unknown metal into the originally fragile gold has turned it into a superalloy which is abnormally hard. This technology is probably impossible to achieve even on the modern-day Earth." Wu Long said with excitement.

Xia Fei didn't say anything, but his heart was constantly questioning, 'Could it be them? Is it really them?'

After Andre revealed the 'Golden Stinger,' he carefully placed it back into the briefcase before closing all three locks.

"Is this thing left behind by the Atlantis civilization?" Xia Fei asked softly.

Andre nodded with stirred up emotions. "That's right, this is from the Atlantis civilization."


Since his very young age, Xia Fei had heard of this name several times. The mysterious Atlantis was a super prehistoric civilization that was far beyond anyone's imagination. It was a place that captivated countless souls, representing Earth's highest level of technology! The most prosperous civilization! The strongest humans!

There wasn't another civilization on Earth that could compare with the Atlantis civilization as they were simply too powerful and overwhelming!

It was rumored that apart from the Earth's five continents, there was another missing place, which was Atlantis.

It was the place where the mysterious Atlanteans lived.

A few tens of thousands of years BC, the Atlanteans had already achieved complete automation. They were able to manufacture airships driven by magnetic forces, they were able to manufacture robots to serve them, they were able to use genetic engineering to produce demonic beasts and many more things. Even today, after tens of thousands of years, those technologies were still amazing, but they couldn't be reproduced.

The Atlanteans' brain utilization was more than 90%, and a child's intelligence was far beyond the modern man. Moreover, they possessed the ability to converse with any kind of animal.

It was a pity that the super civilization had vanished eternally at around 16,000 BC. Some said that Atlantis had sunk into the bottom of the sea. In contrast, some said that the Atlanteans installed a super mechanical system on Atlantis and simply flew the entire continent into outer space.

There were far too many rumors about the Atlantis civilization, and no one could solve these unknown mysteries. However, everyone believed that this super, prehistoric civilization had once existed on Earth.

"You found this Golden Stinger. What about Atlantis? What about the lost city of Atlantis?" Xia Fei couldn't hold back and asked in excitement.

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