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Chapter 14 Consecutive Promotion of Two Stages

Chapter 14 Consecutive Promotion of Two Stages

"Fortunately, I didn't ask you to concoct all the medicine. Otherwise, it would have been a huge loss." Phantom shook his head and said.

Xia Fei didn't say anything and just lowered his head to ponder. He had followed all of the steps in the standard procedure. Where did he go wrong?

He walked out of the bathroom and sat on the sofa before conveniently lighting up a cigarette for himself. Xia Fei then started to recall each purification step without missing any detail.

Phantom reclined in a dark corner and didn't give Xia Fei any hints. Due to his profession, Phantom liked to stay in the corners, and no matter where he was, he could always swiftly find the most unassuming location.

Phantom revealed a delighted expression when he saw Xia Fei in contemplation. 'He seems rather serious. His concoction talent will decide how soon he will be able to find the problem.'

Before Phantom finished his thoughts, Xia Fei put out the cigarette resolutely and headed back into the bathroom.

"Have you found the problem?" Phantom asked while feeling unconvinced. 'It was only a few minutes. Could he have noticed the problem so quickly?"

"I have thought through the entire process. When I was pouring in the eighth medicine, my hand trembled, which caused an inconsistent flow into the mixture device. Apart from that, I cannot think of anything else." Xia Fei replied while he walked.

Phantom chuckled. "Use the diagram that I gave you and slowly study it. I will return to my little nest for a nap. Call me when you are done with the concoction."

'Interesting. He can even notice such a slight difference. Is it really that amazing to fully unlock the seventh brain region?' Phantom shook his head and entered the Moore Stone.

"Phantom, are you dead?"

Roughly a few hours later, Xia Fei yelled into his necklace.

"Don't constantly ask if I am dead or not. I have been dead for a long time." Phantom peeked out from the necklace rather unhappily and asked, "Is there an explosion or what?"

"What explosion? All the primary cell activation medicines are concocted. I want to ask you about the method to use these things. Do I have to just drink it directly?" Xia Fei pointed at the row of medicine bottles on the ground.

Phantom arrived on the side of the bottles and glanced at them repeatedly.

Eleven bottles of medicine were placed in an orderly manner. They were sparkling and limpid bottles that contained a light purple fluid. It was extremely pure and didn't have a trace of impurity.

Phantom's face kept calm and collected, but his heart was exceedingly astonished. 'This is his first time concocting medicine, and he merely made one mistake before succeeding! Furthermore, there is one more bottle than my initial expectation. It means that he is very precise in the proportions of the medicine and has eliminated any signs of wastage!'

"Ohh, not bad. Fill up half the bathtub with cool water and pour in ten bottles of the activation medicine. Soak yourself in it and don't come out before I tell you. You can now drink the remaining bottle." Phantom instructed.

Xia Fei was in disbelief. "Do you plan to use all the medicine worth over 300,000 star coins in a single session!? Isn't this too extravagant?"

Phantom couldn't care less and replied, "You are now building your foundation, and a good foundation will directly impact your future cultivation limit. Don't try to save money on such matters. There are things that money cannot buy."

"The poems on the Endaro Poetry Hobbyist website are selling well, and you should have quite a bit of money, right? After using up this batch of medicine, we will not need to use such low-grade medicine anymore. By then, I will prescribe some cell acceleration medicine. They will be much better than these medicines, and the current medicine is too slow to increase your cultivation."

"Cell acceleration medicine? How much money is required for them?" Xia Fei asked.

"They are rather cheap. Around 7 to 8 million star coins should be sufficient. Also, we have to change to a new concoction device. This one is too old. You will need to purchase a combat suit and weapons too. Mhmm, it should be around 15 million altogether." Phantom didn't bother about anything else while he said.

Xia Fei was speechless. 15 million! Right now, he only had around 10 million star coins, and it was already insufficient! How should he describe this situation?

"Alright, just do as I said. I suddenly have a huge inspiration today, and I will return to compose a poem. Remember, do not exit the bathtub before I say so." Phantom gave his instructions before vanishing again.

It was already morning right now. Xia Fei poured ten bottles of medicines into the bathtub all at once. He then drank one bottle before he took off all his clothes and sat in the bathtub.

The bathtub was filled with chilled water, so it was rather cold when he first entered the bathtub. However, an intense heat quickly surged into Xia Fei's body.

The cell activation medicine in his stomach also started to take its effect, and all his organs were starting to have a burning sensation as though a pot of hot water was poured into his stomach.

The water was hot, so was his stomach. In just a short moment, Xia Fei was drenched in sweat, and his sweat was flowing down like a small river.

Phantom saw the battered and exhausted Xia Fei from inside the Moore Stone. "Kid, no matter how talented you are, you still have to endure through this obstacle first."

A full day passed by in the blink of the eye.

Phantom stretched his head outside of the Moore Stone as he wanted to see Xia Fei's situation.

He saw Xia Fei's naked body standing in front of the french window and looking down at the group of people that were bustling with activity. The morning sun just happened to shine in at this moment, and Phantom suddenly realized that Xia Fei's body seemed much stronger than before.

"Why are you outside? Didn't I tell you to stay inside the bathtub?" Phantom sounded rather angry.

Xia Fei turned around and smiled at Phantom. "The water in the bathtub is already colorless. I guessed that even if I continued staying in it, there wouldn't be any effects. That's why I walked out."

"Colorless?" Phantom muttered to himself with suspicion, "That is impossible!"

Phantom rushed to the bathtub and saw that the originally purple water was now clear and transparent. "Ten bottles of primary cell activation medicines are actually completely absorbed by you in a single day!"

Phantom felt that it was unbelievable as a regular Ability User would need at least three days to absorb so much activation medicine. Furthermore, no one was able to absorb everything completely like Xia Fei and not leave a hint behind. This was truly outrageous.

"That is probably the case. I am starving for a meal right now, are you coming?" Xia Fei replied as he started to wear his clothes. Phantom shook his head and dove back into the Moore Stone. "As expected, it is because of the fully unlocked seventh brain region."

It was still rather early, and the restaurant had only started operating. Xia Fei picked a seat at the window while a young blonde waitress came to Xia Fei.

"Sir, what do you wish to order?"

"Oh, ham and eggs, three portions and some milk, make it two liters."

'Three portions!' The waitress could see that Xia Fei wasn't exactly very buff and silently noted down in the order slip. 'Can he really finish three portions of breakfast and two liters of milk?"

In just a short moment, three portions of breakfast and two liters of milk had been wiped clean by Xia Fei. He rubbed his stomach and wanted to continue eating.

"Excuse me, give me another three portions of the same food and two plates of fruits and salad. Can you bring more of these small round bread too?" Xia Fei ate and spoke at the same time.

The blonde waitress stuck out her tongue. 'My God, is he even human?'

"Phantom, after eating so much food, I should already be full. Why do I still feel so hungry?" Xia Fei asked while feeling puzzled.

"There is nothing strange. After using the primary cell activation medicine, your body's metabolism is much higher than before. With a higher calorie consumption, you naturally require more food. This is a good thing as it means that the medicine is taking its effect."

After carefully thinking about it, it did feel like the case. Xia Fei simply started to feast, and by the time he ate the 12th portion, he started to feel like he was getting full. By the time he was really full, he had already eaten the 17th portion of breakfast.

New York Central Park occupied a huge space, and it reached up the 843 acres. It was still early morning now, and there were plenty of people who had woken up to exercise.

After warming up, Xia Fei took out the Wind Eye Ring and wore it on his hand before taking a deep breath.

Xia Fei's left leg stomped on the ground, and he flew out like an arrow launched by a bow!

Sceneries on both sides were rapidly passing by, and with the effects of the Wind Eye Ring, Xia Fei didn't feel any air resistance when he was running. He was running with quick and nimble steps.

"It is too fast. I am much faster than before. Phantom, this speed is probably at the Intermediate Star Light rank, right?" Xia Fei asked while running."

"Mm, your speed is around 85 m/s and has reached the Advanced Star Light rank," Phantom said indifferently and was seemingly not interested in Xia Fei's rapid speed.

85 m/s!

If Xia Fei participated in the 100-meter race, he would only need slightly more than one second to complete it. With this super speed, even the Olympic champions would have to eat dust behind Xia Fei's butt.

Most importantly, in just one day, Xia Fei had a consecutive promotion of two stages! He had now reached the Advanced Star Light rank!

He was just one step away from the Star Base rank!

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