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Chapter 1225 - The Six Great Masks, Dead!  

Chapter 1225: The Six Great Masks, Dead!

While the battle seemed fierce and lively, it was actually quite eerie.

At some point, Spiritualist Association chairman Big Dipper had six extra people at his side. There were far too many people participating in this battle, and so only a few sharp-eyed people, one of them being Xia Fei, sensed this addition.

Big Dipper seemed to be in grave peril, under fierce pressure from the enemy, but these six new warriors had been an extremely stabilizing presence for his side. Big Dipper remained composed, and those attacks from the Dark Spiritualists began to slow down.

“Stand aside!”

Nan Shazi suddenly roared and jumped off the warship, charging straight to the front. Perhaps because he had been too confident in his subordinates, he had not joined the battle at the start.


The Dark Spiritualists immediately stopped and opened a path. Nan Shazi laughed madly as he walked up to Big Dipper. Excitedly pointing at the dozen or so surviving warriors, he asked, “The Six Great Masks?! I said that the master of the Spiritualist Association couldn’t possibly have been all alone. So it turns out you brought the Six Great Masks!”

Everyone was startled. Xia Fei had also heard the rumor about the Six Great Masks. They were said to be suicide soldiers of the Spiritualist Association, and they were only loyal to the current chairman, wieldingastounding strength and were also stealth experts.

Whenever the Spiritualist Association chairman was out and about, they would be a peddler selling fruit on the side of a road, manager of a store, or even stone on a mountain, or a turtle on a shore.

In short, the Six Great Masks did not like showing themselves. They could use any methods to hide in plain sight, and they would only appear when needed; today, even at this stage in the battle, the vast majority of people did not know that the Six Great Masks were already on the battlefield!

Nan Shazi exuded a fierce aura, his eyes glinting as he made a challenging gesture. “I’ve long heard of the power of the Spiritualist Association’s Six Great Masks. As guards of the current chairman, you have achieved many great feats in battle. Today, I, Nan Shazi, will personally kill you! Take this!”

Such an intimidating aura! Nan Shazi was challenging Big Dipper and the Six Great Masks?! He really had this kind of power!


Nan Shazi took out a sword and pointed it at the sky!

Thunder rumbled, and then a bolt came out of nowhere, hurtling toward the sea of stars!

‘What a powerful weapon! Even when it’s just being taken out, it’s already this powerful!’ Xia Fei mentally exclaimed.

“This isn’t good. That isn’t the Gilded Sand Sea that Nan Shazi normally uses but rather a new weapon─a very powerful one at that!” Ulan’s shocked voice resounded in Xia Fei’s ears.

Big Dipper was ghastly pale as he asked gravely, “You got your hands on an Annihilator-grade soul weapon?!”


A weapon a level higher than that of the Alpha Universe’s best weapons?!

Everyone was alarmed. No wonder Nan Shazi was so arrogant. He had an Annihilator-grade weapon!


Nan Shazi did not waste words on Big Dipper, attacking straight away with his sword!

*Plush! Plush!*

Before anyone had time to return to their senses, the warriors around Big Dipper had fallen. If one looked closely, one would find that there were only six people left at Big Dipper’s side, presumably the legendary Six Great Masks. They were all disguised as ordinary warriors, and there was visually nothing that might distinguish them from the others.

Nan Shazi truly had sharp eyes, instantly clearing out the riffraff around Big Dipper and revealing his final trump card!

“Seven-star Flight!”

Big Dipper knew that he was facing a formidable foe. Not daring to be careless, he hastily used his most famous move!


He leaned forward; his dark energy surged like seven comets, nimbly moving around.

“Idiot! Using the same move on me twice is seeking death!” he roared.

Big Dipper was unmoved. At that instant, Xia Fei saw a flash of cunning light in Big Dipper’s eyes. It was akin to—

Before everyone could react, the Seven-star Flight linked together into a single comet, a falling star!

Even more shocking was that the Six Great Masks immediately followed that comet. The first person pressed themselves on the ground, the second positioned themselves a little higher than the first, the third squatted, and so on, forming a human pyramid!

Such a bizarre move! Nobody understood what they were trying to do, but they all could tell that it was definitely some ultimate move of the Six Great Masks!

Big Dipper’s Seven-star Flight was the vanguard, opening the path, and the Six Great Masks were responsible for executing the final combination move!


Nan Shazi called, pointing his sword at Big Dipper’s Seven-star Flight and the Six Great Masks.

This sword had possessed an intimidating aura, but its outward appearance was nothing too astonishing. However, as Nan Shazi spoke, that sword suddenly exploded and turned into countless motes of silver sand! An innumerable number!

A second later, Nan Shazi made a light thrust!


The sword shot out, half like the dazzling tail of a comet and half as though someone had poured out a basin full of water! Silver light erupted!

This silver light flashed, and everyone cried in alarm!

Spirit Mountain was torn open! A neat chunk had been sliced away as if someone had taken a mountain-sized axe and hacked a chunk out of it!

One strike cleaving a mountain?!

Such power!

The Six Great Masks of the Spiritualist Association would forever be frozen in that moment. Each one was missing half their body as though they had been devoured by countless man-eating ants. Everyone had had a gruesome death!

In the distance, Big Dipper was clutching his shoulder, one knee on the ground, his face pale!

As for that Seven-star Flight he had unleashed, there was no trace of it. Nan Shazi’s more powerful storm had obliterated it!

What sort of development was this?!

The number-one Dark Spiritualist, Nan Shazi, had needed only one strike to kill the Six Great Masks and heavily wound the Spiritualist Association’s chairman!


Big Dipper threw up blood and said in frustration, “Curse you, Nan Shazi! So you already reached the Annihilator tier!”

His words were like bombs exploding in everyone’s ears!

Nan Shazi was an Annihilator?!

Should Annihilators not have gone to the Gemini Star Universe? What was he still doing in the Alpha Universe?!

One Annihilator could bring down the Spiritualist Association’s chairman and annihilate the Six Great Masks. How were they supposed to fight this battle?!

Nan Shazi sneered. “Yes, this old man has reached Annihilator a long time ago. I only stayed here so that I could settle accounts with you people who drove my Dark Spiritualists out of the traditional lineages!”


Nan Shazi did not even give Big Dipper a chance, launching his attack as he spoke!

However, this time, he was aiming at Xia Fei!

Nan Shazi’s transforming sword suddenly turned and shot toward Xia Fei’s position!

He had already noticed that Xia Fei’s group relied on their astounding speed, and he would need some trick to take down Xia Fei. After all, speed warriors could both attack and retreat. If Xia Fei decided to retreat, Nan Shazi really was not certain if he could hold him back.

Nan Shazi had quite the vicious personality and had no plans of letting Xia Fei leave this place alive. Thus, he threw aside his prestige and status and made a sneak attack on the young man! He feigned an attack on Big Dipper yet was actually gunning for Xia Fei as he suddenly turned around halfway to deal with him!

“Peacock Blue!”

Xia Fei reacted quickly, the weed bursting forth from his right arm! It instantly formed a wall of green plant matter to fend off Nan Shazi’s attack.


Nan Shazi’s sword instantly tore through Peacock Blue. The weed, which had been severely wounded in the battle against Water Dragon King Shui Niao, had barely recovered 30% of its power. It was simply incapable of blocking an Annihilator, let alone this transforming divine sword!

Nan Shazi had immaculately calculated the speed and angle. Xia Fei could not dodge, for behind him were the Skywing wolves, the Spiritualists of Botany, and the Aurora Clan!

If Xia Fei did not block this sword, everyone behind him would die!

Xia Fei furrowed his brows. He was ready to have Little Goldie open a gate to dark space and suck in Nan Shazi’s sword. This would work, but it would definitely put the demon chrysalis’ life in grave danger!

Life or death would be decided in this instant!

Little Goldie would die, or everyone else would die!

Clenching his teeth, Xia Fei thrust his hand into his sleeve.


At this moment, another plant erupted from the ground and formed a second wall. It was none other than Ulan’s plant-type soul weapon, the Bittervine Sky Entangler!


The Bittervine Sky Entangler also could not completely block Nan Shazi’s sword. Countless holes were punched through it, and the sword sliced it to bits!

It seemed like he had no other choice. Would Xia Fei really have to make Little Goldie sacrifice its life today?!

There was no time. The divine sword was coming!

In this moment of crisis, two shriveled figures suddenly came out of nowhere!

Like two walls of tornadoes, their arms and legs flew as they moved.

They managed to stop Nan Shazi’s attack!

If Nan Shazi’s sword had a special attribute: It was capable of turning itself into countless grains and firing itself like a shotgun blast.

This was rather similar to Ulan’s Bittervine Sky Entangler, but the Bittervine Sky Entangler was a plant, lacking the sharpness of the sword, and it could not be imbued with spirit energy!

When those fragments of metal were imbued with spirit energy, they would have terrifying power!

Big Dipper’s Seven-star Flight, Xia Fei’s Peacock Blue, and Ulan’s Bittervine Sky Entangler had been unable to stop this sword because of Nan Shazi’s spirit energy.

Xia Fei saw who the two people were and grew extremely excited. It was the custodian slaves from Unrestricted Pavilion! The two mindless zombies!

These truly were existences that had cultivated their bodies to the apex. With brute strength, they blocked Nan Shazi’s sword.

The custodian slaves had no souls, and since Nan Shazi’s spirit energy was the most effective against the soul, these two soulless entities did not fear spirit attack, these fragments of metal merely ordinary weapons to them! No matter how powerful the spirit energy imbued in the sword, it was no good against them. At most, it could make their bodies a little sore.

Everyone was dumbfounded. The two zombies seemed to be playing a game, piling up those metal shards with a simple push of their hands. On top of all that, they possessed absurd speed and agility!

They did not fear spirit energy attacks and also had incredible speed and agility. These two abilities put together created a formidable and awesome effect!

The second round of battle on the Spirit Mountain was simply breathtaking!

An Annihilator-grade weapon had appeared!

The Six Great Masks had died!

Big Dipper had been heavily injured!

The custodian slaves, with the strongest bodies, had come out of nowhere!

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