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Chapter 1226 - Dual-layer soul array!  

Chapter 1226: Dual-layer soul array!

Coming like a fierce storm but ending with a gentle breeze, the two nameless guardian slaves had come out of nowhere and turned the tables!

No one could have expected a pair of walking corpses to hold out against the number-one Dark Spiritualist, Master Nan Shazi, and his fierce Annihilator-class soul weapon!

They did not have souls and were above laws!

Precisely because they did not have souls, they did not fear dark energy attacks. Those attacks, which could strike at a person’s soul and could leave them in excruciating suffering, were no more than scratches to them.


“These two corpses were so cool!”

“Zombies? I’m a fan!”

The Skywing wolves erupted in untimely laughter, causing other people to look over at these madmen in confusion.

After all, those were two soulless zombies that they were talking about. The Aurora Clan and Spiritualists of Botany gawked at them. Even though these two corpses had saved them, they were still corpses, and they mentally found them difficult to accept.

However, nobody among the Skywings cared about this. These madmen cared only about the outcome. If they had been helped, they had been helped, and even if the one to do it was a kitten or a puppy, they would still praise it a little.

Besides, these two guardian slaves really did have graceful movements. They did not have the heaven-defying speed of the Skywings, but their reactions had gone past the limits of the body. The beautiful arcs their hands and feet made were able to block all the silver particles of sand.

The guardian slaves seemed capable of understanding the Skywing wolves, and their bodies slightly trembled as if in surprise. They had become things that were neither dead nor alive, and they were still being appreciated?

Nan Shazi scowled. These two soulless freaks meant that he could not use the soul devouring that he was so good at. Rely purely on techniques and physical strength to break the peak bodies of the guardian slaves? These Dark Spiritualists felt their heads aching at the mere thought of it.

“So this was your trump card! When did you manage to tame the custodian slaves of the Unrestricted Sect?!” asked Ulan, shocked and amazed. These two custodian slaves were real treasures! Nan Shazi would have to bring out ten Peak Spiritualists to deal with them. Things were clearly turning in favor of Xia Fei’s side.

“I’ve taken a liking to these two. Once the fighting is over, I wanna get to know them more. They’re even fiercer than us, the Skywings, when they attack!” Grand Ancestor Xia Gucheng said with a smile.

The Skywings were speed warriors, and they specialized in close combat. The divine display put on by the two custodian slaves had opened their eyes. The grand ancestor even wanted to learn from them. They certainly did not care that the custodian slaves had no souls. Anyone who helped them was a brother!

Everyone was happy over the arrival of these powerful allies, so they failed to notice Xia Fei’s expression turning grave as he said softly, “Wrong. They actually aren’t my trump cards…”

“Teacher! These guys are very troublesome. Let me handle them!” Shu Yuhe stepped forward and told Nan Shazi.

Nan Shazi sneered. “You? While you’ve now acquired decent physical strength, you’re no match for them. They’re the legendary custodian slaves of the Unrestricted Sect. Monsters without souls!”

“They’re the custodian slaves?!” asked the Dark Spiritualists in shock.

The custodian slaves were legendary existences that only the Unrestricted Sect’s sect masters truly understood. Outsiders only knew that both were corpses without souls, so they did not fear dark energy attacks at all. Ordinary Spiritualists could not deal with them at all.

However, no one had ever heard about the custodian slaves leaving Unrestricted Pavilion. Today was truly a weird day, with too many insensible things happening.

Nan Shazi laughed, a sinister light gleaming in his eyes. “Xia Fei, you can even mobilize the soulless guardian slaves. You’ve truly left this old man surprised, but you may not have realized that you’ve essentially signed their death warrant!”


Nan Shazi returned to his ship, grabbed Basalt and Lingxing, and then returned to the battlefield.

“Master Shazi, what’re you doing?!”

“We’ve already betrayed the Unrestricteds. You can’t stab us in the back now!”

Basalt and Lingxing turned pale as they cried this desperately.

Everyone found their behavior to be very shameless. These were Fuchen’s disciples, but now they were even worse than dogs! Where was even a shred of the dignity that a Spiritualist should have?!

“I’ll be killing these two custodian slaves in front of you! I wonder what you’ll feel? In any case, I’ll be feeling happy,” said Nan Shazi with a sinister smile.


Xia Fei frowned inwardly. He had truly run into a worthy adversary this time! Xia Fei had always been known for being ruthless, but it seemed like Nan Shazi was just as ruthless!

The two custodian slaves did not seem to understand Nan Shazi, continuing to dumbly stand guard in front of Xia Fei.

*Whoosh whoosh!*

Nan Shazi threw Basalt and Lingxing as if he were throwing sandbags.

Basalt and Lingxing were both Peak Spiritualists, but they were so afraid of Nan Shazi that they did not dare to resist!

“Oh, no!”

Xia Fei realized at once what the enemy was trying to do and desperately charged forward.

However, the two custodian slaves reacted even more quickly. The moment both saw Basalt and Lingxing being tossed out, they moved forward in unison to catch them!

Yes, this was not Unrestricted Pavilion, so the custodian slaves did not need to kill everyone who lacked the sect master’s seal, but they were also custodians to the Unrestricted Sect, and they had a responsibility to their martial brothers. When they saw Basalt and Lingxing in trouble, the two zombies went out to save them!

Xia Fei’s heart thumped, for at this moment, Nan Shazi attacked from behind Basalt and Lingxing! He was using them as cover to execute a lethal move on the two custodian slaves!

It was far too difficult. The custodian slaves needed to save Basalt and Lingxing while also avoiding Nan Shazi’s Annihilator-level attack! How was this even possible?!

In this dangerous moment, the guardian slaves naturally chose to save people, for in their eyes, no matter how wicked Basalt and Lingxing were, they were still disciples, fellow martial brothers.

“Law of Primal Chaos!”

Xia Fei immediately used his reversal power, sending his Law of Primal Chaos to hold off Nan Shazi!

When Xia Fei attacked, it was with the intent to kill!

The power of the level 7 Law of Primal Chaos was not to be underestimated! If Nan Shazi insisted on attacking the two custodian slaves, he would reveal a weakness that Xia Fei could exploit to make a lethal strike!

While flying through the air, Nan Shazi smiled craftily. He stopped attacking the guardian slaves and turned his attention to Xia Fei’s Law of Primal Chaos!


Nan Shazi’s sword splintered apart and flew at Xia Fei!

Law of Primal Chaos versus Annihilator-class divine sword!


Both of them went all-out!

Although Xia Fei was charging forward with his physical body, the Law of Primal Chaos could extend outside his body. Moreover, he did not have to worry about anyone behind him anymore! Meanwhile, Nan Shazi would not hurt his own men, no matter how formidable his sword was!

Everything had happened too quickly to see what was actually happening, but in fact Nan Shazi and Xia Fei had both landed on the ground at about the same time and were now glaring at each other.

Nan Shazi’s divine sword was missing a chunk, whereas Xia Fei’s clothes were in tatters. However, the latter’s body was injured, for underneath was a black tightsuit, as thin as a cicada’s wing: Fiend Scar!

The Law of Primal Chaos and Fiendscar had allowed Xia Fei to get out of Nan Shazi’s attack unharmed!

“Annihilator-grade armor! You’re wearing Annihilator-grade armor!” Nan Shazi gasped in resentment.

Xia Fei did not deny it, instead raising his head and saying loudly, “Correct! Don’t think that you’re the only one with an Annihilator-level soul weapon! I have one, too!”

As he spoke, Nan Shazi’s sword shattered!

Xia Fei had secretly wound the hair-thin Fiend Lock around the sword, and with a light tug from him, Nan Shazi’s supreme sword broke!

No one dared to believe what they were seeing! What had that sword been? It was a weapon that had nearly wiped out Xia Fei’s entire force!

However, right at this moment, it had been destroyed!

No one had expected Xia Fei to have an Annihilator-grade soul weapon, and more than one at that!

Nan Shazi shook his head and glared venomously at Xia Fei. “I admit that you’re pretty good, but as the saying goes, ‘old ginger is sharper than new ginger.’ Watch!”

Xia Fei was startled. He followed Nan Shazi’s gaze and saw the two custodian slaves dumbly hugging Basalt and Lingxing, their faces blank. As for Basalt and Lingxing, they appeared to still be trying to calm themselves down.

Suddenly, two daggers whistled out! Stabbing into the hearts of the two custodian slaves!

Xia Fei’s mind went black. It turned out that Basalt, Lingxing, and Nan Shazi had been putting on a show!

Nan Shazi had intentionally thrown out Basalt and Lingxing so that the two custodian slaves would grab them; at which point, Basalt and Lingxing could make lethal blows!


With their attacks succeeding, Basalt and Lingxing retreated behind Nan Shazi. Raising their hands, they celebrated together with the old man. Moreover, the divine sword that Xia Fei had shattered also returned to its original form.

“Master Shazi is still the formidable one, knowing that the two zombies wouldn’t hurt us and that Xia Fei would go and save the custodian slaves. You planned everything out so thoroughly,” Lingxing fawned.

Basalt goaded, “Those two zombies were really dumb, not even counterattacking after we stabbed them. So useless!”

“That’s right. What was our ancestor thinking, getting those two pieces of trash to watch the Unrestricted Pavilion. I can’t believe we brothers were too afraid to go in. That’s what they deserve!” Lingxing spat on the ground after he said this.

His words were like nails, piercing Xia Fei’s heart!

The two custodian slaves still seemed clueless, just standing there, but blood was clearly coming out from both their chests!

There was nothing wrong with being pure and simple. The one in the wrong was the Unrestricted Sect for producing two scoundrels like Basalt and Lingxing! They had actually attacked the two loyal custodian slaves of their sect!

“Screw your grandmother!” roared Xia Guanghai, his eyes going red. He pulled out his giant hammer, ready to charge up and fight to the death with Basalt and Lingxing!

The Skywings were all enraged! Fiendish energy exploded in the air!

“All of you, halt!” Just when the situation was about to reach its breaking point, Xia Fei yelled in a voice brimming with killing intent.

Raising his head, Xia Fei stared at Nan Shazi with crimson eyes.

“Remember: Everything has its price! First, with them around, I wouldn’t have been able to kill you, for they would protect you, but now, they could no longer save you.

“Second, the guardian slaves have no hearts, so your stabs won’t kill. Still, I presume that they’re feeling very sad right now. As such, for today, I’ll be killing all of you in front of them!”

Killing intent erupted to the heavens!

Xia Fei, who had gotten thoroughly enraged by now, started to disregard everything! He was like a berserk demon beast!


Even Spirit Mountain began to shudder, as if it were experiencing a 9.9 magnitude earthquake!

At this time, a fiery Soul Eye flew out of Xia Fei’s hand!

Spirit Mountain was a soul array, a superformation that occupied half the planet!

The Searing Eye was also a soul array, a top-class mobile pursuit array!

The furious Xia Fei had finally used his trump card!

Dual-layer soul array, activate!

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