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Chapter 1224 - The Encirclement of Spirit Mountain

Chapter 1224: The Encirclement of Spirit Mountain

“Today, all thirty-seven peak Spiritualists of my Dark Spiritualist lineage are here! What do you think I’m going to do!?” Master Nan Shazi exclaimed excitedly.

Xia Fei’s face darkened. It was clear that Master Nan Shazi had noticed that Big Dipper was alone, so he had decided to move up the decisive battle up to today!

That was a very normal line of thinking. Xia Fei would also have also used this chance to kill the Chairman of the Spiritualist Association and damage his foe’s morale. Moreover, the Dark Spiritualists really did have the capability!

Standing across from him was none other than the Dark Spiritualists’ strongest fighting force! Besides Master Nan Shazi and Shu Yuhe who Xia Fei recognized, there were more than a hundred Dark Spiritualists that he didn’t know, several dozen of whom were peak Spiritualists!

How many peak Spiritualists were there in the entire universe!?

The Unrestricted Sect had four if you included Fuchen; Heavenly Might had six; Spiritualists of Purity had five; and Purple Jade had three, of which one had been killed. Ulan, who was the sectmaster of the Plant Spiritualist lineage, was only level 8, and the other smaller sects and lineages were even worse off, being gifted if they only had one.

But the Spiritualist Association had unfathomable strength, and the exact number of peak Spiritualists it had had always been a mystery.

Now the Dark Spiritualists had brought out thirty-seven peak Spiritualists! If one counted the three traitors of the Unrestricted Sect, they had a whole forty people! How could that not be shocking!?

The situation had become difficult!

Big Dipper had no choice but to retreat three steps, his face falling. He called out, “Master Nan Shazi, do you really think I came alone? You would be gravely mistaken. All the heroes present have received the protection of the Association before! Go! Take down this demon for me!”

Big Dipper’s voice wasn’t soft, but alas, there were few respondents. Xia Fei turned his head and saw that not many people were left on the summit of Spirit Mountain. The vast majority had fled as soon as they saw the situation turning sour.

The remaining few left were mostly people connected to the Association or to Xia Fei. For instance, Cloud Night had loyally stayed, standing around with a very worried face, but he had yet to throw himself into the battle. As for Zesyr Night, she was pale with fright.

Big Dipper’s call to action had drawn only several dozen fearless warriors to his side, leaving him in an awkward spot. Master Nan Shazi swept his eyes over the summit and then laughed. “Qiu Xingbang, are you standing on Big Dipper’s side?”

Heavenly Might Spiritualist School’s Twin Dragon Xingbang was part of the group that hadn’t left. This was a force with three peak Spiritualists, which was why Master Nan Shazi had asked the question.

Qiu Xingbang smiled and replied loudly, “Heavenly Might is simply a school, and it is not worthy of participating in this struggle. Moreover, Heavenly Might has always maintained neutrality, solely concerning itself with raising the next generation of Spiritualists. We have not left simply because all of you are illustrious figures. If someone dies, they will need someone to take care of the funeral. It is not right for Spiritualists to go unburied, and since we are all Spiritualists, this Qiu is willing to send my friends on their last journey.”

Qiu Xingbang spoke very eloquently, indicating that he didn’t favor any side and was simply looking out for the dignity of the Spiritualists as a whole. But this wasn’t what he was actually thinking. He was staying to see how Xia Fei died. Whether it was him or Qiu Yang, they already regarded Xia Fei as their mortal foe!

Master Nan Shazi turned his head and said to Xia Fei, “Young friend, I know that you want to kill Lingxing, Basalt, and Hei Wuji, but they are my people. If you insist on killing them, I will kill you and all the people with you.”

The twenty odd members of the Aurora Clan turned to Xia Fei, their eyes full of hesitation. They had been gathered here by Xia Fei, and Xia Fei had made the decision to attack Spirit Mountain. All of them had done as he had ordered, but they had yet to see any of that better future that Xia Fei had promised. On the contrary, more and more enemies were showing themselves, getting stronger and stronger. The Aurora Clan didn’t seem strong enough to meet the challenge. Was it really as Xia Fei had said, that he had invited all these hermits of the Aurora Clan to come and die?

Besides the madmen of the Skywings, everyone was hesitating. The Dark Spiritualists were clearly targeting Big Dipper, and Xia Fei still had time to leave. Moreover, everyone could see what sort of person Big Dipper was, so it wasn’t worth dying together with him.

Xia Fei chuckled softly, his eyes as determined as ever. “As I said, today, the three of them must die! I don’t want to repeat myself again!”

“Good!” Master Nan Shazi couldn’t help but cry out. “You’ve got guts! Then today, you and all your people will be buried with Big Dipper! Don’t think that you’re the only ruthless one in the universe! I became famous because I was more ruthless than anyone else!”

As Master Nan Shazi roared, his entire demeanor changed! Everyone knew those famous words of Master Nan Shazi’s: “So long as I live, none of you will survive!” He was among the most ruthless of the ruthless characters in the Alpha Universe!

The Dark Spiritualists all laughed, and a somber mood filled the air. The battle hadn’t even started yet, but the Dark Spiritualists already had a huge advantage in morale!

Ulan was worried and wanted to say something to Xia Fei, but Xia Guanghai pulled on him and whispered, “Remember! The more difficult the situation, the more you shouldn’t trip up your own side! Trust in Xia Fei! He’s no fool! On the contrary, he’s an incredibly vicious person!”

These words seemed to bring Ulan to his senses, and he exhaled. He could see that Xia Fei’s composure wasn’t being faked at all! It meant that he had a trump card!

Xia Guanghai had said this on purpose. He hadn’t spoken too loudly, but just loud enough for the Aurora Clan hermits to hear. Those old guys who had been in seclusion for eons and had seemingly all gone senile. With the Plant lineage, Skywings, and hermits all here, they felt like Xia Fei had already played all his cards! How could he have had anything else!?

Was it the Night Clan?

Wistful Heizus smiled bitterly at the thought. It was true that the Night Clan was a first-rate clan, but did they have the ability to change the situation? The enemy was a force of forty peak Spiritualists!


Before everyone could understand, something attacked, throwing the situation into chaos!

Surprisingly, the first to strike was Furball!

Like a madman, he charged at Master Nan Shazi’s Holy Beast, the Lonegleam Eagle! The Lonegleam Eagle flapped its wings and took to the skies to do battle with Furball.

The two Holy Beasts had truly intimidating Auras! The moment they started fighting, they did so with lethal intent, Furball’s energy attacks and the Lonewatch Eagle’s light attacks mixing together. It seemed like numerous suns had suddenly appeared in the sky, their light illuminating all the land!

What was a Holy Beast? A peerless existence!

These creatures were simply too arrogant, and there had never been a friendship between Holy Beasts. The moment they met, they would have a fight to decide who was better!

Furball and the Lonegleam Eagle had already battled in the Expanse of the Founders. In that battle, the Lonegleam Eagle had its nose bitten off by Furball, and Furball himself had been exhausted to the point of weakness. From that moment on, an undying grudge had been formed. Now, their battle could continue!

In attacking, the two Holy Beasts were essentially blowing the warhorns of their respective sides. Both sides moved, hundreds of Spiritualists and Soul Practitioners beginning to battle!

Xia Fei and the Skywings under Grand Ancestor Xia Gucheng formed a team. While they weren’t the strongest, they were the fastest, and their attacks the most sinister. After several exchanges, their guerrilla strikes had succeeded in taking the lives of several of the weaker Dark Spiritualists, while being completely uninjured themselves.

The hermits of the Aurora Clan formed their own team, one that specialized in long-distance attacks!

“Aurora Horizon!”

“Aurora Horizon!”

“Aurora Horizon!”

The hermits were truly quite interesting, all of them using the same move!

Aurora Horizon was the strongest Soul Hunter Art of the Aurora Clan! Only someone with peak Soul Practitioner cultivation could hope to use it, and all of the hermits of the Aurora Clan happened to fit the bill!

The light of the Aurora was truly dazzling. Merely the first Aurora Horizon could break the darkness arts of Venus of Eternal Night, the Azure Nebula Waterfall! Aurora Horizons from over twenty peak Soul Masters…!

They were like a firing squad, one team firing while the other team reloaded. It was all about attack, attack, attack!

Xia Fei suddenly realized that he had underestimated the power of the Aurora Clan. So Aurora Horizon could be used like that!? The more people there were, the stronger it was!

Moreover, Xia Fei also noticed that the essence of the Aurora Clan’s fighting style wasn’t in defense, but in overwhelming firepower! It was all about returning attacks with attacks! It used powerful spectrum soul energy to tear through the enemy defenses and attacks! It was brutish violence, completely at odds with the kindly nature of the Aurora Clan!

In truth, when they were first founded, the Aurora Clan hadn’t been some clan of gentlemen, but a pack of warriors with high cultivation who had relied on their brutal en masse attacks to stand tall in the Alpha Universe!

Eventually, the Aurora Clan found that it was losing ground. That was because they discovered that the universe was very large and they had too many enemies. There was no end to their foes, and the people of their clan were exhausted from running around and fighting all the time.

A smart person in the clan thought about whitewashing the clan’s reputation. First, they had the bloodstained experts of the clan feign death, with their descendants learning how to endure and return evil with kindness.

Of course, some people thought that the Aurora Clan had suddenly become weak and attacked them, but those experts who had faked their deaths intercepted them, creating many gruesome massacres that had shocked the universe. But as those incidents had nothing to do with the Aurora Clan, nobody linked the clan to them.

It could be said, with some exaggeration, that the Aurora Clan was the first to think of the concept of hermits, its original purpose being to deal with situations in which they had too many enemies.

As time passed, the reputation of the Aurora Clan as butchers was gradually forgotten, and they made a name for themselves as humble gentlemen and cultured scholars. Alas, they still had too many enemies, and quite a few of that earliest batch of Hermits had died in battle. Otherwise, the Aurora Clan would have still been one of the clans with the most experts in hiding.

This volley fire that they were using had once been the Aurora Clan’s strongest weapon! After many years, it had now reappeared!

The explosive firepower of the Aurora Clan was of great assistance in allowing Xia Fei’s side to establish a foothold. After all, this was an ancient tactic that few people in the present knew about. The Aurora Clan’s sudden use of this tactic had taken their enemies by surprise.

Ulan and his Plant Spiritualists weren’t as lucky. Even with the protection of the Bittervine Sky Entangler, the five Plant Spiritualists had still fallen back to a corner and were barely protecting themselves.

The worst off was Big Dipper. Those fearless warriors who had answered his call were all of the Soul System, and were the main target of the Dark Spiritualists.

Plush! Plush!

The warriors around Big Dipper were being cut down like weeds!

But the battle was so chaotic that nobody noticed that Big Dipper’s side now had six more people than it had started with!

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