Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 1763 - Eddie the Master Destroyer

Chapter 1763: Eddie the Master Destroyer

First of all, tentacles were the most common symbiote ability.

It was similar to how humans could run, throw things and jump; they might not be good at all of them, but they could still do it.

As for the side effects of the tentacles, it was like the difference between a marathon and a sprint or between a dart or javelin.

Secondly, some symbiotes were more resistant to fire, ice, electricity or vibration, and some could launch special attacks. This was a rarer talent.

Luke knew why Gold Nugget liked to talk about its cloning ability; it was what differentiated it from other symbiotes.

Apart from that, the dog head’s abilities were mediocre.

Even though to Luke, Gold Nugget being a “good kid” was a strong point, it was useless to the symbiote.

It was just like how animal protection couldn’t be considered an ability, but just a type of trend.

But that was also why Luke regarded it as a reliable partner.

If Gold Nugget talked about its kind as powerful but savage, Luke would immediately lock them up as test subjects.

After all, he liked bad guys the most, and that included symbiotes.

He couldn’t let Gold Nugget sample the “test course,” but he could run tests on these symbiote bad guys.

It would definitely be a huge step forward in his research of symbiotes – how could he not be happy?

The next morning, Eddie woke up in the bathtub. He subconsciously touched his forehead and felt that it was still hot. “Am I sick?”

Suddenly, he remembered what he had found when he snuck into the Life Foundation’s research building last night. He shivered and searched his body for his phone.

Looking at the photos on the phone, he quickly called his ex-girlfriend, Anne Weyning.

Why ex-girlfriend? Because he had heard Anne casually mention the Life Foundation and, out of curiosity, he had snuck a look at the classified information she brought home.

Anne was a lawyer whose firm had just received a job to defend the Life Foundation.

Eddie, who had itchy hands, wrote an article based on this confidential information and had been ready to publish it.

Unfortunately, the boss of his media agency chose to stand on the side of money.

Eddie’s boss used this information and no reporting to obtain a considerable amount of funding from the Life Foundation.

The Life Foundation, which became a shareholder in the media agency, immediately fired a certain journalist who had poked the new boss in a sore spot.

Not only that, because the Life Foundation’s lawsuit was still a confidential matter, few people outside knew about it.

After a simple investigation, they suspected that Eddie’s information came from his girlfriend, Anne, and the law firm fired her.

Eddie’s righteous heart had crushed his livelihood, and he successfully turned his girlfriend into his ex-girlfriend. He was very efficient.

But this guy had long become a fan of superheroes like Batman. He was very unhappy with this outcome, and chose to continue being stubborn.

After going to his former boss to demand an explanation, he simply uploaded the article on his online account.

Unfortunately, the Life Foundation had a hand in a lot of interests, and the article didn’t draw much attention.

It was really hard to compete with capital groups in America.

In movies “adapted from true stories,” there were indeed cases of the underdogs winning lawsuits and receiving huge compensations.

Most of the time, however, it was already pretty good if many people were paid out of court.

Successful cases that were the subject of excessive reporting and which could be turned into movies were rare.

For example, a certain American corporation forcibly took over the land and water of farmers, and both parties were locked in a lawsuit for decades before the farmers finally won.

It was understandable. Few people could persevere with a lawsuit for decades.

It took a special kind of person. There was basically nothing left of life after spending it on a lawsuit for decades; money couldn’t buy back wasted time and youth.

Eddie was now a little like this.

Although he had caused his girlfriend, Anne, to lose her job, he still wanted to prove that he had done nothing wrong.

If Anne knew what the Life Foundation had done, she would definitely support his previous actions.

Anne soon called Eddie, and they set a meeting place.

He knew that Anne would come to see him.

Putting their relationship aside, Anne was certainly curious about the Life Foundation which had cost her her job.

Not far away, two people and one dog were already prepared as they followed Eddie unhurriedly.

The SUV they were using had been put out by the clone last night. They were also using aliases. Even Gold Nugget had switched to a special dog alias. Its long fur had turned into short fur, and it was now a labrador.

Soon, Eddie’s ex-girlfriend, Anne, met him at a BBQ restaurant in a park.

This symbiote host wasn’t as lucky as Haley. Not only was he burning up with a temperature, he also had to worry about exposing the Life Foundation. His heart and body felt like they were on fire.

As soon as he sat down, he got straight to the point. “I broke into the Life Foundation. They’re secretly catching homeless people for experiments, not tricking them into volunteering for the tests.”

Anne was astonished. “What? You broke into their research building? Eddie, are you crazy?”

She was a lawyer.

Even if they took down the Life Foundation, they wouldn’t have an easy time of it given that the evidence had been acquired illegally.

If Eddie was sued for trespassing and destroying property, he could be jailed for a few years.

Pissing off capitalists in America wasn’t the same as pissing off ordinary people. Their lawyers could guarantee that.

Eddie didn’t care.

He had already been in trouble ever since he accepted Dr. Dora’s proposal last night and snuck into the research building.

He had no idea how he was going to live in the future.

However, his admiration of Batman and his restless physique bolstered him; he had to do this at the very least.

If he took down the Life Foundation, the other party might fall and he might be able to escape disaster.

If things blew up, the Bat Squad might be drawn over.

But if the Life Foundation discovered that he was the intruder last night, who knew how much longer Eddie could live.

He didn’t answer Anne’s question, and just told her about the Life Foundation.

Looking at his expression, Anne put her hand on his forehead suspiciously and confirmed that his condition really wasn’t normal. “Eddie, you’re running a fever. You need to go to the hospital first.”

Eddie wouldn’t be talking nonsense unless he had a fever!

From a normal perspective, it was too risky for the Life Foundation to do this. No matter how dangerous the drugs were, they could be tested in more backward areas and nobody would care.

Eddie shook his head. “I can’t. They might find me.”

Saying that, he suddenly looked at a waiter who was passing by. He subconsciously reached out to grab the grilled pork chop from the man’s hand and took a bite.

Both Anne and the waiter were dumbfounded.

Eddie chewed twice before he spat it out. He threw the pork chop onto his plate and shouted at the waiter in disdain, “This is dead. It’s not fresh.”

Then, his expression changed. “So hot, so hot. Do you feel hot?”

As he spoke, he couldn’t help but take off his jacket.

Before Anne and the waiter could reply, he looked at the park pond ten meters away and charged over.


Eddie jumped into the pond from half a meter away so that most of his body was soaked in the cool water.

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