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Chapter 1762 - Gross, and the Air of Poverty

Chapter 1762: Gross, and the Air of Poverty

However, the host and the symbiote were more like a knight and his mount.

It was one thing to be compatible and maximize their strength, and another to see eye to eye and work closely together.

For example, Gold Nugget and Selina weren’t that compatible, but after getting along, they came to acknowledge one another.

Even if Selina wasn’t the best host for it, Gold Nugget was happy enough to combine with her.

Of course, it could also be that the special energy in her body was the most delicious “food” that a certain alien dog head was happy to lick forever.

Conversely, even if they were very compatible, but were repulsed by each other, the host wouldn’t have it easy.

Two hours later, Luke, Selina and Gold Nugget arrived in San Francisco.

The Level 1 clone retreated quietly ahead of time.

This way, the clone could focus on studying Haley, and Eddie would be left to Gold Nugget and Selina.

After all, Gold Nugget said that it knew the tar monster. It would be even better if there was a chance for the two symbiotes to chat, and Venom agreed to let itself be studied.

In the surveillance feed, Eddie was lying in the bathtub on top of the bathroom curtain that had been pulled down. He was sound asleep.

Selina was stumped. “Are we here just to watch him sleep in the bathtub?”

Luke chuckled. “There are a lot of interesting things. But let me be clear first: Some of the videos can make you lose your appetite. Are you sure you want to watch them?”

Selina was suspicious. “What? Did that symbiote do something unspeakable to him?”

Gold Nugget whined.

Selina glared at the dog. “Type it out.”

Gold Nugget: “No symbiote is that vulgar. It’s usually easier and more efficient to eat the other party’s brain and organs.”

Looking at Eddie’s physical condition in the surveillance feed, Selina sighed regretfully. “Fine, it seems that this Venom isn’t a loser. At least Eddie hasn’t turned brainless yet.”

Gold Nugget said, “How is that possible? Venom is a loser. Is he good? He just doesn’t know how to be bad.”

Selina suddenly felt that something wasn’t right. “Wait, why do I feel that you’re…”

Gold Nugget: “I’m talking about it, not me. Don’t overthink it.”

Selina nodded and didn’t continue asking questions. Instead, she secretly sent Luke a private message. “What do you think Gold Nugget is hiding?”

Luke chuckled. “Probably the fact that it’s actually a good kid.”

Selina snorted, but soon realized that it made sense.

After Gold Nugget came to Earth, it had only possessed a fish before possessing Dollar. It hadn’t officially done anything bad.

Of course, when it had broken legs, smashed heads, pulled out gold teeth and searched money safes, it had all been done in cooperation with Selina as a “vigilante.” The blame couldn’t be placed on it, nor were they bad deeds.

As for this dog trolling people and leading attacks online, and watching rubbish media, those were at most mental attacks; at the very worst, it could only be said to have a low moral bottom line.

So, was the dog head really a good alien kid? After mulling over it for a moment, Selina gave up thinking about it.

Hundreds of thousands of online IDs said that they were going to kill it, which showed how much it was hated.

It went against her conscience to praise it as a good kid. She could only say that this guy wasn’t a big villain who killed people.

“Let me watch the video of Eddie first. How bad can it be to make me lose my appetite?” She returned to the main topic.

Luke sent the video with a smile. He took out three lollipops, one for each of them.

When he fed it to Gold Nugget, he didn’t forget to stroke the dog’s head a few more times to comfort it.

This guy probably hadn’t had it easy in its old home, so Luke had to let it feel the warmth of Earth.

In the future, even if it clashed with its kind, this dog head would stand on Luke’s side without hesitation.

In any case, the symbiotes didn’t have anything like their own nation, and their own kind wasn’t worth mentioning.

Humans killing each other throughout history proved that nothing stopped living creatures from killing their own kind.

Luke didn’t think that the symbiotes had that much of an affinity with each other.

A moment later, Selina exclaimed in disgust.

Luke smiled. “You’re not going to show Gold Nugget?”

“That’s right. I have to show it so that it knows how lucky it was that it ran into us.” Selina was enlightened – of course misery should be shared.

“Huh?” Gold Nugget curiously opened the video in the team channel.

Then, it saw Eddie take out a slimy rotten chicken from a trash can and stuff it into his mouth.

As a food enthusiast, Gold Nugget couldn’t help retching.

It could only use the text to voice converter to roar over the channel, “Ahhh~ Venom is so gross. It can even eat food from the trash can.”

Selina gloated. “The moment you came here, you had natural goat’s milk and fresh beef from the ranch. You’ve never eaten sh*t like this before, right?”

Gold Nugget subconsciously nodded. Wasn’t the reason it behaved for the sake of good food?

Seeing Venom eat trash, Gold Nugget felt that it was a real embarrassment to symbiotes.

Then, when Eddie passed out in the bathtub, his entire body looked like it was covered in a forbidding black aura.

Gold Nugget knew what it was – it was the air of poverty.

It was a good thing he hadn’t run into such an unlucky host, or he would’ve been the one to eat sh*t in the beginning.

Lollipop in its mouth, it felt smug: So, strength wasn’t important. What was important was to follow the right person.

In the beginning, it had felt that the symbiosis could bring its host benefits, but Luke had indicated that not everyone wanted these enhanced abilities.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the fiend wanted it to be a bodyguard for Selina and Claire, its work prospects would have been bleak

Actually, it was only with Luke that Gold Nugget seemed “slightly” more useless.

Luke didn’t need it because he had the system, and his abilities and equipment could basically meet all his needs.

But even so, it was impossible for him to ditch Gold Nugget.

This alien dog head was multifunctional, efficient, obedient, easy to raise, and easy to fool. If it ran, there might not be another one like it.

Just like that, two people and one dog hid in a room 100 meters away and chatted as they ate and waited for Eddie and Venom to recover.

In Space 2, Haley, who had passed out from hunger, finally recovered after being fed nutrient solutions.

Osiris had used a physical method to lower her initial temperature. Her tightly furrowed brow relaxed and she settled down.

Luke looked at the information. “Based on the symbiosis with Gold Nugget, the process should be completed in five hours and she’ll wake up then. Who knows what the difference will be between her symbiote and the dog head.”

According to the dog head, liquid transformation, a boost in the host’s strength, and rapid self-healing were all basic characteristics of a symbiote.

Gold Nugget’s ability to clone itself, on the other hand, was a unique ability which it had yet to see in another symbiote.

In addition, symbiotes had different types of abilities.

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