Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 1764 - Different Fates for Different Hosts

Chapter 1764: Different Fates for Different Hosts

The seven or eight passers-by who were playing around nearby looked at this lunatic in astonishment.

Eddie had jumped into an ornamental pond full of fish. Most of the fish were dumb and fat from being fed by visitors, and weren’t vigilant at all.

Eddie’s dive into the water scared them into swimming away.

But when he leaned against the edge of the pond, the stupid fish were drawn back by the breadcrumbs scattered by visitors.

Eddie’s eyes suddenly lit up. He grabbed a fat red carp and bit into it.

After chewing twice, he sighed in satisfaction. “Hm, now this is fresh.”

Anne, who had come over after explaining the situation to the waiter and paying for the pork chop that Eddie had taken a bite of, saw this gory scene, and exclaimed, “Eddie, what are you doing?”

The visitors on the side also had appalled expressions.

It wasn’t that they sympathized with the fat carp. After all, it wasn’t as adorable as a cat or dog.

However, who the hell knew how many drunkards had pissed in this pond? It was disgusting.

The problem was that people often had strange reactions.

The more disgusting something was, the more they didn’t want to look, but couldn’t look away.

It was like eating sh*t. Not many people could eat it, but if someone else did, a lot of people would yell that it was gross even as they gathered around to watch.

After all, there were very few people in the world who would share their blessings, while many were happy to share their suffering.

Several of the spectators had already taken out their phones to record this “precious moment.”

It had to be pointed out that it was the dream of most young people to be popular in F2F or Messenger circles.

Some middle-aged and older people thought the same.

So, it wasn’t unusual that in the crowd, two old ladies in their seventies also raised their phones.

Anne was full of despair. How humiliating.

More importantly, she had only broken up with Eddie two weeks ago. To say that her feelings had completely disappeared was ridiculous.

It was too bizarre for her boyfriend to eat a live fish in public. The people around him might think that he was infected with a zombie virus.

Not far away, Gold Nugget was laughing as it rolled back and forth on the grass.

At the same time, it didn’t forget to send a voice message on the internal comms. “Hahahaha, I’m laughing to death. Venom is so cheap. It actually made the host catch fish from the pond for it to eat.”

Selina, however, said offhandedly, “I recall that you also swallowed a lot of the fish that Luke caught back then, right?”

Gold Nugget stiffened and got up. “Of course that’s different. That’s fish caught from the ocean. Luke… Luke isn’t my host. I earned this food through my hard work.”

Selina was about to say something else, but Luke glanced at her and shook his head, so she stopped.

In the very beginning, if this dog head wanted to eat a $2 ice cream cone, it had to wag its tail at Selina.

It didn’t work at the beginning, and just ate and loafed around before Luke proposed the idea of a wage.

After that, it went out with Selina to do “heroic deeds,” and was able to build a small stash of cash, which was why it now had the air of a nouveau riche.

Luke was very protective.

It was fine to joke around at home, but not to use people or living things outside to maliciously attack the dog head.

In his own words, the dog head couldn’t be spoiled too much.

However, they also couldn’t keep making jabs at it. If they went overboard, it might affect the dog head’s combat ability.

Be good at home, go wild outside – that was the best approach. This was the opposite of how brats were meek in public but tyrants at home. The former was a good character trait to have, provided that the family could take it.

Just nice, Luke was confident in this respect.

The soak in the pond soon came to an end.

After using the pond water to lower his body temperature and after chowing down on a fat fish, Eddie seemed much more clear-headed. With a face full of despair, he climbed out and slipped away with Anne.

Although eating the fish wasn’t allowed, the onlookers didn’t stop him from leaving.

There were a lot of stupid fish in the pond. Sacrificing one for some crazy news was worth it. In any case, the fish wasn’t theirs.

Not long after Eddie woke up, Haley woke up in Space 2.

The clone, who was keeping an eye on her, immediately focused.

Haley looked around the room that looked like something out of science fiction, and was stunned. “What the hell is this place?”

Then, she felt a chill.

She lowered her head and saw that she wasn’t wearing her homeless getup, but a loose hospital gown.

She was very familiar with it. It was basically for people undergoing surgery, and could be unbuttoned completely on the side.

That was why it felt cool.

Getting up from the clean green bed, she quickly searched the room.

It didn’t take long, and she didn’t find anything valuable.

In fact, this was a medical room which Luke had put together at the last minute. Naturally, there was no need to put junk in it.

After watching her move around for a while and after collecting enough data, Luke had Osiris send her a message. “Ms. Cohen, this way, please.”

Haley suddenly turned around and looked at the medical robotic arm that had been standing next to the operating table; it was where the voice had come from.

The robotic arm was already raised and pointing in the other direction.

She couldn’t help but look in the direction it was pointing, only to see a door open in what she thought had been a wall.

On the other side was another open door.

The difference was that the door on her side was silver-gray in color, while the door on the other side was wood.

Thinking quickly, Haley stepped forward.

Cool air brushed over her slightly hot skin, making her a little nervous. Had she run into colleagues from King’s Park Sanatorium?

As a mature woman with a medical degree, she could still tell what her body had experienced.

But it was precisely because she knew that there was nothing wrong with her body that was the most disturbing to her.

A beautiful woman like her had been washed up and thrown onto an operating table. She was even in a surgical gown, but this mysterious person hadn’t done anything.

That could only mean that the other party was a woman, or that he wasn’t normal, like… Simon?

Thinking that, her eyes lit up, and she couldn’t help but pick up her pace as she walked into the room opposite.

After entering, she looked around in surprise.

This was a room that was about 50 square meters in size. The living room slash bedroom was mostly in warm colors, with whites and grays mixed in.

The room was filled with all sorts of wooden furniture, odds and ends and shelves, and was full of life.

It was the polar opposite of the “cool” medical room she had just been in.

She couldn’t help but turn around to look at the door, only to see that it had closed without her knowing, and she could no longer see the medical room.

Haley couldn’t help but shiver, and her hot back felt a little cold. Had she… run into a ghost?

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