Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

Chapter 48 - Lets Make A Bet

Chapter 48: Lets Make A Bet

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“It’s none of your business.” Xiao Jing winked at him, poured himself a cup of wine and sat by Tang Xi like he was her guardian angel. “Why don’t you call him out?”

“Just do it if you want. Didn’t you say my second brother called you?” He Wanzhou didn’t believe Xiao Jing’s words at all. His brother rarely took the initiative to call him unless it was for his work. Would a person like him call Xiao Jing and chat with him? That was just impossible!

Xiao Jing raised his eyebrows, and Xiao Sa asked him what was the matter. Xiao Jing took a look at Tang Xi, then turned his eyes to He Wanzhou and said, “I didn’t know He Wanning was your second brother! Look at you and Wanyi, you guys are completely the opposite of him.”

“Wanyi and I are like my father, but my second brother takes after my grandfather.” He Wanzhou also wondered why his second brother was so unsociable, but it didn’t matter; with their family background, even if his second brother kept being like that in his lifetime, no one would dare to say anything about it, except for some friendly banter like what Xiao Jing said just now.

Tang Xi and Xiao Sa exchanged a glance. They didn’t expect that the advertising director of OLS they met yesterday was from the He Family. Tang Xi had recently learnt a bit about the upper class of City A, such as the top four families, but she didn’t know about their family members in detail.

Moreover, if she wanted to learn about the detailed information of the top four families, she could only turn to 008 for help, because the background information of the super upper class like the top four families wouldn’t be published in detail, and the public’s knowledge of them was only limited to the information those families gave to the media.

Xiao Jing asked Tang Xi in a low voice whether she wanted to have He Wanning come here. If he came here, they could talk about the details of the contract, and then they could directly sign the contract on Saturday.

Tang Xi thought it was a good idea. She took the endorsement because she wanted to give Xiao Jinning and Lin Ru a good lesson, but she didn’t want Xiao Jinning to find out who took this endorsement from her. If she or her brothers went to OLS Company to talk details regarding their cooperation, their identities might be exposed; thus, it was better to have He Wanning come here. They could talk about the details of the contract here and directly sign the contract with He Wanning on Saturday.

“Okay.” Tang Xi nodded, and Xiao Jing turned around to call He Wanning.

On the other side, Yang Mukun and He Wanzhou were making a bet. He Wanzhou said, “I bet Xiao Jing can’t make my second brother come here. I tried to persuade him for so many times before and even threatened him,” spreading his hands, he continued, “unfortunately, I never succeeded!”

Yang Mukun shook his head as if thinking of something. “Look how confident my little cousin looks. I think your second brother might make an exception this time.”

He Wanzhou frowned, hesitated for a second and finally shook his head. “I still don’t think my second brother will come here.”

“Then let’s make a bet. If your second brother comes here tonight, you pay the bill. If he doesn’t, it’s on me. What do you think?” Yang Mukun leisurely picked up a wine glass, took a sip and asked Xiao Sa and Tang Xi, “Sa, my little cousin sister, will you guys join the bet?”

Tang Xi raised her hand and said, “I bet a glass of orange juice. He’ll come over.”

Yang Mukun laughed. “My little cousin sister, you drink orange juice in such a place? Are you kidding me?”

Xiao Sa merely smiled. He Wanzhou also looked at Tang Xi with a smile. Tang Xi spread her hands and said, “I can’t help it. I’m a high school student, and my teacher prohibits me from drinking.”

“What?!” Yang Mukun’s eyes popped out and He Wanzhou’s jaw almost dropped. “I remember you said you were born twenty-three years ago in that press conference. You should be twenty-three years old, right? And you’re still a senior high school freshman?”

Tang Xi shrugged. “Sorry, I was illiterate.”

Seeing her mischievous behavior, Xiao Sa smiled, reached out his hand and rubbed her hair, saying, “I’ll bet a bottle of vodka. He’ll come over.”

“Why are you so sure of it?” He Wanzhou narrowed his eyes, and gave a cunning smile as he said, “You don’t know my brother. You’re going to lose tonight.”

At this moment, the door of the box was pushed open and Ning Yan and He Wanyi walked in. Seeing that they were cheerfully discussing something, He Wanyi went over, sat down next to her eldest brother and asked, “What are you talking about?”

He Wanzhou poured a glass of water for his sister and answered, “Xiao Jing called your second brother and asked him to come over. We are betting whether he’ll come or not.”

When He Wanyi heard that Xiao Jing called her second brother to come over, a touch of surprise flickered across her eyes, and she asked with a smile, “Is everyone betting that Wanning won’t come over?”

Tang Xi, sitting next to Xiao Sa, watched them talk with her chin on her hands.

Yang Mukun shook his head with a smile and held out a finger as he said, “No, no, no, we’re all betting that your second brother will come over, except for your eldest brother.”

He Wanyi laughed. “You must have money to burn!”

“It’s just the expense of a meal. We’ll split the bill if we lose.” Xiao Sa shook the glass in his hand and asked He Wanyi and Ning Yan, “What about you two? Do you guys want to bet?”

He Wanyi laughed as she joined the bet and took sides with her eldest brother.

Ning Yan’s attention was not on them. As soon as he had entered, he had noticed Tang Xi sitting next to Xiao Sa. He raised his eyebrows and asked Xiao Sa, “Is she your sister? Can you introduce her to me?”

Xiao Sa’s eyes lit up. He proudly put his arm around Tang Xi’s shoulders and asked Ning Yan excitedly, “How do you know she is my sister?”

“I am not blind. Although she looks more beautiful without makeup today than she did with makeup in the press conference that day, I am a professional, okay?” Ning Yan said, pouring himself a glass of wine before he continued in a casual tone, “This sister of yours is much better looking than that other one.”

“Don’t compare my sister to that pheasant, okay?” Xiao Sa truly disliked Xiao Jinning now. Especially after the things that happened at the school today, he disliked Xiao Jinning even more, so he didn’t want to give her any face.

Also noticing Tang Xi, He Wanyi greeted her with a smile. Very impressed by the cheerful and generous He Wanyi, Tang Xi also greeted her, “My name is Xiao Rou.”

Ning Yan asked with raised eyebrows, “Pheasant? Why do you call her that?”

“She is a shameless pheasant who stole the nest of a phoenix! Don’t mention her in front of me,” Xiao Sa answered with a scowl.

Tang Xi took a look at Xiao Sa with a smile and explained to them, “Xiao Jinning angered my second brother, so he doesn’t want to hear anything about her. Please don’t mind it.”

“Humph.” Xiao Sa grunted and then asked Ning Yan, “Do you know Xiao Jinning?”

“Sh*t, ask He Wanzhou! Who the hell put that silly actress into my TV drama? He Wanzhou, if you dare to do it again, I’ll be through with you!”

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