Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

Chapter 49 - Everyone Has His Own Mind

Chapter 49: Everyone Has His Own Mind

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He Wanzhou raised his hand innocently and said, “I just sold someone a favor.”

“Sh*t, if you dare to sell my TV drama again, I will sell you first!”

He Wanzhou laughed. “Tyrant, you’re absolutely a tyrant. Even if I let you sell me, you can’t do it. Who dares to buy me?”

“Me!” With a wave of his hand, Xiao Sa said, “I’ll buy you.” Now he had a new hobby, which was to make trouble for Xiao Jinning. He would do anything as long as it could vex her.

He Wanzhou looked at Xiao Sa vigilantly like a molested defenseless woman. “What are you intending? I have no interest in men!”

Xiao Sa rolled his eyes at him as he replied, “I’ll buy you and make you my servant!”

Ning Yan and He Wanyi both laughed. Yang Mukun said, “Well, why do you hate Xiao Jinning so much? Aunt didn’t tell me clearly last time.”

Xiao Sa took a look at Tang Xi. The latter shrugged, showing that she didn’t mind. The people present were supposed to be trustworthy friends, so she didn’t have to keep anything from them. Besides, that was exactly what Xiao Jinning wanted. The last thing she wanted to do was to pave the way for Xiao Jinning.

Seeing that she didn’t object, Xiao Sa briefly introduced Tang Xi’s real identity. He Wanyi stared wide-eyed and exclaimed in surprise, “So the real daughter of the Xiao Family is her, and Xiao Jinning just stole everything from her?”

Ning Yan looked at Tang Xi as if thinking of something and he frowned as he asked, “Have you ever thought about taking back everything?”

Tang Xi shrugged. “I think I prefer my current family. I don’t want to stay in a family where profit is all that matters. Yes, I do prefer my current family.”

Ning Yan smiled. “You’re really broad-minded.”

He Wanyi said indignantly, “You should teach a lesson to those people. They bully you like this because you are too weak. You should take back everything that is supposed to be yours.” Then for fear that Tang Xi would take her wrongly, she explained, “I don’t mean you should leave your current family. In fact, I think this family is more suitable for you.”

Tang Xi nodded and replied, “I know. Thank you.”

He Wanyi waved her hand. “You don’t have to thank me. We can only make suggestions and can’t help you.”

Tang Xi smiled and said nothing more. At that moment, Xiao Jing came in. He Wanzhou hurriedly asked, “Did he refuse? I said my second brother wouldn’t come over, yet you still bet with me.”

Xiao Jing raised his eyebrows and sat on Tang Xi’s right as he replied, “Who said he refused?”

Surprised, He Wanyi asked, “He agreed?” And then she shook her head. “That’s impossible. My second brother never hangs out with us. You two haven’t met before. Why does he treat you so specially? Will he really come here because you asked him?”

Xiao Jing raised his eyebrows and pursed her lips without speaking, but the more he acted like this, the more He Wanzhou and He Wanyi were curious. He Wanyi asked, “Will he really come over?”

Xiao Jing shrugged. “Have you ever seen me lie?”

He Wanzhou obviously didn’t believe him. “When did he say he would arrive?”

“Within half an hour.” Xiao Jing glanced at the Vacheron Constantin watch on his wrist and asked Tang Xi, “What were you talking about?”

Looking at the interaction between Tang Xi and her brothers, Ning Yan said with a faint smile, “Oh, you siblings are really close!”

Hearing this, Xiao Jing looked up at Ning Yan and said with great seriousness, “Regardless of whomever she was before, now she is our sister. There is no relationship between her and my uncle’s family, so please don’t treat her like Xiao Jinning.”

Ning Yan raised his eyebrows, glanced at Tang Xi and shrugged. “Xiao Jing, you got me wrong. I hope you don’t misunderstand me.”

Tang Xi nodded and smiled, saying, “It’s alright. My brother is too sensitive. They’re very protective of me, and I hope you won’t take it personally.”

Ning Yan nodded and raised his glass to Tang Xi, and she also raised her juice to him.

He Wanyi suddenly asked Xiao Jing, “I just called Ah Liang, but his mobile phone was turned off. He isn’t in his company?”

Hearing them mention Qiao Liang, Tang Xi gripped the glass in her hand tightly, but there was no expression on her face.

Xiao Jing took a look at Tang Xi and found that she looked normal. He thought that maybe he was worrying too much, so he took a sip of liquor and said, “He has gone to the Pacific Ocean. He’ll probably stay on a nearby island for two months.”

Except for the Xiao brothers, no one here knew the story of Qiao Liang and Tang Xi, nor did they know that Tang Xi had been in the plane that crashed. He Wanzhou chuckled and said, “Does he want to experience island life because he has been living in the city for too long? Isn’t he afraid of typhoons?”

Xiao Jing shrugged. “Who knows? Maybe he has gone crazy.”

No one understood what Qiao Liang was thinking. Among these good friends, Qiao Liang was the most unpredictable one. Especially in recent years, he had become socially withdrawn. He rarely hung out with them, and even when he did, he would just sit in the corner and drink alone, looking so lonely and depressed.

Ning Yan wondered aloud, “Does he want to launch a project near the Pacific Ocean?”

“Maybe he’ll build a base to research resurrection technology,” Xiao Jing joked. “With this technology, even Empire Group will have to curry favor with him, let alone the top four families.”

“If the research succeeds, even the President of Country M will take him as a guest of honor, let alone Empire Group.”

Xiao Jing shrugged. “It’s just a joke.”

“By the way, I recently saw news about the technology of human cloning. Did he go to research human cloning technology?” He Wanzhou suddenly asked whimsically.

Xiao Jing gave him a helpless look, saying, “Clone you? Come on, you’re the president of Ning’s Group! Don’t be so foolish, alright?”

He Wanzhou immediately pointed at Yang Mukun and said, “I was infected by Yang Mukun.”

Yang Mukun snorted and said arrogantly, “I won’t bother to argue with the likes of you.” Then he stood up, walked up to Tang Xi and gestured at Xiao Sa to give his seat to him, but Xiao Sa pretended not to see that. Yang Mukun directly squatted in front of Tang Xi and said with a smile, “My little cousin, let’s exchange feelings.”

“I will exchange feelings with you.” Xiao Jing picked up a bottle of liquor, filled Yang Mukun’s glass and gave a sinister smile as he said, “We haven’t talked for a long time. Let’s have a good chat.”

“Go away. No one wants to talk with you…” Yang Mukun made to dodge, but Xiao Jing blocked his way again…

At that moment, the door of the club box was opened and He Wanning, smartly dressed, appeared at the door. Seeing the people inside, he paused before his eyes lit up and then he hurried inside, asking, “Am I late?”

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