Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

Chapter 47 - Two Guardian Angels

Chapter 47: Two Guardian Angels

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When they got home, Yang Jingxian was not there. Tang Xi called Yang Jingxian and told her they were going out for a party. Yang Jingxian was glad to hear that and said that she was hanging out with her friends and wouldn’t go home for dinner, and so the two changed and went out.

Tang Xi was in ZWS clothing and a pair of GUCCI shoes that looked like a custom pair. She wore a light blue shirt, white jeans and classic shoes. Her soft hair fell over her shoulder, her fair-skinned face wore no make-up, and she looked so young and attractive. Gazing at her, Xiao Jing blew a whistle and said, “Sister, you look so beautiful! I feel it an honor to take you out with me!”

Tang Xi smiled, swaggered around like a big sister, stood on tiptoe and put an arm around Xiao Jing’s shoulder. She then said complacently, “Of course, I’m your sister. Like brother, like sister!”

Xiao Jing, amused by Tang Xi, hunched down slightly so that he was on the same height as Tang Xi, and then they walked out of the house like this.

Xiao Jing drove his flamboyant Ferrari. Tang Xi didn’t feel anything wrong with it. She thought that only a sports car like this could match Xiao Jing’s temperament!

When they arrived at the club, Xiao Sa was already waiting there. When he saw Tang Xi, his reaction was exactly the same as when Xiao Jing saw Tang Xi. He whistled and said, “My little fairy, maybe we should go back and have a party at home.”

Tang Xi was speechless… If people didn’t know she was their sister, they would think they were protecting their little lover.

Xiao Sa came over, and looked at Tang Xi up and down. He then pursed his lips and asked Tang Xi, “Little sister, why don’t you wear a mask and hat?”

“Will there be any bad people today?” Tang Xi blinked and asked.

Xiao Sa shook his head. “Of course not. They’re all our good friends, and there won’t be anyone with bad intentions. As you know, Jing and I are both upright men. So don’t worry. Our friends are definitely good people.”

Tang Xi was totally speechless. Brothers, why are you guys so narcissistic?

The three of them entered the box of the club. This was Tang Xi’s first time coming to such a place. This club looked like a bar, but it was not a bar. There were all kinds of entertainments here… Although she loved to play, she had never come to such a place before.

Several people were already there when they arrived. One of the men got up and greeted Xiao Jing and Xiao Sa, “Hey, Xiao Sa, Xiao Jing, come on in. Where is Xiao Yao?”

Xiao Sa and Tang Xi sat down on a sofa on the side. “My eldest brother’s job is so mysterious. Who knows where he is? He is as mysterious as an agent.”

Xiao Jing went to get Tang Xi a drink, handed it to her, and then sat on her right. Then Xiao Sa said, “Yes, he went out early in the morning. Is he really a CIA agent? We don’t even know what he is busy at.”

Tang Xi rolled her eyes. How could these two people have the cheek to talk barefaced nonsense!

The light in the room was rather dim, so the people there didn’t see clearly what Tang Xi looked like. As Tang Xi sat beside Xiao Sa, they thought she was his girlfriend and didn’t pay much attention on her. To their surprise, however, Xiao Jing got her a drink and sat beside her. They looked like her two guardian angels!

A man asked as he got up to turn on the light, “Who is this girl? Oh, she has the two playboys serving as her guardian angels…” When the man turned on the light, he felt his eyes were flashed by a ray of light. He had seen plenty of beautiful women, and even his sister was more beautiful than this woman, but he felt the little girl in front of him was particularly dazzling…

Noticing his stunned expression, Xiao Jing stood up to block his view and said with a snort, “He Wanzhou, what are you looking at? Move your eyes away from my sister, or else I’ll gouge them out!”

“Oh!” another man stood up and exclaimed. “No wonder I thought she looked familiar! This is your sister, right? I saw her on the news the other day. She is really beautiful. I thought it was the effect of the makeup, but now I know she is a born beauty…” With that, the man looked at Tang Xi up and down and chuckled, saying, “But her… figure…”

“Sh*t, you are really shameless! You pervert!”

Yang Mukun replied with a shrug, “Pervert? Come on, I’m Rourou’s cousin!”

“Yang Mukun!” Xiao Sa was angry. “Is there a cousin who would look at his cousin sister like you? You’d better be careful. If my sister tells my mom you harassed her, you’ll be finished!”

Tang Xi couldn’t bear it anymore. She raised her hand and said, “These are the personal opinions of my brothers, who can’t represent me. Don’t listen to them.”

He Wanzhou smiled and looked at Tang Xi in a charming manner. “It turns out that Sister Rourou can talk. Just now your brothers kept speaking for you. I almost thought you couldn’t speak.”

Tang Xi smiled. “Brother He, you’re really humorous.”

“You know me,” He Wanzhou said with a wink at Tang Xi, then continued, “most people can’t understand my humor, especially men. I really don’t know what’s wrong with him. I only asked him to find another fish in the sea, and he hasn’t talked to me until even now. Isn’t that outrageous?!”

Xiao Jing snorted. “He isn’t here. Don’t speak ill of him behind his back!”

Tang Xi was interested and asked, “Brother He, who are you talking about?”

“You may not know that person yet. Let me tell you…”

“Well, will your autistic brother be coming tonight?” Xiao Jing snorted and interrupted He Wanzhou. He didn’t want his sister to know much about Qiao Liang’s life. From what he knew of Qiao Liang, his sister would end up hurt if she fell in love with Qiao Liang. She had looked really strange when she heard He Wanzhou mention Qiao Liang.

“Don’t call my brother that!” Hearing him laughing at his younger brother, He Wanzhou immediately defended him. “My brother just wants to preserve his moral integrity. You think everyone is as debauched as you?!”

“Aren’t you talking about yourself?” Xiao Jing snorted and then said, “He’s either at the company or at home and never comes out to hang out. I didn’t recognize him when he met us the other day. Today, if he hadn’t called me, I wouldn’t have known he was the famous second son of the He Family!”

“He called you?” He Wanzhou asked with raised eyebrows. “Why?”

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