Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

Chapter 46 - Jealous Jingjing

Chapter 46: Jealous Jingjing

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Thanks to Tang Xi’s good memory, she quickly saved the phone numbers of the Xiao Family members in her cell phone, searched up their WeChat accounts via their numbers and added them as friends. To Tang Xi’s surprise, the first one to respond to her was the mysterious Xiao Yao whom she hadn’t seen since this morning.

Xiao Yao: ‘You’ve got a cell phone?’

Tang Xi raised her eyebrows and kept poking her fingers at the screen of her phone.

Tang Xiaoxiao: ‘Yes, I just sent my phone number to you.’

Xiao Yao: ‘Okay, I’ve saved it. Why did you take such a name?’

Tang Xi raised her eyebrows, glanced at her Internet name and found that Xiao Yao’s WeChat ID was Xiao Yao, and Xiao Sa’s was ‘Take You Fly’. Xiao Jing’s WeChat ID was hilarious—it was ‘A Handsome Landscape in the Xiao Family’. It was as if he feared others not knowing how handsome he was.

Xiao Hongli and Yang Jingxian both used normal Internet names, which were their own names.

Xiaoxiao made sense, but why did she use Tang?

In fact, Tang Xi happened to find that the acronyms of ‘Tang Xiao’ and ‘Tang Xi’ were both TX. However, she couldn’t explain the reason to Xiao Yao. Tang Xi thought about it and then typed a few words.

Tang Xiaoxiao: ‘Well, actually, I think I’d better not use my real name as my Internet name, in case people recognize me. By the way, Yao, I’m going to use the name Tang Xiao in the TV commercial. I really like the name.’

Xiao Yao: ‘Alright, it’s up to you. How did you do at school today?’

Tang Xi thought about whether she should tell him for a while, but still recounted what she did today to Xiao Yao, albeit euphemistically. After she finished, Xiao Yao didn’t reply to her, and she was a little nervous. To be honest, among her three brothers, she was most afraid of Xiao Yao, because she always had the feeling that he could see through her.

Tang Xiaoxiao: ‘Yao, what’s the matter?’

Xiao Yao: ‘I’m a little busy right now. I have to leave. Tell Sa and Jing, they did a good job today.’

Tang Xi blinked, and warmth welled up within her. Xiao Hongli and his family were so kind to her, and that was why she didn’t want to leave or hurt them. They were always considerate towards her.

Xiao Jing finished the formalities for Tang Xi only to find she was chatting happily with Xiao Sa. He scowled, came over and glared at Tang Xi, saying, “Let’s go, little idiot.”

Tang Xi stood up and slipped Xiao Jing the packing box. Xiao Jing was angry. “You darn girl, I bought you a cell phone and you can’t even take the packing box yourself?”

Tang Xi didn’t look up, but continued to poke her fingers at the screen of her phone. “I’m busy.”

“What are you busy doing?” Even though he swore at Tang Xi, he still carried the packing box for her.

Tang Xi smiled and asked Xiao Jing, “Will Sa go to the party tonight that you just mentioned?”

Xiao Jing was thinking jealously—humph, this darn girl, when she ran into trouble at school, the first one she turned to for help was not him, but Sa! And she only thought of him when she messed things up. He really should give her a lesson. At this thought, Xiao Jing asked sullenly, “Why did you call Sa over to your school?”

Tang Xi pursed her lips and told the truth, “My mind was playing tricks on me. I thought Sa was a trustee of our school, and those people also called Sa as President Xiao (Note: ‘Trustee’ and ‘President Xiao’ sound the same in Chinese), so I didn’t know I made a mistake. Then Sa reminded me and I knew you were a trustee of the school.”

“Humph, you like Sa so much?” Xiao Jing thought jealously. Clearly, he was more handsome and charming than Xiao Sa, but why was it that the first person who came to her mind was Xiao Sa instead of him? He was really pissed off!

Tang Xi hurriedly waved her hand and said, “Jing, you’re taking me wrong. Of course I like all of you. I just mistook you with Sa. I think I might’ve had a brain fart at the time, so Jing, don’t be angry anymore. Otherwise, I’ll be sad…”

Hearing this, Xiao Jing paused and then looked at Tang Xi speechlessly. “Where did you learn sophistry?”

If Tang Xi hadn’t worn a mask and a hat, Xiao Jing would have been able to see Tang Xi’s sly expression, and then he would have probably reached out his hand to rub her hair.

“What I said is true. You are all my brothers. Of course I like all of you very much,” Tang Xi said with a smile. “So, Jing, don’t ask me who I like more. You are equally important in my heart.”

Xiao Jing didn’t believe her. “Then why were you so happy when you heard Sa was going to attend the party this evening?”

Tang Xi looked up at Xiao Jing, held onto his arm with a chuckle and said, “That’s because I won’t be bored if he is around. If Jing were to be the only one with me, I’d be so bored while you’re talking or drinking with others! I don’t want to be so pathetic! But if both you and Sa are there, when you’re busy, Sa’ll be with me, and when Sa is busy, you can accompany me. I won’t be a transparent and pathetic wallflower then, right?”

Xiao Jing was rendered speechless by Tang Xi’s long speech. “Okay, okay, you’re right. Just forget it. Let’s go home and change, then go to the party together.”

Tang Xi nodded and sweetly dragged Xiao Jing towards the elevator.

She had never acted like this before, but she thought she was willing to change for her current family.

After going downstairs, Tang Xi suddenly thought of something. She chuckled, took off her hat and mask and looked at Xiao Jing pitifully, saying, “Brother, I still want a computer~ The courses at school are really hard. I want to review the lessons at night…”

Xiao Jing got goosebumps again. “Speak normally!”

Tang Xi stood upright and said seriously, “I want to buy a computer and learn how to use it, so that I won’t be cut off from society. Today, many of my classmates were talking about computers, so I think it is necessary for me to learn how to use one…”

More importantly, she wanted to try the all-purpose skill that 008 had gifted her. Since she planned to snatch away Xiao Jinning’s job opportunities with this name, Tang Xiao, she had to create a fake ‘Tang Xiao’!

Of course, she couldn’t do these things in Internet cafes, or with the Xiao brothers’ computers at home, so it was better for her to have her own computer.

In the end, Xiao Jing was dragged to a computer flagship store by Tang Xi. Tang Xi thought men were good at choosing computers, so she gave Xiao Jing full power to choose a computer for her. As she expected, Xiao Jing did the job well and chose a computer of extraordinary performance in only a few minutes.

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