Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

Chapter 36 - Story of Qiao Liang

Chapter 36: Story of Qiao Liang

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“So far, no one knows who holds the remaining 25 percent.”

Liu Chengyu fell silent. Every time a shareholder meeting was held, only the people here showed up, while the other shareholders never appeared, so he didn’t even know whether the 25% of the shares were held by one or several people.

He stood up, stared at Xiao Jing and said coldly, “Today I lost, but Xiao Jing, I hope you won’t regret what you did today!”

Xiao Jing sneered, “Yes, you lost, but I want to say the same thing to you.”

Liu Chengyu snorted and turned to walk outside. At this time, Qiao Liang suddenly said, “Wait a minute.”

Liu Chengyu stopped and looked back at Qiao Liang. “Anything else, President Qiao?”

Qiao Liang stood up slowly, his expression as cold as ever as he said, “Don’t you want to know who owns the remaining 25% shares? Let me tell you, it’s in my hands.”

As he said this, Qiao Liang walked towards the outside and his cold voice rang out, “I hope the school won’t hold a shareholders’ meeting for trivial matters such as firing a teacher in the future. If a principal can’t or dare not decide such things himself, he’d better quit his job!”

Qiao Liang’s figure had disappeared from the crowd’s sight, but they were still stunned at his words. Xiao Jing gaped for quite a while and said, “No wonder he wanted to come here with me.”

He had bought up shares of City A’s First High School without saying a word and kept it a secret to him!

Liu Chengyu felt deep embarrassment. He was certain that Qiao Liang had deliberately colluded with Xiao Jing in order to make him lose face in public! Thinking of this, Liu Chengyu wished he could rush out and punch Qiao Liang in the face.

Tang Xi stood there as if in thought for a moment before finally smiling. He was as surprising as he was before.

Due to the several hours’ delay in this matter coming to an end, it was time for lunch. Xiao Jing took Tang Xi out for dinner. Sitting in a restaurant, Tang Xi, not seeing Qiao Liang around, couldn’t help but ask Xiao Sa and Xiao Jing, “Where is Qiao Liang?”

Xiao Jing waved his hand casually as he answered, “He is going to the Pacific Ocean tomorrow. I think he is probably going back to the company to deal with his business. What do you want for lunch?”

Tang Xi randomly ordered two dishes, and Xiao Jing also ordered two. The siblings enjoyed a soup and three other courses.

Xiao Sa asked, “What’s he going to do in the Pacific?”

“Find someone.” Xiao Jing turned solemn as the subject turned to Qiao Liang. Cleaning the tableware with napkins for Tang Xi, he said, “It’s been more than a month yet he hasn’t given up. I wonder why he insisted on breaking up with her in the first place since he cares about her so much.”

Tang Xi felt her heart skip a beat upon hearing this. Who were they talking about? Her?

“Qiao Liang is still looking for her?” Xiao Sa didn’t mention a name. They didn’t do so as it concerned the heiress of Empire Group, which was why they did not dare to talk about her in public.

Xiao Jing sighed and nodded. “Yes, he could have overcome it, but why did he insist on breaking up with her? He is just torturing himself. Perhaps that woman has long forgotten him, while he, upon hearing that she had an accident, cast aside everything and started to look for her like crazy.”

Tang Xi’s heart ached when she heard this. Why had he wanted to break up with her?

She was always proud. When she heard him say that he wanted break up, she didn’t ask him why or investigate the reason herself, but instead said unyieldingly that she should be the one asking for a break up. And then she broke up with him and never contacted him. Despite missing him greatly, she never asked for them to make up!

Tang Xi took a sip of the tea poured by a waiter and asked in a seemingly nonchalant manner, “Jing, did the Qiao Family go through great changes?”

Xiao Jing took a look at Tang Xi and smiled cunningly. “Why do you suddenly care about these things?”

Tang Xi shrugged and said casually, “According to what you said about him, if it wasn’t for some big change, he wouldn’t have broken up with the woman he liked, would he?”

Although she looked relaxed, her hands were wet with sweat. She was afraid to hear something cruel, and she was afraid that she couldn’t accept the truth.

What happened in the Qiao Family was no secret in City A. But Qiao Liang… Xiao Jing was sure that his younger sister wouldn’t reveal what he told her, and he didn’t want to keep it to himself anymore. Besides, he could please his sister by telling this to her, so Xiao Jing decided to speak it out, “Yes, it was really a great change. That year, Qiao Liang was diagnosed with second stage HCC. Taking advantage of this chance, his father cooperated with outsiders to take power from him and tried to get the whole Qiao Family. And at that time, his mother was hit by the car driven by his father’s mistress and was paralyzed from the waist down. Qiao Liang thought he was going to die and didn’t want that woman to worry about him, so he asked for them to break up. However, it turned out that woman had been waiting to break up with him, and she immediately agreed. He was so despondent but still tried to fight back, risking his life. Finally, he managed to take back the Qiao Family, and then…”

Tang Xi couldn’t hear what Xiao Jing continued to say. She was pale-faced as Xiao Jing’s words echoed in her mind—he was diagnosed with liver cancer, his mother was paralyzed, his father betrayed him and his mother… and she was so cruel to him…

What did he go through? No wonder she found him so strange today…

Xiao Jing, finding her turn pale, called out to her with concern, “Rourou, are you ok?”

“Ah?” Recovering from her reverie, Tang Xi shook her head blankly and murmured, “No, I just didn’t know that as powerful as Qiao Liang is, he has suffered so many misfortunes before.”

Xiao Sa smiled and rubbed her hair. “Silly girl, it’s like an experience of nirvana to him. It’s because of those misfortunes that he achieved his current status. Now the Qiao Family is the only one that can rival Empire Group.”

Empire Group…

Tang Xi smiled. If he had so wished, as long as he had told her, Empire Group could have helped him get everything he desired, yet he chose to break up with her at his most difficult time, without asking for any help from Empire Group.

Had he been trying to prove to the world that he loved her, not the Empire Group behind her?

That was ridiculous! He had been about to die! Why didn’t he tell her about it? Didn’t he know that he would die with liver cancer?

“Maybe the woman loved him,” Xiao Jing suddenly said. “Because she loved him too much, she refused to listen to any news about him, and even ignored his subsequent pursuit and confession of love.”

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