Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

Chapter 37 - My Heart Aches for Prince Charming Qiao

Chapter 37: My Heart Aches for Prince Charming Qiao

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“Or maybe she didn’t love him at all, so she was indifferent to anything he did.” Xiao Jing smiled mockingly as he said, “Women are really cruel.”

Tang Xi didn’t know what to say. She had no idea back then that he had tried to make up with her, let alone been aware of his subsequent pursuit and confession of love. She didn’t even see him. Even though she hadn’t wanted to hear news of him, if he had gone to Empire Group to find her, she would have known about it!

Tang Xi tried to calm down and asked, “Did he chase after that woman again?”

A waiter came up to serve dishes at this time. While eating his food, Xiao Jing said, “Yes. He found that his physical condition wasn’t deteriorating after winning back Qiao’s Group, so he went to a hospital to check his body, and a doctor told him that his cancer cells had all died. Afterwards he took a thorough health check only to find that the cancer cells had appeared in his body because someone poisoned his food. And at that time, for some reason, the cancer cells had disappeared from his body! That’s why he wanted to find that woman, tell her the truth and that he wanted to make up with her, but she had someone tell him that she didn’t want to see him again and warned him to stop harassing her.

“As a proud man, pocketing his pride and begging her to make up with him was the very most he could manage. He certainly wouldn’t keep pestering her. That’s why despite being sad that the woman was so cruel to him, he didn’t go to find her again. But he had been paying close attention to her news—when he heard she was involved in an airplane crash, he put aside his business to search for that woman, even neglecting his mother who was in the sanatorium.”

Tang Xi felt her heart aching. She really hadn’t heard any news of him, and no one had ever told her that he had gone to Empire Group to find her!

Now she really wanted to ask Qiao Liang about it, or go back to Empire Group to find out who had played this trick between them and made them misunderstand each other so deeply!

She couldn’t do so, however, because now she was only a nobody. She couldn’t influence anyone and couldn’t even trigger a single emotion of Qiao Liang!

“So it seems that Qiao Liang is quite pitiful.” Tang Xi had no appetite at all, so she took a sip of soup. “But it’s possible that the woman had no idea that Qiao Liang went to see her.”

“That’s impossible! Qiao Liang was driven away at the door of her house. How could she not know of it?” Xiao Jing said indignantly. “I wish that Qiao Liang won’t find that woman. The things that Qiao Liang did for her were not worth it!”

Tang Xi felt a bit wronged. ‘Brother, do you know that you are speaking ill of me in front of my face? And I really didn’t know about it!’ Was he really driven away at the door of her house?

She really didn’t know anything about it, okay?

Being wronged, Tang Xi felt really bad, really, really bad! She wished she could rush up to Xiao Jing right away and explain, “It’s not me, it’s not me, I really don’t know anything about it!” but she couldn’t.

Tang Xi tried to suppress her emotions and sighed. “So Qiao Liang is going to find her tomorrow?”

Xiao Jing nodded, but then came to a sudden stop before giving a dangerous look at Tang Xi and asking fiercely, “Rourou, why do you care so much about Qiao Liang? I tell you, don’t have a crush on him! I warn you, from what I know about him, even if that woman did die in the Pacific Ocean, even if he sees her dead body with his own eyes, he will not fall in love with anyone else, you know?”

Tang Xi paused, and her nose was a little sour as she asked, “Does he really love her that much?”

But why didn’t she feel it before?

Xiao Jing hesitated upon seeing her eyes turn red, but he still decided to stop her from doing something stupid. “Yes, he loves her that much. No matter how much that woman hurt him, he still loves her that much!”

Tang Xi nodded. “I know. I didn’t know that Qiao Liang was such a single-minded person.”

Xiao Sa smiled and reached over with his chopsticks to refill Tang Xi’s bowl. “The more heartless a man is, the more loving he can be. But he’ll give all his love to one person and turn a blind eye to anyone else, so their love will hurt others. Rourou, Qiao Liang is a very excellent man, but he will hurt you. Please don’t let yourself get hurt. We don’t want to see that happen, you know?”

Tang Xi stared at him blankly and suddenly realized that they were misunderstanding her; they had to be thinking that Xiao Rou was attracted to Qiao Liang.

Seeing that she could not manage a response in a short time, Xiao Jing said, “I know that for you, Qiao Liang is almost a god, and you even take him as your prince charming, but Rourou, I have to tell you—if you fall in love with Qiao Liang, you will be hurt.

“So you can’t fall for him, understand?”

Tang Xi suddenly laughed and said, “Sa, Jing, you guys are taking me wrong! I was simply moved by Qiao Liang. I won’t fall in love with a man I met for the first time.”

She clenched her fists. She knew that she wouldn’t be hurt because Qiao Liang would never hurt her. From their words, she knew that it was impossible for Qiao Liang to hurt her, because he couldn’t bear hurting her.

Xiao Jing was immediately relieved and said, “Oh. Then couldn’t you have not worn that spoony look while listening to his story? I almost had a heart attack!”

Tang Xi chuckled and put down her chopsticks. “Sa, Jing, thank you two for today. I’ll go back to class. I was absent from class the whole morning. I’m afraid I’ll lose the bet with Sa.”

“Lose?” Xiao Sa snorted and joked, “This is just the first day. It seems that you have lost at the starting line.”

Tang Xi grimaced at Xiao Sa. “It’s just an accident. No one would have expected a teacher to be jealous of my beauty and try to frame me! But thank you for helping me out today.”

Xiao Jing suddenly stopped Tang Xi, asking, “Rourou, why did you turn to Sa and me for help?”

From what he knew of kids like Xiao Rou, when these kinds of incidents occurred, they would try to solve it themselves without bothering their family, and wouldn’t tell anyone even when scolded by a teacher. While he knew that his baby sister was not a pushover, he still couldn’t figure out why she had acted as she did.

Tang Xi smiled and said, “Why wouldn’t I turn to my backer for help since I have one.”

What she knew best since her childhood was that power was meant to be used.

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