Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

Chapter 35 - I'm Sure You'll Be Disappointed

Chapter 35: I’m Sure You’ll Be Disappointed

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Liu Chengyu frowned. From Xiao Rou’s words, he could tell that this matter was not simple.

There was a good chance that this matter had something to do with him, but Xiao Rou wasn’t telling him the truth. Since she wasn’t telling him, Xiao Jinning was even less likely to do so, so he had to find out the so-called truth himself.

“Okay. In that case, Ms. Cao’s future shall be decided by the one with the final say,” Liu Chengyu said coldly. The situation was not favorable for him. He was literally besieged on all sides because there were not only the Xiao brothers, but also Qiao Liang.

Was there anyone who dared ignore Qiao Liang’s words?

That being the case, he was better off fighting a quick battle to force a quick decision.

“Okay,” said Xiao Jing without a hint of tension on his face. Tang Xi frowned, approached him and whispered, “Jing, did you buy some shares from others on your way here?”

Xiao Jing raised his eyebrows and lowered his voice to ask her, “How do you know this?”

“Because you look so confident.” Tang Xi smiled and felt relieved. She just wanted Xiao Jinning’s accomplices to suffer and didn’t care who gave her face or helped her.

Was she so upright? Of course not!

“Since I currently hold the most shares of City A’s First High School, I declare that Ms. Cao will not leave the school and will continue to serve as the head teacher of the Experimental Class of Grade One.” After saying this, Liu Chengyu gave Xiao Jing a scornful look and sniffed. “President Xiao, do you have any comments?”

Relieved to hear this, Ms. Cao sneered secretly. No matter how presumptuous Xiao Rou was, she just couldn’t drive her out of the school. She felt lucky that Miss Xiao’s fiance had turned up at the right time.

President Liu was really nice to Miss Xiao.

Tang Xi looked up and spotted the look on Ms. Cao’s face. She smiled coldly in her heart and lowered her head, as if nothing had happened.

“Well.” Xiao Jing nodded, his eyes full of sarcasm, and he gave a faint smile. “I’m sorry, but since just a second ago, you no longer hold the most shares.”

Saying this, Xiao Jing took a look at the Patek Philippe watch on his wrist and stood up. Just then, the door of the conference room was pushed open as a bespectacled thirty-some man entered. He looked at Xiao Jing, who nodded to him, then he went straight to the stage, turned on the projector and said, “Excuse me, everybody, I am Lawyer Qiu Zhiming. Today I’m here to submit the share transfer book of City A’s First High School to Mr. Xiao Jing, as entrusted by Mr. Zhang Mingtao and Mr. Wang Zhihe, which has been notarized in the notary office. Please have a look.”

Liu Chengyu’s face suddenly changed. Looking at the share transfer book displayed by the projector, he shot to his feet and stared grimly at Xiao Jing. “President Xiao, for a woman, you really do a lot!”

Xiao Jing shrugged and a cold gleam flickered across his eyes. He sat back in his seat, looked at Liu Chengyu with a faint smile and said coldly, “Liu Chengyu, what do you mean by ‘for a woman’? She is the apple of our eye, the baby girl of our family and the beloved sister of us brothers. We’ll do anything for her. Do you understand?”

His last few words were directed towards everyone in the meeting room.

At this moment, Qiu Zhiming spoke up again with a smile, “Since Mr. Zhang Mingtao and Mr. Wang Zhihe transferred five percent of the shares to Mr. Xiao Jing, he now owns 40 percent of the shares of this school.”

Xiao Jing chuckled and looked up at Liu Chengyu, who looked sullen. “Did you hear that? From now on, I’m the one with the final say.” He then scowled, glanced at Ms. Cao, who was looking even more embarrassed due to the sudden change, and he said coldly, “I hereby declare that Cao Aiqian is fired from City A’s First High School for abusing students and taking bribes, and she’ll never be hired by our school again!”

Xiao Jing went up to Qiu Zhiming, took the file from his hand and threw it onto the conference table.

The principal picked up the file and took a look at it. He then jerked his head up at Cao Aiqian in shock and shouted angrily, “Ms. Cao, you!”

Collapsing onto her chair, Ms. Cao knew that her career as a teacher was over.

She had taken many bribes from the parents of students, but she thought that no one would know about those things since the parents did it secretly. Where had Xiao Jing found the evidence?

Xiao Jing looked at Ms. Cao coldly and asked, “Cao Aiqian, what else do you have to say? Or do you want to explain this?”

He then threw another file to Liu Chengyu and sneered, “This is Cao Aiqian’s call record from this morning. I got it from the telecommunication company. The audio recording is also in it. Have a listen, and then you’ll know whether your fiance is really innocent or not!”

Liu Chengyu looked at the phone numbers on the file only to find that the phone number of Xiao Jinning’s agent, Yao Na, was included among them. He threw the call record onto the conference table and snorted. “Yes, Yao Na called Ms. Cao, but she didn’t necessarily represent Jinning. Yao Na is an adult, an independent person!”

Xiao Jing smiled. “Whatever. Believe it or not, it’s your business.” He then paused before saying, “Now, Mr. Liu, you have no say in this matter. I’m going to fire her.”

Hearing his words, Tang Xi really admired Xiao Jing. No wonder he could be Qiao Liang’s good friend. Even though he looked dandiacal and seemed to care about nothing, and despite people even saying that he had no ability, he was actually quite sophisticated. On the way here, he had considered many possibilities and then bought the shares from other shareholders in the shortest possible time. He had even collected the bribery evidence related to Ms. Cao within such a short time, and checked Ms. Cao’s call records so as to sow discord between Liu Chengyu and Xiao Jinning.

His sophistication really impressed her.

Liu Chengyu immediately took out the phone and called his assistant. “Give me a list of the shareholders of City A’s First High School.”

For some reason, he didn’t want to admit defeat in the face of Xiao Rou. He just didn’t want to appear incompetent. Seeing his behavior, Xiao Jing sneered, “Mr. Liu, I believe you will be disappointed.”

Liu Chengyu soon received a document. Liu Chengyu read it and then called his assistant again, asking, “Who owns the remaining 25% shares?”

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