Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

Chapter 34 - Cold Prince Charming Qiao

Chapter 34: Cold Prince Charming Qiao

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Some people said that Qiao Liang was a very cold, bloodthirsty person, because he didn’t even spare his own father’s life, while others said he was a very successful person, because those standing at the top of the food chain didn’t need affection.

Everyone put their eyes on Qiao Liang and Liu Chengyu. They thought that no matter how powerful Qiao Liang was, he would show some respect to Liu’s Group. Just now, Liu Chengyu didn’t greet him in his own name, but in the name of “Liu’s Group”.

Everyone was wondering how Qiao Liang would react. Would he be friendly towards Liu’s Group, or just ignore Liu Chengyu?

Qiao Liang’s response was both as expected and unexpected by everyone.

He took a look at Liu Chengyu, nodded in greeting and then walked straight to Tang Xi.

Seeing him coming towards her step by step, Tang Xi felt her heart pound. He wouldn’t recognize her, would he? She had disguised herself well, so she was sure that he would never recognize her. At this moment, she had a little monster living in her heart. The little monster was yelling in bewilderment, hoping yet fearing that Qiao Liang would recognize her.

Qiao Liang finally stopped in front of Tang Xi, then looked at Xiao Jing with a frown. “Is she Xiao Rou?”

While Xiao Jing had told him on the way that Xiao Rou was different now, he didn’t expect for her to have changed so greatly. Qiao Liang had a very good memory, but he would only remember people and things that he was willing to remember. As for those he wasn’t, he would immediately remove the related memories out of his brain like throwing away garbage. When he needed to remember them, however, he would quickly pick those memories up from his brain’s ‘trash bin’. Just now, when he saw Tang Xi, he immediately recalled what Tang Xi looked like in the sanatorium.

Although Xiao Rou was fair-skinned at the time, she was completely a different person from the woman before his eyes.

Tang Xi’s heart was pounding hard. Last time they had merely caught a glimpse of each other, but today he stood in front of her, looking at her in such a way that she could not escape from his presence.

That was how it used to be—he could see right through her at a single glance.

Xiao Jing said something. Tang Xi didn’t hear his words, and only saw Qiao Liang nod and say, “She really looks like…”

‘Looks like whom? Tang Xi? Did you finally find out?’

“Look like what?” Xiao Jing asked the question in Tang Xi’s mind.

Qiao Liang looked away from Tang Xi and said indifferently, “Like a high school student aged fifteen or sixteen.”

Disappointed that he didn’t recognize her, Tang Xi suppressed the bitterness in her heart and forced a smile as she asked, “Is Aunt Qiao all right?”

Qiao Liang narrowed his eyes and suddenly stared at Tang Xi. Tang Xi was surprised; what was up with him?

She coughed, clenched her fists to cheer herself on and then looked up at Qiao Liang. “Last time, I said I would go over to accompany Aunt Qiao for a chat, but then I realized that I forgot to ask for her contact information.”

Qiao Liang’s face gradually turned cold. “I’ll send someone to pick you up on Saturday. My mother misses you very much.”

Tang Xi nodded with a smile.

Liu Chengyu rarely got off his high horse to brown nose someone, yet Qiao Liang merely gave him the cold shoulder. Besides, it seemed that the girl he cared about had a good relationship with Qiao Liang, and even the hostess of the Qiao Family, so he narrowed his eyes and said in a cold voice, “President Xiao, aren’t you going to settle this matter?”

Xiao Sa glanced at him before telling Xiao Jing about the situation. Xiao Jing raised his eyebrows and looked at Liu Chengyu with a faint smile as he said, “President Liu, don’t worry. Let’s go to the conference room. After all, there are so many people here.”

Tang Xi didn’t want to go with them, but Xiao Jing didn’t want her to stay somewhere they couldn’t see, so he pushed her into the conference room. Qiao Liang also followed after them. Even if he was not a shareholder of this school, he was a distinguished guest and no one dared to drive him away. After a while, having heard the news regarding this event, the principal also arrived. Seeing the Xiao brothers and the most powerful man in City A, Qiao Liang, sitting in the conference room, he hurriedly came forward and apologized, “I’m sorry, everyone. The school just opened and we have a lot of things to deal with. I just heard you came here. Excuse me for not coming out to meet you!”

“It’s alright,” Xiao Jing interrupted. “Since you are here, you can see if there is anything wrong with my sister’s clothes today.”

The moment the principal came in, he had noticed the girl sitting beside Xiao Jing. In order not to annoy the Xiao brothers, he had not dared to take a close look at her, but now upon hearing Xiao Jing’s words, he carefully looked at Tang Xi up and down. Thinking of what a teacher had reported to him just moments before, he scolded Ms. Cao in his heart. Look at what she had done! She made big trouble for him and gave him a hard nut to crack. The student didn’t overdress at all!

She was simply too beautiful.

Hating to be stared at in such a manner, Tang Xi looked up at the principal. The sharp gleam in her eyes surprised him. Why did this girl have such sharp eyes? She only sat there yet gave off a sense of pressure. He had seen numerous people at his age, but he had never seen such a special girl before.

He hurriedly wiped the sweat from his forehead and said carefully, “No, no, this student is dressed very formally. There is nothing wrong with her clothes.”

Tang Xi pursed her lips, withdrew her gaze and lowered her head as if in thought.

Xiao Jing looked at Liu Chengyu with a sneer. “President Liu, any more words? Will President Liu let a teacher who insults her student continue to stay in the school just to defend your fiance?”

Liu Chengyu frowned and said, “I didn’t say I wanted to keep this teacher, but it concerns my fiance’s reputation. If you just fire this teacher, wouldn’t that be like confirming the charge against my fiance?”

Tang Xi sneered in her heart, and casually raised her eyes to look at Liu Chengyu as she said, “Mr. Liu, your fiance must be very happy to know that you are trying so hard to defend her.”

Liu Chengyu was delighted that she talked to him; however, he felt slightly uncomfortable upon hearing her words, so he said coldly, “Miss Xiao Rou, while I don’t know what happened between you and Jinning, she never spoke ill of you. She always said nice things about you instead. Why do you affirm that she tried to hurt you?”

“Haha, so you mean I have a persecution complex?” Tang Xi supported her chin with one hand and looked at Liu Chengyu with a sarcastic smile as she continued, “But I don’t want to tell you why I’m sure it’s Xiao Jinning, because I think it might be more fun if you find out the truth yourself.”

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