Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

Chapter 33 - Here Came Prince Charming Qiao

Chapter 33: Here Came Prince Charming Qiao

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If this was the case, then there wouldn’t be an absolute chance of victory even if Xiao Jing came. Tang Xi fell into thought for a moment before winking at Xiao Sa. Seeing this, Xiao Sa shot a dark look at Liu Chengyu and then hurriedly went over to Tang Xi. “What’s the matter, Rourou?”

Tang Xi’s skin was particularly bright and white due to the Refine Facial Treatment Essence and the effect of the system. At this time, she looked especially pitiful because her eyes had turned red after crying. When Xiao Sa saw her like this, he turned his head and glared at Liu Chengyu again.

Liu Chengyu, however, didn’t notice Xiao Sa at all. His eyes were fixed on Tang Xi, and he suddenly felt very excited. Why did he want to make her his own girl?

The last time he saw her at the party, she was like a noble queen, standing on the stage and looking down on all other beings. She was so enchanting that people would want to grovel at her feet, but today she was like an innocent little princess; her face, without any makeup, was fair-complexioned, her facial features were delicate and beautiful, and her red eyes presented a sharp contrast with her white cheeks. As she was talking with Xiao Sa, her cherry red lips moved, making people go off into wild flights of fancy. She seemed so delicate and fragile that people would want to protect her.

She was a little different from the last time he saw her, but he couldn’t tell exactly which parts were different, and to tell the truth, he didn’t quite remember what Xiao Rou looked like at the dinner party, and he just wanted to carve her present image into his mind.

Tang Xi was asking Xiao Sa about the shares Liu Chengyu and Xiao Jing respectively held in this school, but Liu Chengyu’s eyes were so eager that she couldn’t help but take a look at him. Glanced at by her, Liu Chengyu felt his heart beat faster. Even an unintentional glance of hers could make him fascinated head over heels.

When Liu Chengyu stepped forward and was about to speak to Tang Xi, Xiao Sa glared at him, pulled Tang Xi behind him and said in a low voice, “Girl, do you know that a single glance of yours will drive all men crazy? Why did you look at Liu Chengyu like that?”

Tang Xi was baffled. She didn’t do anything! She just looked back at him because she wasn’t used to being stared at all the time!

Being aware of his sister’s charm, Xiao Sa didn’t blame her anymore and merely slewed his head round to glare at Liu Chengyu. “Liu Chengyu, behave yourself!”

Liu Chengyu also realized that his behavior was improper, so he tried to suppress the impulse in his heart, went to the sofa and sat down, no longer looking at Tang Xi.

Xiao Sa turned back to look at Tang Xi, who shrugged innocently. “It’s not my fault.”

Xiao Sa was angry. “From now on, you shall go to school with a mask and hat and not show anyone your face!”

God, if Mom would agree, he even wanted to keep his sister at home all day long. It was really, really annoying that his gorgeous sister came to school to study but ended up being harassed by men! In particular, it seemed that the school was full of evil-intentioned men—his sister would be devoured alive if she kept staying here!

Tang Xi didn’t worry at all. She burst into laughter upon hearing Xiao Sa’s words. “Brother, is that necessary?”

Although Xiao Rou was becoming more and more beautiful now, she still couldn’t be compared with her previous self. Even back then she hadn’t gone to school with a mask, so it was simply too much for her to do it now. Besides, this was a school, so it was totally unnecessary to put so much pressure on her.

“It’s absolutely necessary. Can you prove that you won’t be harassed?” Xiao Sa stared at Xiao Rou and wondered if he should find a way to arrange some bodyguards for her…

The teachers in the office were all speechless at him. They had seen some brothers who ardently loved their sisters, but they had never seen a man with such a sister-complex before! Did this guy have a crush on his sister?

Tang Xi finally convinced Xiao Sa and made him give up the crazy idea by threatening that she would get angry.

After a while, Xiao Jing arrived. To Tang Xi’s surprise, Qiao Liang had come with him.

Tang Xi was stunned for a short while, but soon returned to normal. As soon as Xiao Jing came in, he hurried to check Tang Xi’s body. “Baby, were you injured? Let me have a look. Do you feel wronged?”

Warmth welled up in Tang Xi’s heart. “No, I don’t. With you here, I won’t be wronged. I know you won’t let me be wronged.”

Xiao Jing was quite glad to hear that. He hugged Tang Xi to comfort her and said firmly, “Yes, I’ll never let you be wronged! Whoever hurt you must pay a debt one hundred times greater!”

No one paid attention to them, however, because Qiao Liang’s appearance caused a stir in the whole school the moment he came into the office, or to be exact, walked into the school. Now the entrance to the office was crowded with people, and the teachers and directors in the office were all talking to Qiao Liang.

However, Qiao Liang just stood in the middle of the crowd and kept silent no matter what they said to him. If they hadn’t seen him coming in with Xiao Jing, they would have thought him a statue.

Liu Chengyu didn’t expect that Qiao Liang would come with Xiao Jing. Thinking of Qiao Liang’s identity, he got up and went to greet him. “President Qiao, hello. I am Liu Chengyu of Liu’s Group.”

The Qiao Family, listed among the top four families of City A, was a very powerful family. However, because of the internal strife a few years ago, it was greatly weakened. When everyone thought the Qiao Family would gradually disappear, however, the new head of the family, Qiao Liang, revitalized the Qiao Family with the abruptness of a thunderbolt, and just after a year, the Qiao Family became ranked among the top of the four families!

Liu’s Group had a lot of money compared with the Xiao Family; however, it couldn’t be compared with the top four families, nor could it establish a relationship with a family like the Qiao Family! Besides, Qiao Liang was secretive in his movements and as such, many people rarely saw him.

Although news related to him was reported frequently on TV, only the photos he took when he just became the head of the Qiao Family were available. People still remembered how he cleaned up the hidden traitors of the Qiao Family, drove away his father and his father’s mistress, and made Qiao’s International Group the No.1 enterprise of City A again. He was simply a legend of City A.

Therefore, many people didn’t call him Qiao Liang or President Qiao, but Prince Charming Qiao instead. Prince Charming had become a synonym for him.

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