Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Well-behaved Like A Shocked Kitten

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Bo Jinchuan had both hands in the suit’s pockets, his posture tall as he stood there, his eyes landing on the sleepy face of Shen Fanxing.

Shen Fanxing deemed it strange to talk across the door.

Since they were there, she invited them in.

She opened the door subconsciously.

Seeing this, the coldness in Bo Jinchuan’s voice seemed to deepen.

Not understanding why, Shen Fanxing thought it was ridiculous.

He appeared out of nowhere to glare at her.

Bo Jinchuan did not reply and Shen Fanxing directed her gaze to Yu Song.

It was all momentary.

But Yu Song could feel something was amiss. Seeing the moving of her lips, he hurried up and showed her the two bags he was carrying.

“Ms Shen, we…”

Before Yu Song even finished his sentence, Mr Bo strode up to Shen Fanxing, his eyes sharp as an eagle’s.

Taken aback, Shen Fanxing backstepped.

In the end, Bo Jinchuan entered the house and grabbed her wrist, his other hand wrapped around her waist as she pulled into his embrace, instantly surrounded by his fragrance.

She struggled but heard Yu Song’s hesitant call of “Master”… thereafter she heard the closing of the door.

Shen Fanxing shook and she felt the paralysis of her body.

Yu Song touched his nose as he nearly cried out in pain.

This sudden transition of Master… what happened?

The duo was silent for a while. Bo Jinchuan lowered his gaze to the woman who was in his embrace. Her expression could not be seen as her face was buried in his chest. Her pompous hair gave off a sweet-smelling fragrance.

She was like a well-behaved cat who had a shock, not daring to move an inch.

This was when Bo Jinchuan reduced the coldness reflected from his eyes.

This woman was nice to hug, but she was too skinny.

The being in his embrace moved a little and Bo Jinchuan lowered his head to look at her.

After testing Bo Jinchuan’s reaction and feeling the calming of a storm, Shen Fanxing deemed it okay to struggle out of his embrace.

Though Bo Jinchuan was a little reluctant, he agreed to let go of her.

Shen Fanxing took two steps back to have a little distance away from him.

The usually calm demeanour was gone as there were elements of rare shyness and panic on her face. She quickly swept her hair behind her ears with her slender and fair hand.

The lighting in the room was not bad and Bo Jinchuan could even see the tiny hairs on her ears.

“…What are you doing?” asked Shen Fanxing after she was done adjusting herself.

Bo Jinchuan lowered his head and stared at her; his lips moved.

“I want to have lunch with you.”

Surprised, Shen Fanxing recalled the conversation they had.

“Didn’t you say you were busy?”

“Yes, I am busy but I came.”

His voice remained calm.

Bo Jinchuan continued looking at her, his eyes hawk-like.

The neckline of her nightgown was slightly big, showing off her fair collarbone. When she turned her head, one could see the beautifully-crafted shape of her mandible.

His eyes darkened.

She had no idea how alluring she was, and to think this state was seen by Yu Song.

His chest felt slightly heavy, contemplating whether to dig Yu Song’s eyes out.

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