Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Have You Felt My Sincerity

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His chest felt slightly heavy, contemplating whether to dig Yu Song’s eyes out.

Outside Shen Fanxing’s unit, Yu Song suddenly sneezed without any omen.

Watching Bo Jinchuan’s dashing face, Shen Fanxing gave a faint laugh.

“Is this you emphasizing your sincerity?”

Tracing the smile of Shen Fanxing, Bo Jinchuan’s dark orbs went a shade darker.

He closed the distance between them, his suit showing off his slender figure, his fragrance—regardless of which kind—immensely alluring.

Shen Fanxing shifted to the side subconsciously, but Bo Jinchuan reached out and trapped her to the wall.

He bent down towards her. With his dashing features near, she could feel the excruciating pressure of his presence.

Shen Fanxing straightened her back, which was practically glued to the wall already.

His face stopped a few inches away from hers, where she could obviously feel his breathing.

“So you have felt my sincerity.”

His tone was meant to be questioning, but it came out as a statement.

“Don’t you think our proximity is too close for opposite genders?”

Shen Fanxing did not answer his question as her thoughts would be disrupted if he closed the distance more.

“We’re not any ordinary people of opposite genders. I’m pursuing you.”

“It’s only a pursuit. I don’t think this basis justifies our situation now,” said Shen Fanxing with a serious expression on her beautiful-looking face.

Bo Jinchuan shook his head and responded, “I think this is good, given we’re at the stage of holding hands.”

“…” Shen Fanxing was tired of this.

Then, Bo Jinchuan kept his hands and straightened his body, the pressurizing feeling dissipated instantly.

“Don’t worry. I won’t do anything to you since I’m still pursuing you.”

He halted and his gaze swept past Shen Fanxing’s body, his voice low when he spoke, “You, go and change or the stage of pursuit would be over.”

Shen Fanxing lowered her head, where she could see large portions of her fair skin being exposed.

Her face showed awkwardness as she turned and walked into her bedroom.

Seeing that she had entered the bedroom, that was when he turned and opened the door.

Yu Song came in and said, “Master.”

Bo Jinchuan reached out to take the bags from Yu Song, then he coldly ordered, “Go and buy thirty pounds of onions.”


“Mince them and show it to me after an hour.”


Yu Song was lost but he only got the closing of the door after as a response.

Yu Song blinked emotionlessly.

He had no choice, but the thought of chopping thirty onions was enough to make him suffer.

Why did Master want him to do this?!

When Shen Fanxing came out changed, Bo Jinchuan happened to be taking off his suit.

She heard from Qingzhi once that the most alluring moment of a man was not when he appeared naked in front of you, but when he was taking off and wearing his shirt.

Smiling in response, she did not think much of this then.

But now, it was definitely an enjoyable moment as she watched the man take off his suit in front of her.

He lay the suit on the sofa. Then, he went on to remove the exquisite watch on his wrist before removing his tie.

The series of actions were all indicative of this man’s charisma. Yet, it was then that the man’s tie got problematic…

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