Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Was She Detested?

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Shen Fanxing hung up and gave a long breath out. Speaking to Bo Jinchuan was too tiring.

She did not think she was stupid. In fact, it was quite a feat for her to have survived the treacherous business circle of deception and vested interests.

How was it possible that her brain ceased to work in front of Bo Jinchuan.

She had been waiting for the phone call before she slept. No matter what the content was, now that the call had ended, she felt a sense of hollowness.

What kind of feeling was that?

She had no idea.

It seemed like she really could not have any time off.

For being busy kept the feeling of emptiness away, having time off… made her realise she did not have anything.

Such a feeling of emptiness was not good.

She took a deep breath and walked out of the bedroom, turning the tv on to watch the news.

They were utterly boring.

That was when she felt sleepy again, even though she had just woken up.

If not for the sound of the doorbell, she would have slept again.

But, who would come at this time?

Who would seek her now?


She knew that she was overwrought with work. A call would be the most she could do now.

Did the person knock on the wrong door?

After ruffling her hair, she brought—

When she opened the door doubtfully, she was shocked to see the knocker.

Yu Song carried two bags containing green items, seemingly vegetables and fruits.

He looked at her and smiled tensely. This made Shen Fanxing a little uncomfortable,

as he had always been always emotionless during the last few meetings.

That was the first time she had seen him smile, making it hard not to reciprocate.

Yet, there were lots that Yu Song could not express verbally.

Before he came, he had already thrown the thought—that Master could not get a girlfriend with his actions—away.

He was wrong!

How wrong could he be!

There was nothing that could be impossible for Master.

He was just too indifferent in the past.

Even though Ms Shen was not an easy target, given Master’s ‘attacks’, it would not be long before he would have the beauty in his hands.

Even a man like him almost got touched by Master’s actions for the past two days.

Seeing that look of strangeness on the future CEO Madam’s face, Yu Song could only nod his head awkwardly and respectfully said,

“Good afternoon, Ms Shen.”

Shen Fanxing felt awkward too, but she nodded her head politely.

Then, she directed her gaze slowly to—

Bo Jinchuan’s tall and slender body stood outside. His expensive suit brought out his noble elegance and his sternness was brought out by his status.

He had no emotions or warmth on his face, his eyes unreadable.

Only that there seemed to be some ripples rising within his eyes.

With regard to Bo Jinchuan’s presence, Shen Fanxing was surprised.

There was an element of coldness in his eyes and Shen Fanxing’s heart sank.

What did she do?

Why did he look at her in this manner?

She suddenly had an unspeakable feeling.

Was she being detested?

“Why’re you here?” asked Shen Fanxing.

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