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Chapter 999 - not willing to admit defeat

Chapter 999: Chapter 999-not willing to admit defeat

The two sickle-like claws on the mutated Mantis beast’s arms were waving with all its might, emitting a loud whistling sound. It wanted to directly cut the giant mutated crocodile into two halves and turn it into dregs in a second!

A few loud clangs were heard, followed by a huge explosion in the surroundings!

Two deep and long wounds appeared on the giant mutated crocodile’s head. It was a terrifying sight!

When they saw this scene, many of the mutated beasts couldn’t help but widen their eyes in shock. They stared at the scene in a daze, unable to come back to their senses for a long time!

When the gods fight, the fish in the moat will be implicated!

Now, if they intended to rush over and snatch the spiritual fruit, they might not have such a good opportunity to snatch it. They might even be bitten to death by them!

After all, although D-class exotic beasts and F-Class exotic beasts didn’t seem to be much different, in truth, the relationship between F-Class and E-Class exotic beasts was already very different!

There was a huge difference in their strength. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that an E-Class beast could directly devour an F-Class beast, let alone a mutated beast two levels higher than them.

In addition, they had just witnessed such a shocking scene. It indeed shocked many of the mutated beasts lurking in the surroundings, waiting for an opportunity to make a move!

Therefore, many mutated beasts had already begun to sneak down the mountain. They didn’t want to lose their lives here in order to fight for the fruit. It wasn’t worth it.

When the gray-haired man saw this, he couldn’t help but shake his head. His face was filled with helplessness as he sighed,””Hehe, I didn’t expect this Mantis-like exotic beast to be so powerful.”

“That’s right. He was clearly at a disadvantage just now. Now, he’s suddenly riding the wind. He’s really powerful. He does have some skills.”

Even Jonina couldn’t help but say this, and Zhou Hao’s face broke into a smile.

He shook his head indifferently, then slowly opened his mouth and said,””Just wait and see. It’s still not certain who will win or lose.”

After he said that, Jonina and the gray-haired man were both surprised.

Before they could ask anything, they saw a flash of ruthlessness in the eyes of the giant crocodile.

It didn’t expect that the mutated Mantis-like exotic beast would suddenly turn around and attack it.

Moreover, his methods were ruthless and vicious, and he didn’t show any signs of mercy!

A look of disdain appeared on the Mantis-like beast’s face. It immediately sped forward, and when it looked at the mutated crocodile-like exotic beast in front of it again, a hint of slyness flashed in its eyes.

It knew that the mutated crocodile-like exotic beast hadn’t used all of its strength. Therefore, what it needed to do now was to preserve its strength!

Moreover, it was no longer willing to get close to the small pool, because the strength of the giant mutated crocodile near the small pool was several times higher than its own. Once it got close, it would definitely be killed by the giant mutated crocodile in seconds!

At that time, he was afraid that he would not be able to do anything to the giant crocodile.


When the mutated Mantis beast in the distance realized that the giant crocodile beast was not easy to deal with, it was not ready to fight it head-on. Instead, it went straight for the spiritual fruit.

The giant mutated crocodile was not to be outdone. It crawled back to the small pool closest to the spirit fruit and lurked, ready to seize the opportunity to bite the mutated Mantis beast again. In this way, it could deal with the mutated beast.


In the distance, there were many exotic beasts who weren’t afraid of death. Each and every one of them was already rapidly approaching the shore, constantly drawing closer. They also wanted to snatch the food from the Tiger’s mouth and fight for a bit of it.

The mutated Mantis-like exotic beast turned around and glanced at the exotic beasts that were chasing after it. A disdainful look immediately appeared on its face.

They were just a bunch of F-Class monsters of the lowest level. Now, they actually dared to come here and fight for the spiritual fruit. They were simply tired of living!

The mutated Mantis-like exotic beast directly cut down several F-Class exotic beasts with a single slash, scaring many of them so much that they turned around and fled in panic, quickly running down the mountain.

However, the exotic beasts running toward them were too fast, and there were too many of them. The mutated Mantis-like exotic beast was the only one who could still maintain its calm in the face of the sea of attacks from these mutated exotic beasts!

At the same time!

In the distance, a series of violent ‘da da da’ sounds suddenly came.

It was the sound of a helicopter rapidly approaching!

Zhou Hao was the first to hear the voice. He frowned and followed the voice, looking in the direction of the voice.

Sure enough, a helicopter appeared behind the clouds at an extremely fast speed. It was rapidly approaching them at an extremely fast speed!

When he saw this scene, Zhou Hao’s face suddenly froze, and his eyes were filled with surprise. He looked into the distance in confusion, and his breathing began to become rapid.

“Someone is here. It seems that they are also here for the spiritual fruit.”

Zhou Hao’s words made both Jonina and Zhou Hao’s faces tense up.

They hesitantly looked in the direction of the sound and immediately saw that something was wrong in the distance.

When they realized that something unusual had happened, their expressions suddenly became extremely panicked and helpless. Their faces were filled with shock and disbelief. Their eyes were filled with shock as they looked at the scene in a daze.

“My God, so many people are fighting for the spiritual fruit. What should we do …”

Jonina was extremely nervous. She looked worriedly at the helicopter that was rapidly flying towards them in the air. It was only then that she realized that something was wrong. She was so nervous that her breathing started to Quicken. Even her scalp was constantly tingling.

“Don’t be nervous. They’re just people. We can easily destroy them.”

The gray-haired man chuckled and then said proudly,””I didn’t sense any spiritual Qi in their bodies at all. They don’t have any strength either. They should just be a group of ordinary people.”

This world was different from the time they had been in before.

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