Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 1000 - -multiple parties engaged

Chapter 1000: Chapter 1000-multiple parties engaged

Previously, humans could also cultivate. Zhou Hao had reached the fifth stage Saint level, while Qiao Nina and the gray-haired man were already at the seventh stage realm.

Although they also relied on these advanced things as auxiliary tools to kill exotic beasts …

For example, swords, Spears, halberds, Gatling cannons, and so on. However, under extreme conditions, if they didn’t have any weapons with them, they could also use these things to make a final battle. These were all easy things.

However, in this world, without the help of external equipment, it was impossible for these humans to do this.

They didn’t even have an aircraft, and they had to rely on helicopters to explore Mount Kunlun. Wasn’t that enough to explain everything?

At the thought of this, Zhou Hao’s expression turned serious.

“Did we all guess wrong? in fact, this planet is not what we expected at all, a planet that is many years more developed than us?”

“Otherwise, why would this group of people look so low-end?”

Jonina and the gray-haired man also realized that something was wrong. They looked around nervously, their faces filled with confusion.

“Perhaps so.”

Zhou Hao’s eyes were like a torch as he scanned the surroundings. He then said word by word,””Don’t worry, we’ll act according to the situation!”

With this short sentence, they quickly decided on their next course of action.

Zhou Hao’s eyes had been scanning the surroundings with a serious expression. His eyes were burning as he watched the movements around him. His face was extremely serious as he stared at the surroundings, preparing to deal with the things that were about to happen.


At the same time, on the helicopter.

The Warriors who were sent to Kunlun to fight for the spirit fruits scanned the entire Kunlun Mountain with burning eyes.

When they saw the situation on Mount Kunlun, their expressions could not help but change!

“What … What’s going on? why are there so many exotic beasts around us? there must be at least a hundred of them!”

One of the soldiers, Zhou Liang, glanced down. When he saw the situation clearly, his face suddenly changed. His eyes were full of shock. He said word by word, “I’ve seen the location of the fruit of Reiki!”

Zhou Liang’s face was filled with a serious expression. He pointed at the mountain peak in the distance. He was so excited that he almost wanted to stand up.

This was because the location of the spirit Qi fruit was constantly filled with a large amount of spirit Qi. They could see at a glance that the aura in the distance was extremely rich!

“Should we go now? isn’t the spiritual Qi on the mountain a little too much?”

One of the soldiers couldn’t help but scan the surroundings of Mount Kunlun nervously. When he saw the densely packed mutated beasts, he immediately felt a cold air gradually surrounding him.

“Please, you’d better look at the current situation, okay?”

The pilot’s face was full of fear, and his breathing was a little anxious. He couldn’t help but gasp in horror,””There are so many strange beasts. I’m afraid we’ll be eaten up by them before we even get close to the spiritual fruit. Not even our bones will be left.”

The pilot of the helicopter was panicking. He took a deep breath and said nervously,””Did you forget? the leader gave us a lot of weapons.”

“We can use the weapons stored in our helicopters to eliminate these disgusting animals first. Then, we will go in and see what’s going on.”

“Okay, I think Captain Liu is right. We must eliminate these beasts as soon as possible to protect our own safety. Only then will we have the ability to do our best to get the spiritual fruit.”

“Okay, then we’ll act according to the situation.”


In the distance, Zhou Hao, Jonina, and the gray-haired man had been observing the changes in their surroundings.

“Zhou Hao, this group of people have come with ill intentions. They might be here to snatch the spiritual fruit too. The difficulty of snatching the spiritual fruit has increased.”

Jonina’s expression instantly became extremely serious. Her eyes were filled with solemnity. She suddenly felt as if a bad feeling was gradually rising in her heart.

He didn’t expect that while the mutated beasts were fighting for these things, humans would take the opportunity to interfere. How despicable!

“That’s right, boss. I have a bad feeling about this. ”

The gray-haired man’s expression immediately became extremely nervous. He could not help but look around anxiously and uneasily. Then, he said in an extremely serious tone,””Since they only dared to come with one helicopter, I think they must have made preparations!”

“A helicopter can only fit a few people. At most, it can fit six people. They dared to come to Mount Kunlun and fight so many exotic beasts with such a small number of people. They must have some cold weapons, such as cannons.”

The mutated beasts on this planet, at least the ones Zhou Hao and the others had encountered so far, were not that strong.

As long as the right weapon was used, they could be easily killed.

“But if we miss this opportunity, we may not have such a good opportunity to snatch the spiritual fruit and increase our strength in the future.”

Zhou Hao’s eyes were burning as he stared at the helicopter in the distance.

“We need to increase our strength as much as possible. Otherwise, if we blindly seek stability, I’m afraid we won’t be able to leave this planet for the rest of our lives,”

As Zhou Hao spoke, he could not help but turn around to look at Jonina. His expression was extremely serious as he said,””Don’t you still have to go back and save your people? if we stay here and can’t get out, we’ll be finished.”

That short sentence immediately made Jonina feel a surge of warmth in her heart.

Her eyes were filled with gentleness. She didn’t expect that ning Yuchen would still remember her purpose!

This kind of person really surprised her!

A grateful expression appeared on Jonina’s face. Then, she smiled and slowly said,””Thank you, Zhou Hao.”

“What’s there to thank me for?”

Zhou Hao chuckled and waved his hand.””We’re a team, and since we’re a team, we should help each other, don’t you think so?”

Zhou Hao still remembered what Jonina said.

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