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Chapter 998 - -fierce battle

Chapter 998: Chapter 998-fierce battle


With a loud clang, the mutated Mantis beast, which had been approaching the spirit fruit, was suddenly thrown to the ground by the giant crocodile.

In the next second, its body fell directly, and its body was instantly cut by the sharp tail, leaving a terrible wound!


The mutated Mantis-like exotic beast gasped in shock. It had never thought that the mutated crocodile would be so powerful!

Such a Swift and violent attack had left him in such a miserable state, to the point where he had no strength to resist!

The mutated Mantis beast was frightened and didn’t dare to continue moving toward the spiritual fruit. After all, it also understood that the most important thing at the moment was to keep its life.

Otherwise, if he were to lose his life, wouldn’t he not be able to eat any fruits in the future?

The giant mutant crocodile had planned to chase after the victory, but when it saw the giant mutant Mantis beast run away and not continue to pursue the spiritual fruit, it stopped.

Instead, it let out a low growl, then turned around and left, not continuing to chase.

One had to know that the giant mutated crocodile was also considered an exotic beast that knew what it meant to be tactful.

It understood that if it gave chase, it might be able to directly bite the mutated Mantis-like exotic beast to death, but it wouldn’t be able to gain any benefits.

At that time, he might fall into the trap of the other exotic beasts.

When I come back, maybe the spiritual fruit will be taken away by someone else. Wouldn’t it be more of a loss than gain?

The giant mutated crocodile was quite smart, because a giant beast at this level had the intelligence of a teenager.

If it didn’t have such a thought, it wouldn’t have hidden under the pond for so long.

When Zhou Hao saw the giant mutated crocodile, he was surprised.

It was a good thing that they didn’t go over to snatch the spiritual fruit. Otherwise, the three of them would be the ones who were beaten up miserably.

With Zhou Hao’s current abilities, he wouldn’t think much of it even if he were to encounter the giant crocodile. However, he had to admit that this was clearly a ploy to lure the Tiger away from its mountain.

Who knew how many exotic beasts were eyeing them covetously. If one of them took advantage of their inattention and directly jumped out to bite them, wouldn’t it be more of a loss than gain?

“I can easily exterminate D-class dire beasts. Even if there were ten or a hundred of them, they might not be my match.”

Zhou Hao smiled, and his tone suddenly became solemn.

When Qiao Nina and the gray-haired man who were standing beside Zhou Hao heard his arrogant words, a hint of surprise appeared on their faces.

They all looked at Zhou Hao in unison, their eyes filled with disbelief. They could not help but speak hesitantly, enunciating each word clearly,””Zhou Hao, where do you get your confidence from?”

“That’s right, boss. Who knows how many exotic beasts are hiding on this mountain? even if we get the spiritual fruit, we might be in great danger. It might be snatched away by those mutated beasts.”

“Not to mention, under the siege of so many mutated beasts, we probably won’t be able to get the spiritual fruit at all.”

After saying this short sentence, Jonina and the gray-haired man’s expressions became anxious.

Only Zhou Hao’s expression remained calm.

His face was filled with a faint smile, and then he slowly said,””It’s actually not that difficult. We just need to wait. ”

Just as the three of them were talking, in the next second, a huge change happened on the mountain peak in the distance!


In the distance, roars and angry roars could be heard continuously, wave after wave.

The giant mutated crocodile was extremely fast. It was like a sudden clap of thunder that left no time for one to cover one’s ears. It quickly chased after a distant position with a whistling sound!

The mutated Mantis-like exotic beast took advantage of this time to appear out of nowhere. It suddenly appeared in this place and stomped down heavily on the position of the mutated crocodile!

The giant mutated crocodile was extremely fast. In a few breaths, it was almost close to the spirit fruit. However, just as it was about to pass by the small pool, it was once again struck down by the mutated Mantis beast and fell into the small pool.

With a ‘plop’, the water around them splashed.

When the mutated Mantis-like exotic beast saw this, it thought to itself that this was a good opportunity!

Therefore, he immediately rushed over, ready to take the opportunity to get the fruit when the giant mutant crocodile fell.

Its speed was extremely fast, and it seemed to have used all its strength. It quickly flew into the distance.

The fruit of Reiki in the distance had been completely ripe.

The red spiritual fruit had already given off an irresistible fragrance.

The fragrance assailed their nostrils, immediately attracting many mutated beasts. They couldn’t help but start to move.

Just as the mutated Mantis-like exotic beast was about to charge over and take the spiritual fruit for itself …

The giant mutated crocodile at the side was unwilling to give up. It suddenly rushed out of the small pool and angrily bit at the giant mutated Mantis beast!


The giant mutated crocodile let out an unwilling howl.

It had already tacitly acknowledged all the treasures in the vicinity as its own. Now that it saw the sudden appearance of a mutated Mantis-like exotic beast who actually dared to snatch its treasures, it was naturally unwilling.


The giant Mantis beast was not to be trifled with. After all, they were not near the small pool, but on land!

The giant mutated crocodile on land had already suffered a great loss.

The mutated Mantis-like exotic beast had anticipated this, which was why it had lured the giant mutated crocodile to land before attacking!

In the next second, the mutated Mantis-like exotic beast suddenly waved its hard claws!

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