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Chapter 997 - Crisis in the small pond

Chapter 997: Crisis in the small pond

When Zhou Hao saw this scene, a dangerous look appeared on his face.

Fortunately, he had resisted the urge to rush over, which prevented a catastrophe.

The strength of this giant mutated crocodile was actually D-class, comparable to his own strength.

It seemed that they had indeed encountered a troublesome problem this time.

At the thought of this, a dangerous look appeared on Zhou Hao’s face. He squinted his eyes and stared at the battlefield in the distance.

The giant mutated crocodile beast that had emerged from the small pond was charging straight at the mutated Mantis-like exotic beast, biting down on it!

In the next second, an extremely sharp whistling sound burst out from the surroundings. Immediately after, it opened its bloody mouth and charged forward rapidly, as if it wanted to bite the mutated Mantis beast into pieces!

“I didn’t expect that there would really be a mutated beast in this small pond. It’s a giant crocodile, my God …”

When he saw this, the gray-haired man’s face turned into one of shock. Then, he looked into the distance with hesitation and his heart trembled!

When the huge mutated crocodile beast rushed out, its body was as long as 12 to 13 meters. It was extremely huge!

Seeing this, Jonina couldn’t help but look at the mutated beast in the distance in shock, mumbling to herself,””Heavens, such a huge beast. I’m afraid my entire body isn’t even the size of one of its claws …”

Zhou Hao held his breath and took a deep breath. Then, his face suddenly became extremely serious and he said word by word,””The strength of this giant mutated crocodile is already at D-class, comparable to me.”

Zhou Hao’s words immediately caused Jonina and the gray-haired man to be stunned.

They looked at Zhou Hao in unison and said with surprise,””This mutated beast’s strength has also reached D class? can you still beat it?”

Hearing Jonina’s suspicions, Zhou Hao raised his eyebrows and chuckled.””So you’re saying that I don’t have the strength?”

Jonina’s face immediately turned red after she said that.

She chuckled awkwardly and said helplessly,””I … I didn’t mean it that way. I just said …”

Halfway through her sentence, Jonina did not know what to say anymore.

That’s right. After all, before they came to this planet, Zhou Hao’s strength was already at the fifth stage martial Saint realm.

Even though Li Li’s level was much higher than Zhou Hao ‘s, she was still no match for him and was easily defeated.

Therefore, to Zhou Hao, the difference in level was not a problem to worry about.

Not to mention that the giant mutated crocodile in front of him was of the same level as him. Although they were of the same level, their strength might not be the same. This was a principle that had never changed for Zhou Hao.

Just as Zhou Hao and Jonina were talking, a huge change had already taken place in the small pond in the distance!

“Squeak! Squeak!” The mutated Mantis-like exotic beast suddenly shouted just as it was about to be bitten by the giant crocodile. Then, its entire body disappeared in mid-air!

The giant mutated crocodile missed its target and fell back into the small pool.

It was as if nothing had happened in the surroundings. Only countless splashes of water were left in the surroundings. It seemed to tell everyone that everything that had just happened was real and not what they had imagined.

“What the f * ck … Boss, miss Qiao, did you see that? that mutated Mantis-like exotic beast just disappeared into thin air. What … What’s going on?”

This was the first time the gray-haired man had seen something like this. He could not help but look into the distance in shock and hesitantly asked.

Zhou Hao’s eyes were filled with solemness. He frowned and looked into the distance with displeasure. His face was full of solemness. Then, he slowly said word by word in a cold voice,”If I’m not wrong …”

“This should be the special skill that mutated beasts have, which I told you about before. Every mutated beast has a different special skill. Mine is fire breathing, and this Mantis beast’s skill is stealth.”

The gray-haired man and Jonina were both surprised when they heard this. They looked at each other with bewilderment and could not help but ask,””Invisibility?”


Just as the two of them had puzzled looks on their faces, an extremely violent sound came from the distance once again!

The next second, the giant mutated crocodile jumped out of the small pool again, and the water around it splashed!

The mutated Mantis-like exotic beast in the distance took advantage of the time it had just won to open its bloody mouth and quickly fly toward the location of the spirit Qi fruit that was maturing!

Even though the expression on its face could not be seen clearly, the anger and Fury in its eyes were about to burst out uncontrollably!

The mutated Mantis-like exotic beast’s face was filled with excitement. It waved its two sickle-like legs excitedly, as if it couldn’t wait to cut down the huge tree and take it away.


An unwilling roar burst out from the mutated crocodile’s mouth. Then, it flew angrily toward the position of the mutated Mantis beast in the distance!

The giant mutated crocodile had already reached D-class, and its intelligence was not much different from that of a human. Now that it saw the spirit fruit that was at its fingertips being snatched away by the giant mutated Mantis, its heart was filled with anger!


The giant mutated crocodile immediately flew out of the small pool. In an instant, its huge body, which was twelve to thirteen meters long, appeared in front of everyone in an extremely shocking manner!

A few ‘dang dang dang’ sounds could be heard. It was the sound of the huge tail of the mutated crocodile swinging around!

The giant mutated crocodile beast swung its tail fiercely and directly chased after the mutated Mantis-like exotic beast!

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