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Chapter 994 - Spirit Qi fruit

Chapter 994: Spirit Qi fruit

After he said this, the three men standing opposite the old man immediately looked extremely surprised.

They looked at each other and couldn’t help but ask hesitantly,”Spiritual fruit?”

“What’s this? we’re on planet oplephintis, do we even have this kind of thing?”

After hearing these words, the old man’s face immediately became extremely serious and solemn.

“That’s right. Life on our planet kample finitiz was originally extremely peaceful. However, since half a year ago, the planet was filled with such a powerful spiritual energy, and the animals on our planet began to mutate. ”

The more the old man spoke, the more serious his expression became.

After a moment of silence, he said in a serious tone,””I’ve been studying this matter all this time. Now, I’ve finally found out what is causing the animals to mutate collectively.”

“Now, the spiritual Qi on Mount Kunlun is extremely powerful. It’s filled with a very powerful aura everywhere. So it’s caused by this spiritual fruit.”

“Now, mutated beasts are looking everywhere for ways to make themselves more powerful, which is to absorb more spiritual energy to make themselves stronger. This is also why they suddenly gathered at Mount Kunlun.”

The old man’s expression was extremely serious. He suppressed the solemness in his heart and slowly said with a firm tone,””What we need to do now is to get the spiritual fruit from the mutated beasts as soon as possible and stop them from using it to evolve themselves.”

The old man’s tone was extremely solemn. He glanced at the surrounding people and then slowly said in a serious tone,””I’ve been paying attention to the berserk beasts all this time, so I’ve also studied the rules of their mutation.”

“Although the people on our planet aren’t as sensitive to spirit Qi as the exotic beasts, we can make use of our technological advantages to attack the exotic beasts first. This way, we can stop them from looking for the spirit fruit.”

After hearing these words, the few people present immediately became extremely serious.

They looked at each other and then said word by word,””Okay, leader, we will do our best to grab the spiritual fruit on Kunlun Mountain!”

After the old man heard this, his face was full of relief.

He smiled and said,””You must be very careful on this trip. After all, many mutant beasts are going to fight for the spiritual fruits on Mount Kunlun.”

“This trip to Mount Kunlun will be extremely dangerous. After all, the terrain of Mount Kunlun is extremely complicated. It is far more dangerous than we imagined.” Jiang Chen said.

“I only sent the three of you this time. I didn’t bring too many people because I thought that although you have fewer people, you’re still an elite force. It won’t be difficult to deal with this group of exotic beasts.”

After hearing the old man’s words, the group’s faces turned serious. They nodded and said in an extremely urgent tone,””I know, I promise to complete the task!”

With just a few words, everyone’s faces were filled with determination, as if they were already certain that they would be able to get this matter done!

The old man’s face looked extremely serious. After a moment of silence, he slowly said,””This time, I’ve prepared the Super weapon that we’ve just developed.”

The old man said as he opened the box on the table in front of him. There were all kinds of weapons inside.

The three of them immediately took a step forward and selected the weapons they wanted, then quickly retreated.

“A helicopter is ready outside the yard. You can leave for Mount Kunlun at any time.”

“Yes, we’re ready!”

The three of them immediately nodded in unison. Then, they picked up their weapons and quickly ran outside.


At the same time, Zhou Hao had already led Qiao Nina and the gray-haired man toward Mount Kunlun.

“I didn’t expect this mountain to have such a divine weapon, a pond, and a fruit tree.”

There was a small pond on Mount Kunlun that was big enough to hold three mutated Tigers of his size. The pond was filled with extremely powerful spiritual energy. Not only that, but there was also a fruit tree next to it with a few red fruits on it.

The fruit looked like it was ripened, but there were a few places that were slightly green.

The fruit was ripening at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the surrounding spiritual energy was also gradually becoming richer as the fruit ripened.

When he saw this, the gray-haired man at the side couldn’t help but lick his lips and say,””Boss, the fruits on this tree are so fragrant.”

“Yup, the smell of this fruit is really alluring. Is it because I haven’t eaten for a long time? why do I feel that this fruit is so fragrant?”

Jonina couldn’t help but gulp. A hint of anxiety flashed across her face as she spoke hesitantly.

“That’s because your identities have changed. This fruit contains a very strong spiritual energy, which is very attractive to us, who have become mutated beasts.”

“Because if we eat the fruit that contains spiritual energy, our cultivation will increase, but it’s not yet time for the spiritual energy fruit to ripen. When it’s completely ripened, I’m afraid you will definitely lose control and want to go over and eat the fruit.”

Zhou Hao smiled and said,””But we can’t go there yet, because many mutated beasts are heading this way.”

“We can wait here for a while. When the mutated beasts fighting for the territory are in a fierce battle, we’ll go over and catch them like a turtle in a jar. Wouldn’t that be easier?”

After hearing Zhou Hao’s words, Jonina and the gray-haired man looked at each other and then nodded, expressing their agreement.

Very quickly, the three of them hid in a corner, waiting for the mutated beasts to charge up and take advantage of the situation.

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