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Chapter 993 - -battle at the top of the mountain  

Chapter 993: Chapter 993-battle at the top of the mountain

“Boss, is it because we’ve become mutated beasts now, so our perception of the surrounding environment is sharper than ordinary people?”

As the gray-haired man approached the foot of the mountain, he could not help but say hesitantly,””I smell a special spiritual Qi. This spiritual Qi seems to be able to help us improve our own level, don’t you think so?”

“You’re right. ”

Zhou Hao nodded and slowly raised his head. He looked at the mountain peak in the distance with a serious expression. Then, he said word by word,”However, this matter should be a little tricky to handle.”

After Zhou Hao finished speaking, a trace of anxiety flashed across his face. He couldn’t help but ask in confusion,””Let’s go and see what’s going on. ”

After saying this short sentence, Zhou Hao’s face immediately showed a hint of hesitation.

He first scanned the exotic beasts around him, then turned back to Jonina and the gray-haired man, saying word by word,””You guys hide your information first. We’ll talk after we take a look at the mutated beasts around us.”

This time, the situation was different from their previous battles.

Now, they were fighting the group of mutated beasts in their beast forms.

However, there was actually nothing to fear. After all, this group of exotic beasts was only at F-Class. Now that Zhou Hao’s mutated Giant Tiger form had reached D-class, dealing with these low-level mutated exotic beasts was actually very easy.

Zhou Hao only needed one swipe of his claws to tear them into pieces.

Zhou Hao smiled and looked at Jonina and the gray-haired man. He said,””Actually, you don’t have to worry too much. After all, you still have me, who is so powerful, by your side.”

“If I wanted to deal with these low-level mutated beasts, wouldn’t it be a piece of cake? I don’t need any help at all.”

Zhou Hao’s words were said calmly and firmly.

However, Jonina could not help but hesitate. She looked at Zhou Hao in confusion and asked,””Zhou Hao, where did you get your confidence from?”

Zhou Hao’s expression became even more smug after he said that.

He laughed and waved his claws, saying proudly,””You’ll know when you see it. ”

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t go over yet!”

When she saw that Zhou Hao was about to rush over, Jonina immediately used her small and soft body to block Zhou Hao’s path. She then said in an extremely urgent tone,””Stop right there, I have something to tell you!”

After hearing this, Zhou Hao immediately asked in confusion,””What’s wrong? is there anything else?”

A hint of hesitation and anxiety flashed across Jonina’s face. Then, she slowly opened her mouth and said,””Zhou Hao, I don’t think we should go there so quickly. There might still be many mutated beasts lurking around.”

“Let’s first carefully investigate the surrounding situation before making a decision, how about it?”

After hearing Jonina’s words, Zhou Hao nodded and said in a very serious tone,””You’re right. We shouldn’t just go over like this. ”

After Zhou Hao calmed down, he slowly said,””Then let’s walk slowly to the top of the mountain and see what’s going on. We’ll make plans later.”

After saying this, Jonina and the gray-haired man immediately walked into the distance.

The three ‘strange beasts’ concealed their auras and quickly advanced towards the top of the mountain without a sound.

However, the auras of these mutated beasts weren’t that strong. Zhou Hao could easily get rid of them.

Moreover, F-Class exotic beasts actually had their own judgment and standards. They also knew what they wanted, and whether they would get hurt if they acted rashly.

As such, these exotic beasts weren’t that stupid. They knew how to judge the situation, and what they should and shouldn’t do.

However, there were also some unreasonable mutated beasts who liked to act rashly, not caring about anything else.

For example, there was a mutated rhinoceros-like exotic beast in the distance, breathing out air from its nose. It was rapidly pouncing toward the position of a mutated Lynx-like exotic beast in the distance!


The mutated rhinoceros beast was still spewing air from its mouth as it chased after the mutated Lynx beast at an extremely fast speed. It knocked over a few huge trees, then fell heavily to the ground and rolled a few times.

The mutated Lynx was shocked. It didn’t expect that something would suddenly attack it. It didn’t have time to react and immediately ran away, planning to leave this place.

“It seems like the beasts here are actually quite powerful.”

Zhou Hao’s gaze turned sharp. He chuckled and said,””I feel that the strength of this mutated rhinoceros is not bad, and it’s very powerful!”

Zhou Hao squinted his eyes, his gaze filled with fierceness. He simply judged from the power that had just erupted,””This mutated rhinoceros beast’s strength should have already reached F-Class. It’s indeed extraordinary!”

Zhou Hao took a deep breath, then looked at the mutated rhinoceros in the distance again. He said in surprise,””I can tell what level it’s at. It’s F-Class now, so it’s not ordinary.”

Zhou Hao couldn’t help but take a deep breath and look up at the top of the mountain. The next second, he couldn’t help but sigh,””The aura on the mountain peak is very dense and spiritual energy is everywhere. It should contain extremely powerful spiritual energy fruits. If we go over now and eat the spiritual energy fruits, our strength will increase by at least one level.”

After Zhou Hao finished speaking, Jonina and the gray-haired man’s faces instantly revealed a hint of joy.

Immediately after, the three of them quickly made their way up the mountain.

Little did they know that just as the three of them were hurrying towards the top of the mountain, danger was gradually spreading towards them.


At the same time, in a mysterious laboratory on planet kaplephintis.

An elderly man looked at the people standing in front of him with a serious expression and said,””This time, the spiritual Qi is everywhere because of the spiritual Qi fruit on Mount Kunlun.”

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