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Chapter 995 - Sensing danger

Chapter 995: Sensing danger

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“It seems that the spiritual fruit will ripen in half an hour.”

Zhou Hao stared at the fruit on the tree, which was gradually turning red, with a look of anticipation on his face.

Very quickly, Zhou Hao could smell a sense of danger in the air.

He squinted his eyes and scanned the surroundings. Then, he said with a serious look,””There are mutated beasts coming.”

When the gray-haired man and Jonina heard this, they could not help but look at each other. They glanced at each other, and a look of disbelief flashed across their faces. They asked in surprise,””A mutated beast is approaching?”

“Why can’t I sense anything at all, boss? is my nose not working?”

The gray-haired man had a helpless look on his face. He couldn’t help but carefully sniff the air, but he couldn’t smell anything at all. His expression gradually became nervous and helpless.

“Your levels are very low, so it’s actually very normal that you can’t detect the aura of the mutated beasts that have already hidden in the surroundings. But don’t worry, this matter is easy to solve.”

A faint smile appeared on Zhou Hao’s face. He pointed at a few mutated beasts sneakily climbing up the mountainside in the distance, chuckling,””See that? let’s kill them first and then eat them. Your levels will increase after that.”

After hearing these words, the gray-haired man and Jonina could not help but feel a chill run down their backs.

“Eat it?”

“Boss, you’re not saying we should just skin these mutated beasts alive, are you? we’re humans …”

The gray-haired man couldn’t help but gulp. He looked at the mutated beasts in front of him with fear and trepidation. He was so nervous that his scalp started to go numb.

“That’s right. Don’t tell me you think we can set up an oven and cook the meat?”

Zhou Hao couldn’t help but criticize him in his heart. At this moment, after coming to this planet, when he found out that he could only level up and increase his strength by devouring other mutated beasts, he actually didn’t feel much.

After all, when he was a void beast, he had devoured quite a number of mutated beasts. In fact, Zhou Hao had long overcome his psychological barrier and did not take it seriously at all.

Now, when he saw the gray-haired man and Jonina’s pained expressions, he instantly felt that it was especially funny.

Soon, the mutated beasts in the distance were chasing after the spiritual fruits on the giant tree.

To them, the temptation of these spiritual fruits was so strong that they could not resist it at all.

“Hehe, go. The more you go, the better. It’s best if you all go. At that time, we can just sit back and reap the benefits.”

Zhou Hao smiled slightly, looking at the mutated beasts that were approaching the spirit fruit, but he didn’t look anxious at all.

Even if the spirit Qi fruit had ripened, he did not seem to be worried at all. As long as it was under his eyes, he had the confidence to hold on to it firmly and would never let anyone take away what he wanted.

Boss, I think there’s more than that on this mountain. There must be other mutated beasts hiding in the surroundings, observing the situation in the dark like us. ”

The grey-haired man in the form of a Jackal looked around him with a vigilant look on his face. He could not help but look around nervously, and his tone of voice began to stutter.

“That’s right. And I think that there might be danger in that mountain spring!”

After Jonina heard the grey-haired man’s words, she couldn’t help but squint her eyes and stare at the small pond under the huge tree with the fruit of spiritual energy in the distance as she said nervously.

Zhou Hao narrowed his eyes and glanced at the small pond in the distance. Then, he slowly said,””You’re right. The Qi in the spring is indeed a little strange.”

“However, water can hide one’s aura. Right now, we have no way to determine whether there is any danger in the small pond. We can only wait and see.”

“Boss, someone’s here!”

The gray-haired man suddenly pointed into the distance and said anxiously. Zhou Hao looked in the direction the gray-haired man was pointing. As expected, he saw the mutant rhinoceros beast from before, quickly chasing in the direction of the spiritual fruit.

Behind it was a huge mutated pheasant.

The mutated pheasant was extremely fast. It arrived in front of the mutated rhinoceros in an instant, overtaking it.

The mutated rhinoceros beast was not to be outdone, either. It directly charged at the mutated pheasant beast’s butt, slamming it hard!

A miserable cry came from the mutated pheasant’s mouth. After that, the mutated pheasant was knocked down and fell to the ground. It spat out a large mouthful of Scarlet blood, looking very miserable.

The mutated Rhino’s claws and fangs were extremely sharp. They were long and pointed, and they shone with a cold light. They pierced through the mutated pheasant’s body, making it look extremely miserable.


A mournful wail came from the mutated pheasant’s mouth. It flapped its wings with all its might, trying to stand up from the ground, but it couldn’t muster any strength at all!

Blood was still flowing out of its wound, making it look extremely miserable.

A hint of ruthlessness flashed in the eyes of the mutated rhinoceros beast. It seemed to hate the pheasant beast’s entanglement. It suddenly pounced forward and bit the pheasant beast’s neck.

The teeth of the mutated rhinoceros were extremely sharp. It instantly bit through the mutated pheasant’s neck. Blood gushed out. The mutated pheasant struggled a few times, but in the end, it didn’t struggle. Its neck tilted and it died.

The mutated rhinoceros beast didn’t hold back at all. It directly bit off the mutated pheasant beast’s head and began to devour it. It ate it with great relish, and the gray-haired man couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

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