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Chapter 984 - panicking  

Chapter 984: Chapter 984-panicking

Just as the mutated black bear Beast was preparing to unleash its final attack!

In the next moment, there was a loud ‘boom’ and an extremely strong and terrifying pressure whizzed toward its position.


With a furious roar, the void beast leaped up, directly and rapidly heading in the direction of the mutated black bear Beast, suddenly pressing down!

“I don’t have time to waste with you. Since Milky Way star is on your head, I’ll cut it off now. Let’s see how you still dare to resist!”

A strong pressure whistled and rapidly spread to the surroundings, constantly permeating.

The mutated black bear Beast was so frightened that its face changed. All of a sudden, it didn’t dare to continue running forward. Its face was filled with fear, and while the void beast wasn’t paying attention to it, it immediately turned around and prepared to escape.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh …

The mutated black bear Beast was extremely fast, like a strong gust of wind, rapidly heading towards the location in front of it, whistling through the air!

His jumping ability was very powerful. Just by jumping forward, he could jump hundreds of meters in an instant. In a few breaths, he had already run to the foot of the mountain.

“Hehe, isn’t it a little too late to think of leaving this place now?”

The void beast’s eyes were filled with mockery and disdain. It immediately extended its claws and pressed them down on the ground.

With a loud ‘boom’, it was as if there were countless sharp and terrifying auras in the surroundings. They instantly formed a huge palm print that rapidly struck towards the mutated black bear!

The wind was sharp, and with an earth-shattering momentum, it quickly and violently charged over.

Countless giant trees were instantly broken by the power of the void beast!

Many of the mutated black bear-like exotic beasts in the surroundings were rapidly fleeing into the distance. The mutants who were constantly running for their lives were also severely affected, and their speed of escape was instantly reduced.

Aowu aowu!

The mutated black bear Beast knew that it had no strength at all to escape under such a strong pressure from the void beast. A hint of ruthlessness suddenly flashed in its eyes, and in the next second, it quickly let out a furious roar and turned around, intending to fight the void beast to the death!

The void beast’s gaze turned a little colder. It glanced at the mutated black bear with no intention of dodging. Instead, it quickly pounced towards the mutated black bear’s position!

The mutated black bear Beast was not to be outdone. It immediately burst out and extended its huge claws, valiantly slashing at the void beast’s abdomen!

A loud clang was heard, followed by a muffled sound that quickly shook the air.

The mutated black bear landed on the void beast’s skin, but it didn’t cause any damage to it at all.

The void beast’s skin and flesh were extremely hard, thicker than anything in this world. The mutated black bear beast’s power could not cause it any harm at all!

On the other hand, the mutated black bear was sent flying backward by such an incomparably powerful force. It kept on retreating, and its entire body began to tremble violently.

“Roar oh oh?”

The mutated black bear was shocked to its core. It really didn’t expect that its claw would feel like it had struck steel. It didn’t have any strength to walk in!

He could not even scrape off a layer of skin on the surface of the void beast!

The mutated black bear Beast truly didn’t expect that it would encounter such a powerful opponent this time, so powerful that it didn’t have any strength left to withstand such a powerful attack!

It had just activated the power of the Milky Way star and cut off its tongue, but it still had no effect!

However, the situation before his eyes was extremely urgent. The void beast was about to rush to his position and slap him down heavily with a palm!

The mutated black bear Beast didn’t even have the chance to Dodge. It was directly slapped by the void beast.

In the instant it slapped down, it swiftly plucked the Milky Way star from the head of the void behemoth.


A crisp sound was heard. In the next second, the mutated black bear’s head was smashed into pieces like a watermelon.

Scarlet blood instantly splattered in all directions, and the mutated black bear’s head was directly crushed into pieces.

The mutated black bear Beast was left with only its body. It fell to the ground heavily.

The void beast’s attack instantly crushed the mutated black bear’s head into pieces.

The strength of the void beast was extremely powerful. He killed the mutated black bear in an instant. How could he defeat the void beast with such powerful strength?

The void beast merely glanced at the mutated black bear. In the next second, it stomped heavily on the mutated black bear’s body, instantly crushing its remaining body.

The power that burst out from the body of the void beast was extremely powerful.

Even Zhou Hao did not expect that he would become so powerful.

After obtaining the Milky Way star, Zhou Hao immediately changed back to his original form.

He quickly turned around and was prepared to meet up with Jonina and the gray-haired man before leaving.

When Zhou Hao arrived at the place where he had agreed to meet Jonina and the gray-haired man, he did not see them.

Seeing this, Zhou Hao’s expression suddenly became hesitant. He couldn’t help but look around. He picked up his communication device and was about to contact the gray-haired man.

After the barrier of the forbidden land was removed, the chaotic magnetic field caused by Milky Way star also instantly recovered.

At present, the magnetic field of the entire forbidden land had returned to normal. All the communication equipment and instruments had also returned to normal. Therefore, it was much more convenient to use instruments to communicate.

After all, Zhou Hao had agreed to meet them here.

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