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Chapter 983 - stamina consumption    

Chapter 983: Chapter 983-stamina consumption


The low growling that it kept on emitting gradually became smaller, as if its strength was rapidly being exhausted.

Of course, this was to be expected. After all, the mutated black bear Beast had just fought against a powerful opponent like the void beast, and after struggling for a long time, it didn’t show any reaction at all. It really made it feel extremely defeated.

The mutated black bear beast’s eyes were filled with darkness. It stared at the void beast in the distance, feeling that its physical strength was almost depleted.

However, the responsibility of protecting Milky Way star made it so that the mutated black bear could not fall!

Its eyes were filled with darkness as it stared at the void behemoth in the distance. It kept arching its back and letting out a low roar, as if it was going to launch a final violent blow at the void behemoth!

If it could do it this time, it would definitely cause great damage to the void beast.

In the face of this scene, the void beast was still calm and expressionless.

To the transformed Zhou Hao, the mutated black bear Beast in front of him was just an ant that he could kill at any time.

The reason he didn’t immediately deal a heavy blow to the mutated black bear was because he didn’t want Milky Way star on its body to be affected.

After all, the Milky Way star was on its body. If he suddenly used violence, he might damage the Milky Way star.

The Milky Way star’s energy was so powerful. If he were to accidentally destroy it, it would definitely suffer extremely serious damage, and his trip would be in vain.

Thinking up to this point, the void beast didn’t make its next move. Instead, it continued looking at the mutated black bear exotic beast, preparing to find an opportunity to strike.

Both sides wanted to deal the final blow and crush the other party.


From afar, a heart-wrenching roar suddenly erupted. It was just like a piercing wail, instantly scaring the countless mutants in the surrounding area. They quickly scattered in all directions, not daring to take a step forward.

They were so nervous that their expressions changed, and they retreated in fear.

This was a declaration of war. They understood that if they were to rush forward at this time, they would definitely lose their lives.

What was the most important thing to them now?

He just wanted to save his own life first, and then find an opportunity to snatch Milky Way star.

Now, in the face of such a powerful battle between two opponents, the mutants ‘fear immediately triumphed over their hope for Milky Way star. They were so nervous that they were trembling, their expressions changed, and their breathing became rapid.

They were so scared that they didn’t dare to take a step forward. They were worried that if they took a wrong step, there would be very serious consequences.

Seeing the mutated black bear beast’s angry roar, the void beast naturally did not want to be outdone.

Its face was filled with an ice-cold expression as it glared at the mutated black bear in front of it with a dark gaze, letting out a deafening roar.

After the void beast’s roar reverberated in the air, an extremely violent and deafening sound erupted in the distance, causing the spiritual mist in the surroundings to dissipate instantly!

“Wuwuwu …”

In the distance, the mutants who had heard the void beast’s roar were all frightened and uneasy. They lowered their bodies and looked at the scene in shock, their mouths mumbling.

The mutated humans could even feel their auras being suppressed in an instant. They did not even have the strength to lift their heads. They could only lower their heads in fear and let out muffled growls to show their submission.

In the end, the mutated humans did not even have the courage to stand up. Their auras were being suppressed and they subconsciously fell to the ground, not daring to stand up.

There were even some timid mutants who peed their pants in fear.

Even though the mutated humans no longer had the thoughts of humans, they still had their natural reflexes.

In that instant, they realized one thing once again-the void beast before them was the king of all beasts. They had no chance of resisting!

“Roar …”

The mutated black bear Beast, which had originally planned to deal the final blow to the void beast, suddenly had a sharp glint in its eyes when it heard the void beast’s furious roar.

It suddenly bit its own tongue, grabbed the broken tongue that was still bleeding, and quickly dripped it onto the Milky Way star on its forehead.

“What’s the meaning of this?”

When Zhou Hao saw this, he could not help but freeze.

There was a hint of shock in its eyes. In the next second, it saw the eyes of the mutated black bear Beast, which had been exhausted from the beating, suddenly burst out with intense light!

It had used its blood to activate the power of Milky Way star!


Upon seeing this, the void beast’s eyes turned cold.

Activated the power of the Milky Way star?

This mutated black bear Beast was really sneaky!

The mutated black bear’s eyes were filled with radiance. It had a smug look on its face. It felt that as long as it could activate this power, all of its problems would be easily solved.

After all, the energy contained in the Milky Way star was not for show. As long as he took a little of his blood, his power could reach an explosive and terrifying increase in a short time!

The giant void beast could not help but sigh silently in its heart. This mutated black bear Beast was really daring. It had cut off its tongue and dripped its blood to stimulate its power. It was a ruthless character.

“Wuwuwu …”

When the surrounding mutants felt another violent force erupting, they were instantly dumbfounded.

They were extremely frightened and began to tremble violently. Their eyes were full of horror, and their entire bodies trembled in fear. They subconsciously wanted to retreat backward.

The mutated black bear Beast had a smug look on its face. It opened its mouth wide and suddenly let out a furious roar towards the sky.

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