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Chapter 982 - endless trouble  

Chapter 982: Chapter 982-endless trouble

The mutated black bear beast’s gaze instantly became burning with uneasiness.

Its expression immediately turned cold as it stared at the void beast with a stern expression.

He knew that he only had one chance!

No matter what, he had to find the opportunity to kill with one strike. Otherwise, there would be endless trouble in the future!

The mutated black bear exotic beast’s gaze suddenly became a little fiercer. When it saw that the void beast didn’t seem to be continuing to attack its position, the mutated black bear exotic beast didn’t seem to be in a hurry to continue chasing it.

It heaved a sigh of relief and looked at the void beast in front of it with a burning gaze. The two void beasts immediately confronted each other in the surroundings. Even the air was filled with an extremely anxious aura.

The entire atmosphere in the surroundings instantly sank into an extremely anxious feeling.

In the surroundings, many of the mutated humans who were originally eyeing the mutated black bear Beast covetously no longer dared to move forward.

They were so intimidated by the void beast’s power that they didn’t dare to move forward.

Their sharp senses picked up a hint of danger, and they quickly became vigilant, because they knew that a huge threat that was competing with them for the Milky Way star had appeared!

The surroundings immediately fell into an extremely quiet state, so quiet that it even began to reveal a trace of strangeness.

All the mutants in the surrounding area were intimidated by the void beast’s aura and did not dare to move.

Their faces were filled with vigilance as they stared at the huge void beast, but they did not dare to approach it.

In an instant, their fear triumphed over their desire for the star of the Milky Way.


One could even faintly hear the mutants swallowing their saliva in fear.

It wasn’t just the group of mutated humans who were shocked by the powerful aura. The mutated black bear Beast at the side was also shocked.

It tried its best to calm its emotions. In the next second, it suddenly looked up and roared, bursting out a heart-wrenching roar.

Soon, it was once again heading toward the void beast’s location at high speed!


The void beast was not to be outdone. It immediately stomped on the ground heavily, and in the next second, it charged towards the mutated black bear at an extremely fast speed.

In the air, a few explosive sounds suddenly came and quickly exploded.

The sharp sound of the air being torn apart exploded rapidly. It was the sound of the void beast waving its claws and slashing at the sky!

The void beast’s claws were like steel whips, rapidly lashing the air, erupting with a series of sounds.

In the next moment, the void beast’s claws heavily struck the mutated black bear exotic beast’s body. With each strike, a bloody wound was left on the mutated black bear exotic beast’s body.

In the air, there was even a large amount of blood mist, which looked extremely terrifying.


A painful roar suddenly erupted from the mutated black bear exotic beast’s mouth. In the next second, it retreated a few steps back in pain.

The void beast didn’t plan on letting the mutated black bear go so easily. Its speed was extremely fast, and it quickly chased after the spot where the mutated black bear had fallen.


A deafening sound that shook the heavens and earth suddenly erupted. In the next second, the mutated black bear beast’s body was blasted away like a rag.

Its body curved in an arc as it was quickly sent flying. It then heavily crashed into a spot ten meters away. It fell to the ground and rolled several times before finally stabilizing itself after hitting a tree.

At this moment, the mutated black bear Beast looked extremely miserable.

It was covered in injuries and looked like it was in extreme pain. There was not a single spot on its body that was in good condition.


All of a sudden, the mutated black bear Beast let out a series of extremely painful roars. Immediately after, it stared at the void beast with a vicious gaze, as if it was planning to launch its next attack!


Many of the mutants in the surroundings looked extremely frightened and uneasy, especially when they heard the roars from the void beast. They became even more afraid.

They lay on the ground, their eyes full of fear. Their ears drooped, and they couldn’t help but let out a series of heart-wrenching roars. They sounded particularly panicked and helpless.

They knew that they were no match for the void beast at all. Now that they saw the void beast’s ferocious stance, the mutated black bear Beast was covered in wounds, and there was not a single piece of flesh that was intact on its body.

If this group of mutants were to charge in front of the void beast, they would definitely be devoured by it.

The mutated black bear’s breathing suddenly became extremely heavy. The situation immediately became much more dangerous.


A furious roar suddenly rang out. The mutated black bear Beast struggled to get up from the ground, then quickly rushed toward the void beast!

Just as the mutated black bear Beast was about to charge at the void beast, the next second, a series of thunderous explosions suddenly erupted in the air.

The mutated black bear beast’s expression changed drastically. It didn’t have time to react at all, and a bloody gash was immediately left on its abdomen by the void beast.

There was a ‘Puchi’ sound, and in the next second, fresh blood spurted out, rapidly rushing to the surrounding area.

The mutated black bear exotic beast panted heavily, and even its breathing was filled with pain. Fresh blood was flowing out from its mouth, and it looked extremely miserable.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the mutated black bear had already reached the tenth grade Saint level, it would have died several times already.

However, the mutated black bear Beast gritted its teeth and held on. Even though its body was in tatters, it still gritted its teeth and didn’t let itself fall. It was extremely tenacious.

“Roar …”

At this moment, the mutated black bear’s roars were no longer as fierce and arrogant as before.

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