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Chapter 981 - -tragic  

Chapter 981: Chapter 981-tragic

In the next moment, the mutated black bear’s claws missed, and its entire body was sent flying towards a few huge trees in the distance. It only came to a stop after breaking dozens of trees.

The mutated black bear beast’s expression instantly turned extremely furious. It turned its head back to take a look, and a look of rage appeared on its face!


After the mutated black bear landed on the ground, it still raised its head and howled unwillingly. Then, it flew forward at an extremely fast speed and arrived in front of the void beast.

In that instant, the mutated black bear Beast waved its claws once again, heading straight for the void beast’s eyes in a ferocious manner!

From the looks of it, this mutated black bear Beast was determined to blind the void beast’s eyes. That way, it would be more convenient for it to deal with this problem.

When it saw this, the void beast couldn’t help but sneer in its heart, secretly mocking this ridiculous mutated black bear Beast in its heart.

It actually wanted to blind its own eyes. It didn’t know where the courage came from.

It was simply ridiculous!


The void beast opened its bloody mouth and charged at the mutated black bear.

In the next instant, it mimicked the mutated black bear exotic beast and stretched out its claws, charging fiercely at the mutated black bear exotic beast, intending to blind its eyes!

However, compared to the void beast, the mutated black bear’s speed was too slow. It had no time to Dodge!

Seeing that it was about to fall into a critical moment, the mutated black bear Beast didn’t even have time to Dodge. It immediately extended its claws, trying to block the incoming attack of the exotic beast!

Very quickly, a ‘Puchi’ sound was heard and a stream of blood spurted out rapidly!

Even though the mutated black bear’s paw was extremely thick and wide, there was still a large gash on it. Blood was flowing out, and it looked extremely miserable.

When it saw this, the mutated black bear couldn’t help but let out a muffled groan of pain, followed by an extremely miserable cry of pain, looking extremely miserable.

However, the mutated black bear, Zi ran, wouldn’t give up so easily. It let out a furious roar again, then waved its claws rapidly in the direction of the mutated black bear!

However, the beast dodged it in the next second.

In front of the mutated black bear, the speed of the exotic beast was extremely fast. It could not even touch the exotic beast in front of it and missed the best opportunity!

The mutated black bear Beast had never expected that it would fail twice in front of this huge void beast!

She had failed to touch him twice!

This scene immediately drove the mutated black bear into a frenzy. It let out a furious roar and stomped heavily on the ground. Not long after, the entire ground instantly cracked in all directions.

Soon, countless cracks appeared beneath the beast’s feet!


The mutated black bear saw that it had the upper hand and immediately let out a triumphant roar. After that, it quickly arched its body, looking like an enraged Lion that had its eyes on its prey, wanting nothing more than to pounce over!

However, in the next moment, the void beast actually disappeared in front of the mutated beast with a bang.


Seeing the void beast suddenly disappear, the mutated black bear beast’s expression suddenly changed. It looked around hesitantly, but it didn’t find the void beast at all.

The mutated black bear’s eyes narrowed slightly at the sight.

However, in the next second, before the mutated black bear could come to its senses, it suddenly felt an extremely painful feeling coming from its entire back!

It jerked its head to look, only to see the void behemoth suddenly appear behind it!

In the split second it was caught off guard, a bloody wound had been cut open on its back by the void behemoth!

The mutated black bear was extremely furious. It was just about to retaliate, but the void beast disappeared from its sight once again, quickly moving a few meters away from the mutated black bear.

The mutated black bear had an extremely sinister look on its face as it glared at the void beast, waiting for an opportunity to kill it instantly.


The mutated black bear Beast suddenly let out a heart-wrenching roar. It was as if the bear had reached a critical point of its anger!

In all these years, there had never been a beast that dared to provoke him like this.

Even when the thousands of mutants pounced over, the mutated black bear Beast didn’t even take them seriously.

But now, he was completely defenseless in front of this void beast and was even toyed with. What a disgrace!

However, although his mutated black bear beast’s attacks were extremely fast and closed in on the beast, he still had no chance to resist the exotic beast of the void. In fact, he was even brutally tortured.

And now, the void beast had yet to even use its most powerful move, and the mutated black bear was already being forced back.

However, what the mutated black bear Beast didn’t know was that Zhou Hao’s iron-blooded tough body was extremely powerful!

Regardless of whether it was in human or beast form, his body was the most powerful and his blood was extremely thick!

If the mutated black bear wanted to beat him, that was simply a fantasy.

However, this mutated black bear exotic beast wasn’t to be trifled with, either. Its attacks didn’t stop at all. Even after it was defeated, it continued charging forward rapidly, as if it would never get tired, and continued its attacks at an extremely fast speed!

After all, the reason the mutated black bear exotic beast was within the barrier of the forbidden land was because it had to guard this place. It naturally wouldn’t be willing to give up on its mission just like that.


At this moment, the mutated black bear Beast also realized that something was wrong. It quickly realized that the void beast’s vitality was extremely tenacious, and its skin was thick. Even though its strength was not bad, it could not fight back at all in front of the void beast!

It was fast and often jumped around in front of the void beasts.

But to put it bluntly, it was only for show and not worth mentioning at all. The void beast could kill him with a single claw.

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