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Chapter 980 - Huge changes in the magnetic field  

Chapter 980: Huge changes in the magnetic field

When Zhou Hao saw this, he was shocked.

These mutants had completely lost their minds. Due to the invasion of the magnetic field, they had undergone a huge change. Now, their sensitivity to energy sources had rapidly increased!

As long as they saw the energy source, they would rush toward them without any regard for their own safety. They would rush toward the energy source in order to get the energy source into their hands and become stronger!

Now, this was the mission in the hearts of the mutants!

It was constantly making itself stronger, devouring beasts that were stronger than it!

Zhou Hao decided not to have any conflict with them for the time being. At the very least, he’d wait until the battle between the mutated human and the mutated black bear was over before he went to take a look.

At the thought of this, Zhou Hao immediately stood aside and watched.

They watched as countless mutants were knocked to the ground like moths to a flame, but they still continued to charge towards the mutated black bear Beast without giving up!

In the next moment, Zhou Hao suddenly felt the magnetic field around him become stronger.

Soon, the magnetic field fluctuations became more and more intense. Zhou Hao was shocked to see countless mutants suddenly lying on the ground in extreme pain. They curled up their bodies and looked like they were in extreme pain.

Zhou Hao’s protective suit could isolate all magnetic fields, but he could still feel the magnetic field around him getting stronger and stronger.


Zhou Hao found the right opportunity and immediately conjured a void beast. In the illusory space, he suddenly charged towards the mutated black bear!

At the same time, Zhou Hao immediately took out the treasure he had obtained earlier from his storage space, the Super Gatling gun. He aimed it at the black bear beast’s chest and suddenly bombarded it!

The mutated black bear’s skin was extremely tough. Even though the Super Gatling gun’s attack was extremely fast and powerful, it still couldn’t penetrate the mutated black bear’s skin.

On the contrary, it caused the mutated black bear to suddenly wake up!

Its thoughts seemed to be much more sensitive than ordinary exotic beasts. Now that it suddenly realized that something was wrong, it was suddenly pulled out of the illusory space!

Seeing this, Zhou Hao’s face turned extremely serious. He frowned and stared at the scene in front of him. Then, he sneered and said,””It seems that I have underestimated you.”

“Alright, since that’s the case, there’s no need for me to create an illusionary space. Let’s just start the battle here.”

Previously, Zhou Hao didn’t wish to cause too much of a commotion, in case the exotic beasts hiding in the vicinity came after hearing the news.

After all, this was his first time coming to the forbidden area, so he wasn’t very familiar with the surroundings. If there were some powerful exotic beasts hidden here, wouldn’t he be in even more danger?

However, Zhou Hao didn’t expect that this mutated beast’s mental strength and self-control were far more powerful than he had imagined!

Since that was the case, he might as well directly start the battle with it.

He didn’t need to care too much!

In the next moment, Zhou Hao suddenly let out a furious roar, and his body rapidly grew in size. An incomparably huge void beast immediately appeared in front of the mutated black bear!

The mutated black bear Beast, who had an arrogant look on its face, suddenly had a dark look on its face when it saw this scene. Immediately after, it strode forward with a cold look in its eyes, quickly charging towards the void beast in front of it.

The void beast’s brows twitched, its face filled with disdain. It stood on the spot, not moving at all, only looking indifferently at the mutated black bear Beast that was charging at it, without any fear on its face!

At this moment!


The mutated black bear Beast suddenly let out a terrifying howl. Immediately after, its entire body was like a bolt of lightning, rapidly charging towards the void beast.

As it rapidly ran forward, it suddenly rushed in front of the void beast. It quickly raised its huge claws and was about to grab the void beast’s chest!


It was accompanied by a heart-wrenching roar. However, before the mutated black bear could touch the void beast, the void beast quickly turned to the side and easily dodged its attack.

In the next second, an incomparably huge and extremely sharp claw directly cut open the mutated black bear beast’s abdomen!

Very quickly, large amounts of blood began to gush out from the cut, making it look extremely miserable.

Seeing this, Zhou Hao couldn’t help but sneer. He then sneered and said,””Hehe, with this level of skill, you even made a big scene at the beginning. It seems like you’re just a piece of trash.”

That short sentence immediately caused the eyes of the mutated black bear exotic beast in front of him to turn extremely cold.

In that instant, the aura around the mutated black bear suddenly rose explosively.


When the mutated black bear beast’s body was slashed with a bloody, deep, and long wound, a look of rage appeared in its eyes!

It opened its mouth in anger and let out a furious roar. In the next moment, it shot out like a bullet and charged toward the void beast in the distance!

A ‘whoosh’ sound was heard!

The mutated black bear Beast was extremely fast. It stomped on the ground, and in the next second, its entire body shot out like a bullet fired from a gun!

Its entire body was sent flying dozens of meters into the air. Then, its entire body immediately burst out with an extremely rapid jumping force.

Seeing this scene, Zhou Hao could only silently sneer in his heart. His face was full of indifference and disdain. He sneered and shook his head, saying sarcastically,””Hehe, it’s all gaudy. It seems like it’s just an empty shell.”

Looking at the intrepid mutated black bear exotic beast charging at it rapidly, the void beast dodged its attack without any effort.

Bang Bang Bang …

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