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Chapter 979 - group attack  

Chapter 979: Chapter 979-group attack

If it was just an exotic beast guarding Milky Way star, it would be fine.

There were still many mutants around. If they heard the sound or felt the powerful energy, they would definitely come over!

“Miss Qiao, you don’t have to worry about me. The purpose of our trip is Milky Way star. No matter what, I have to get it.”

“Nothing can stop me. Even if there are hundreds or thousands of mutated beasts, I’ll still exterminate them.”

Zhou Hao’s words were extremely firm.

After he finished speaking, he immediately waved his hand at the gray-haired man. Then, he continued to urge him in an extremely serious tone,””Alright, alright, go quickly. Let’s go quickly. Don’t waste time here.”

The gray-haired man immediately nodded his head in a hurry. He then turned around and said to Jonina,””Miss Nina, let’s go!”

“But …”

Jonina’s eyes were filled with worry. She looked at Zhou Hao’s determined expression and suddenly took out a few treasures from her inventory and threw them at Zhou Hao’s feet.

“These are all life-saving items. Hold onto them well. I want to see you return safely!”

Zhou Hao turned around and glanced at Jonina. He then smiled and slowly said,””Alright, I promise you.”

After Jonina heard this, she nodded and turned to leave.

After the gray-haired man and Jonina left the place, Zhou Hao strode forward, one step at a time, towards the deep pit in the distance.

However, the next second, something that made Zhou Hao’s heart clench happened.

In the distance, a large cloud of dust suddenly rose up. Immediately after, a burst of violent trembling came from the ground. With the huge shaking, Zhou Hao could not even stand steadily.

However, even with such a huge formation, Zhou Hao was able to stand firmly in his spot, frowning as he observed the scene.

He was someone who had seen all kinds of storms and waves. Although there were thousands of mutants running toward them at high speed, Zhou Hao was not afraid of them.

He stood at the side, preparing not to have a direct confrontation with this group of mutants.

Facing such a large number of mutants head-on would be the most unwise choice. At that time, no matter how powerful he was, he would be forced to retreat by the overwhelming number of mutants.

Zhou Hao was hiding behind a huge rock, observing the deep pit in the distance.

The deep pit was still shaking!

The number of mutants in the surrounding area was also gradually increasing. They were also approaching the huge pit!

The quaking in the deep pit in the distance gradually became stronger.

Zhou Hao’s expression changed.

That was because he saw an extremely huge black bear Beast opening its mouth, which was filled with fangs, and charging at him!

And between its brows was the Milky Way star that was shining with a bright light!

In that instant, the countless mutated humans seemed to have seen something extremely attractive, and they quickly pounced towards the mutated black bear like crazy!

The reason why this group of people had come here was actually to get Milky Way star. Now that they saw Milky Way star on the head of the huge black bear Beast, they all seemed to have gone crazy and quickly pounced on the black bear beast’s head!

Soon, countless mutants hung onto the mutated black bear and climbed up frantically, fighting to get the Milky Way star.

However, they couldn’t touch it, because the mutated black bear Beast wasn’t someone to be trifled with. It suddenly leaped out of the deep pit, its ten-meter-long body looking extremely shocking.

On the mutated black bear’s body, there were a few hundred mutants still hanging on it. As the mutated black bear’s body was constantly swung left and right, countless mutated black bears were directly thrown out and smashed heavily on the ground, constantly screaming in pain. The sound was extremely ear-piercing!

As for the mutated black bear Beast that was stuck in the deep pit, it crawled out with a solemn expression on its face. It opened its bloody mouth and roared furiously at the mutants that were pouncing at it.

There were only a few hundred mutants left. They had lost their minds and rationality. The only thing they could remember was their purpose in coming to the forbidden land.

That was to get the Milky Way star. To them, the most important thing now was the Milky Way star.

Even though they were facing the threat of the mutated black bear, these mutants had no intention of leaving.

They were still baring their fangs and brandishing their claws, roaring furiously at the mutated black bear in the distance, letting out a heart-wrenching cry!

It seemed to be declaring war on the mutated black bear exotic beast!

In the next moment, countless mutants charged towards the mutated black bear in a frenzy!

They seemed to have been stimulated by the energy source released by Milky Way star. Their speed suddenly increased in quality, and the further they ran, the larger their bodies became!

Zhou Hao couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise when he saw this.

The Milky Way star’s energy was indeed massive, and it could cause such a huge impact on the exotic beasts.

However, it made sense. Since Jonina could take all the energy contained in the Milky Way star and give it to the people of planet Mandela to unseal the ice, the energy must be quite significant.

At this point, Zhou Hao did not want to waste any more time.

He immediately held his breath and conjured an illusionary space, enveloping the mutated black bear Beast and the mutated humans!

In the next instant!

The mutants who were roaring and charging forward suddenly had a huge pit under their feet. The deep pit was filled with burning lava, which was still bubbling continuously. It was a terrifying sight.

The mutated humans did not notice the change beneath their feet. They were still charging forward at a rapid speed. In the next moment, they were directly plunged into the lava and burned to the point that not even their bones were left.

However, the mutants behind them continued to advance, wave after wave, rapidly chasing after them.

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