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Chapter 978 - -strange beast in the forbidden area  

Chapter 978: Chapter 978-strange beast in the forbidden area

Zhou Hao stared at the falling debris. Suddenly, he saw a huge figure emerge from the deep pit!

From the moment the figure appeared, Zhou Hao could feel an extremely oppressive feeling coming from all around him. It was constantly engulfing his entire body.

At that moment, Zhou Hao’s breathing began to Quicken. He frowned and looked at the figures in the cave with a serious expression. He could not believe what he was seeing.

What was this …

Very quickly, Zhou Hao landed steadily beside Jonina and the gray-haired man.

When the two of them saw that Zhou Hao had returned safe and sound, their tightly suspended hearts finally settled down.

His face was filled with solemness. Then, he frowned as he looked at the sinkhole that was trembling more and more violently. His eyes were filled with solemness.

“Zhou Hao, are you alright?”

Jonina hurriedly asked with concern.

“I’m fine, but Milky Way star …”He said.

Halfway through his sentence, Zhou Hao suddenly realized that he did not know how to describe the scene he had just seen.

After all, the scene just now was really too shocking. He only felt that he was simply unable to describe it with words.

Even now, he still felt his heart beating rapidly. He was so nervous that he was short of breath and panting heavily.

“He fell into a deep pit …”

Jonina also saw that scene and felt as if her heart was being cut by a knife.

Her purpose of coming here this time was to take Milky Way star back and unseal her frozen clansmen on the planet. Now, Milky Way star was gone, so all her efforts had been in vain.

But very quickly, Jonina’s spirits were lifted. She tried her best to smile, then smiled and slowly said,””It’s okay, I believe that we will have a chance to get the Milky Way star again!”

“It’s just that we fell into the deep pit. When the earthquake stops, we can go down and have a look. Maybe we can find Milky Way star in the deep pit. ”

However, before Jonina could finish her sentence, Zhou Hao slowly opened his mouth and said in an extremely serious tone,””The collapse of that deep pit was not caused by the earthquake at all.”

Zhou Hao was silent for a long time. Then, he said word by word,”it’s because there’s something underground that caused the earthquake.” His eyes were solemn.

“Just now, I saw a pair of huge eyes at the bottom of the deep pit. The power that it emitted was very powerful. It has already reached the level of a tenth grade martial Saint.”

“Besides, Milky Way star has already been swallowed by it. If I’m not wrong, it’s the last barrier protecting Milky Way star.”

After he said that short sentence, Jonina and the gray-haired man’s faces were filled with disbelief and shock!

All of them looked at Zhou Hao in unison, feeling that what they had just heard was simply unbelievable!

When she thought of this, Jonina’s face turned slightly pale. She then asked,””Is what you’re saying true? are there really tenth grade martial Saints here?”

“That’s right. ”

Zhou Hao nodded, then said with a serious face,””Moreover, the aura that this strange beast is giving off is too strong.”

“It’s almost the same as the exotic beast we encountered in the cave. That’s why we only saw its illusionary shadow in the cave and didn’t see the real exotic beast.”

When she heard Zhou Hao’s words, Jonina’s breathing suddenly became rapid.

The gray-haired man couldn’t help but nod his head. Then, he said anxiously,””Yes, I also heard that the forbidden land is protected by the Milky Way star’s barrier. It’s very powerful!”

“At first, I thought it was just some electricity. But for me, such a strong high-voltage voltage is indeed very powerful. If it weren’t for the ancient jade in boss’s hand, we wouldn’t have been able to get close at all!”

Just as everyone’s faces were filled with anxiety …

In the distance, the intensity of the ground’s tremors suddenly increased.

Not long after, Zhou Hao’s expression suddenly became more anxious. He immediately said to Jonina and the gray-haired man,”You guys go first. I’ll think of a way to deal with this exotic beast barrier.”

“But …”

Jonina’s expression instantly turned flustered. She immediately grabbed Zhou Hao, who was about to rush forward, and said in an extremely anxious tone,””No, I can’t let you risk your life for this!”

“The mutated humans will be here soon, and we’ll be in even more danger. Let’s leave this place first!”

After saying that, Jonina turned around and prepared to leave with Zhou Hao.

However, Zhou Hao shook his head and said in a serious tone,””You guys go first. I have a way to deal with this beast. Find a safe place to hide first. Otherwise, I can’t protect you.”

The magnetic field around them had already begun to gradually become chaotic. If they continued to stay here, they would only be in danger!

Although Jonina’s strength wasn’t ordinary, she could only rely on these high-tech weapons to boost her strength. Without weapons, she didn’t have that many abilities when facing exotic beasts.

Zhou Hao’s expression was also extremely serious.

He looked at the gray-haired man with a frown and immediately said,””Now that we’ve found Milky Way star’s location, all that’s left is to bring it back safely.”

“Take miss Qiao out of the forbidden area immediately and wait for me in the spaceship. I’ll meet up with you guys after I get the Milky Way star.”

The gray-haired man immediately nodded and agreed to his request.

With the beast taming bangle on, he would follow Zhou Hao’s orders without any thoughts of disobeying.

Jonina, however, could not help but ask anxiously,””No, what will you do if we leave?”

Although Qiao Nina wanted the Milky Way star as well, Zhou Hao had taken care of her a lot along the way and had helped her a lot. Moreover, they were not facing an ordinary exotic beast. She was more worried about Zhou Hao’s safety.

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