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Chapter 985 - She was kidnapped  

Chapter 985: She was kidnapped

The gray-haired man and Jonina would definitely not have left in advance, nor would they have intentionally hidden and refused to see him.

The only possibility was that they had gone the wrong way and had delayed their arrival.

At this thought, Zhou Hao immediately took out his communication device and quickly dialed the gray-haired man’s communication device.

The next second, the beeping sound of the communication device rang nearby.

Zhou Hao’s face was filled with confusion. He could not help but look around hesitantly, but he did not see anyone.

He followed the direction of the sound and quickly walked forward. He saw that the gray-haired man’s communication device had fallen to the ground.

Zhou Hao’s expression changed. He thought to himself that something must have happened to the gray-haired man.

Otherwise, he would not have left his communication device here.

Of course, Zhou Hao wouldn’t believe that it was the gray-haired man who had betrayed him. After all, as long as the beast taming bangle was worn on one’s hand, it wouldn’t be able to cut through even the toughest steel in the world unless he gave the order.

The gray-haired man’s loyalty to him was already deeply rooted in his mind, and there was no way to change it.

Therefore, he had no doubt that the gray-haired man had betrayed him.

It seemed that something must have happened!

Zhou Hao immediately switched on his communication device. He saw a message on the screen.

“Boss, get out, it’s dangerous!”

These few words were enough to prove that they must have encountered an emergency while waiting for him here.

Zhou Hao’s expression tensed up. Just as he was about to use his aura to detect the location of the gray-haired man and Jonina, he suddenly heard a whistling sound coming from behind him.

Zhou Hao turned his head around and saw a group of people in the distance. They were heading towards the cave they had entered earlier!

Even though Zhou Hao had no idea who this group of people was, his instincts told him that they were the group that had captured Jonina and the gray-haired man.

Thinking of this, Zhou Hao immediately followed them secretly, ready to find the location of the two.

At the same time, in the deepest part of the cave.


The sound of a whip hitting a body could be heard.

“Ah!” A shrill cry was heard, and it reverberated throughout the cave.

Jonina, who originally had a delicate face and a calm demeanor, was now trapped on a pillar in the cave. At this moment, her face was pale and Haggard. The cold sweat on her forehead was dripping down in large drops, making her look extremely miserable.

Her clothes were also torn and tattered by the electric whip, and her skin and flesh were torn.

Someone had deliberately installed an electromagnetic jammer in the cave. Hence, Qiao Nina and the gray-haired man had no way of contacting Zhou Hao with their communication devices. They did not even have the chance to resist. They could only suffer in this place.

The gray-haired man was also tied to a pillar beside Jonina. His face was filled with pain, and his breathing was gradually becoming more rapid. His eyes were filled with anxiety.

“Stop hitting her, she’s about to be killed by you!”

The gray-haired man’s eyes were bloodshot. He did not know where he got the courage from, but he shouted at the group of people in a rage.

“Yo, kid, do you think that you haven’t been beaten up enough?”

The leader of the group was a fierce-looking, well-built man with a cold expression. He walked step by step to the front of the gray-haired man and suddenly grabbed the gray-haired man’s hair. He sneered and said,”You want to be the hero to save the beauty?”

“Alright, you should take a good look at yourself. What kind of person are you now? how dare you clamor in front of me? do you think you haven’t been beaten enough?”

The fierce-looking man’s face was full of mockery. He looked at the gray-haired man as if he was looking at an idiot.

At this moment, the gray-haired man also looked very miserable.

He wasn’t any better off than Jonina. His entire body was covered in whip marks. Blood flowed down from his wounds, and he looked extremely miserable.

Jonina, who was in the distance, had a pained expression on her face. However, she gritted her teeth and forced herself not to let her tears fall.

Jonina was the princess of planet mandaronina. She grew up in luxury and had no worries about food and clothing. She had never encountered something like this.

Now, he was actually being treated so violently. It really made people feel angry and unbearable.

But now, Jonina had no other way. After all, she had fallen into someone else’s hands. She wanted to resist, but there was no way at all. She could only watch as this group of people continued to use violence on her!


The electric whip landed heavily on Jonina’s body once again, causing her tears to roll down her face. This time, she could not take it anymore.

Originally, she came here to get the Milky Way star, unfreeze her people, and rescue them.

However, she did not expect such a thing to happen!

This group of people knew that it was one of the three of them who had the Milky Way star, so they deliberately captured the two of them and locked them up in this cave. They threatened them to tell them where Zhou Hao was, and then used them as a hostage to exchange for the Milky Way star.

Jonina’s entire life was for the sake of her people and planet.

This group of people had really underestimated the importance of her people in Jonina’s heart. Even if she died, she would never betray her own people.

She knew that Zhou Hao would definitely be able to get the Milky Way star. As long as the Milky Way star was there, Zhou Hao would definitely help her to rescue the people on planet mandaronina.

Therefore, before she was caught, she had deliberately asked the gray-haired man to write that line of words on his communication device so that Zhou Hao could leave the forbidden area as soon as possible.

However, she had never thought that this group of people would torture her like this.

In that instant, a sense of humiliation engulfed Jonina’s heart.

Jonina had never thought that she would one day fall into the hands of a group of scumbags. They would do anything to achieve their goals!

Finally, Jonina couldn’t take it anymore. Her vision turned black, and her consciousness completely disappeared. She fainted.

“Miss Nina, Miss Nina!”

The gray-haired man panicked and hurriedly called out, but no one responded.

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