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Chapter 972 - Mutant Army  

Chapter 972: Mutant Army

Although the name of the forbidden land was very terrifying, to be honest, the scenery here was not bad.

There was beautiful scenery everywhere. The scenery was beautiful and pleasant. It was beyond beautiful.

The three of them walked side by side and continued to move forward. Suddenly, they heard a rumbling sound from afar.

The people who were originally relaxed and enjoying the surrounding scenery immediately tensed up when they heard this voice.

They looked around vigilantly, their eyes full of hesitation. They couldn’t help but ask,””What’s that sound …”

Zhou Hao’s expression was extremely serious. After scanning the surroundings, he said,””We’ll act according to the situation. ”

The gray-haired man and Jonina immediately nodded. Then, they quickly walked toward the location in front of them.

Everyone’s faces were extremely serious. As they walked up to the top of the mountain, the sharp-eyed man with gray hair suddenly realized that something was wrong. He immediately shouted at Jonina and Zhou Hao,””Boss, miss Qiao, bad news!”

“Look at the foot of the mountain, there are so many people everywhere. Did they come to an agreement to fight for Milky Way star?”

When Zhou Hao and Jonina heard that, they immediately looked in the direction that Zhou Hao was looking at.

When he saw this, Zhou Hao’s face darkened and he said sternly,””Look carefully. Are those people really human?”

After hearing these words, Zhou Hao’s expression suddenly changed.

His eyes were filled with shock as he looked at the scene in a daze. He couldn’t help but stammer,””These … Aren’t these … The mutants we killed in the cave!”

“That’s right. ”

Zhou Hao’s expression was extremely serious. He nodded and slowly said,””What we need to do now is to avoid these mutated humans and try not to get into any conflict with them.”

“But, why did a perfectly fine person suddenly become like this …”

Beside him, Jonina’s expression was filled with shock. She started to stammer and stammer. She could not say a single word. No one knew what was going on.

She nervously looked at the mutated humans at the foot of the mountain and found that they were all tall and strong. When they stood up, they were about the height of three people, and they were all muscular and strong.

Their eyes were hollow, and a red light flickered in their eyes. They kept making ‘Wu Wu Wu’ sounds, but no one knew what they were saying.

Zhou Hao didn’t say anything. He just glanced at the group of people and said coldly,””Something must have happened to him. Otherwise, this wouldn’t have happened.” Jiang Chen thought.

“But I can roughly guess the reason.”

This short sentence caused Zhou Hao and Jonina’s expressions to change.

They looked at Zhou Hao in surprise and asked,””You know? What’s the meaning of this?”

Seeing the confusion on both of their faces, Zhou Hao only smiled faintly and said slowly,””I’ve been on a mission before. ”

“The magnetic field there is chaotic, so there are many mutated beasts nearby. The space is also distorted.”

“So I’m sure that there must be a strong magnetic field disorder near Milky Way star, and the radiation caused all these people to mutate.”

“Since they are here for Milky Way star, I guess we must be near it.”

After hearing these words, Jonina’s expression immediately became extremely excited.

“In other words, we’re going to find Milky Way star soon?”

Jonina’s face was filled with excitement. She could not wait to find Milky Way star.

The gray-haired man suddenly grabbed Zhou Hao’s arm and said in a serious tone,””I think it’s time for us to activate the protective barrier …”

“Protective barrier!”

Jonina’s heart skipped a beat. She then said hesitantly,””It seems too late …”

The next second, everyone saw a shocking scene!

The mutated humans seemed to have gone crazy as they rapidly ran towards their position!

Their speed was much faster than they had imagined. They were charging towards them at full speed without any intention of stopping.

Zhou Hao’s expression darkened when he saw this. He immediately turned to Jonina and said,””Nina, we’d better activate the defense mechanism first. Otherwise, even if we get there, we’ll cause very serious damage!”

One had to know that the magnetic field near the energy source was not a small matter.

The closer he was to the energy source, the more dangerous it was.

Moreover, at that time, an extremely intense mutation would occur. It would be completely different from when they first came in, which only led to a malfunction.

Now, they had to do their best to prepare all the means of defense in order to withstand all the dangers!

At that thought, Zhou Hao immediately took out three sets of combat uniforms from his inventory. He handed two of them to Zhou Hao and Jonina.

“Put on your combat uniforms first. We’ll act according to the situation!”


The two of them nodded, then immediately found a more hidden place and put on their combat uniforms.

The combat uniform could greatly increase a person’s combat ability and combat standards. It could also hide one’s special scent and aura. Although it was not as powerful as the defensive barrier Jonina had set up for them, it could still be used in emergencies.

Furthermore, the combat uniform could block out all radiation for a short period of time!

As long as they could get Milky Way star before the power of their battle suits ran out, everything would be fine.

When everyone had changed into their combat uniforms, they saw that the mutants, who were charging towards them from afar, were gradually slowing down.

A few of them had already stopped and stood still, carefully sniffing the surroundings, as if they were looking for the three of them.

“Let’s go,”he said.

Seeing that he had temporarily delayed them, Zhou Hao immediately waved his hand at Jonina and the gray-haired man, signaling for them to follow.

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