Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 971 - -take a gamble  

Chapter 971: Chapter 971-take a gamble

“The magnetic field here is still stable. We can only take a gamble and get through the night safely.”

Jonina’s words were extremely serious. After Zhou Hao heard it, he nodded his head.

“I’ll prepare some food. Go and call that silly boy in. Otherwise, he’ll freeze to death outside. ”

After Jonina finished speaking, she immediately went to prepare.

Zhou Hao opened the door and looked outside. He saw that the gray-haired man had already fallen asleep under the big tree.

Seeing this, Zhou Hao could not help but shake his head helplessly and smile.

This man was really interesting.

Zhou Hao walked to the gray-haired man’s side and gently patted his shoulder. He then said,””Let’s go in. ”

The gray-haired man was jolted awake from his dream and looked at Zhou Hao in surprise. Then, with a slightly embarrassed expression, he chuckled and said,””Hehe, boss, I won’t go in. You two are so sweet and loving. Why would I go in …”

Zhou Hao furrowed his brows and looked at the gray-haired man in confusion. He asked hesitantly,””Who did you say is a couple?”

“Ah? No… You, she, you two …”

Zhou Hao did not know what to say.

He looked like he was in a difficult position, but he was helpless as Zhou Hao kept telling him to go in.

He could not go against Zhou Hao’s words, so he could only nod and follow Zhou Hao into the tent.

When he walked into the tent, the gray-haired man was shocked to find that it was a completely different world!

The gray-haired man was stunned and couldn’t help but ask in shock,””The technology on the planet of the kogasse has already reached such a high level …”

After he said that short sentence, he heard Jonina say to him,””Dinner’s ready, come and eat. ”

The gray-haired man followed Zhou Hao to the dining table.

When Zhou Hao saw the table full of delicious food, he couldn’t help but ask in surprise,””Miss Qiao, did you only use five minutes to make so many dishes? how many hands do you have?”

Jonina covered her mouth and laughed. She pointed at the high-capacity sealed storage refrigerator in the kitchen and laughed,”No, there’s enough food stored here for a year. We just need to heat it up.”

“Don’t worry, the technology of the kogasse is very good. We’ve developed this refrigerator to store dishes that will never go bad.”

After hearing these words, Zhou Hao’s expression finally calmed down a little.

She pulled out two chairs and said to Zhou Hao,””Alright, you two should sit down. We didn’t eat anything all day yesterday. You must be hungry.”

The gray-haired man was already famished. He immediately pulled a chair over and sat on it. As he gobbled down his food, he chuckled at Jonina and said,””Thank you for your hospitality, Miss Nina!”

“You should sit down and eat too.”

Qiao Nina passed the bowl and chopsticks to Zhou Hao, and the three of them started eating.

After dinner, Jonina threw the dishes into the dishwasher and went to take a shower. When she came back, she sat on the sofa and watched the live international news on TV.

When he saw the reports about planet mandaronina still being frozen, his eyes became a little wet.

“Don’t worry, I’ll find Milky Way star soon and get you guys out. ”

Very soon, it was night.

The wind was howling outside, and the snow was falling. The biting cold wind kept blowing, and it looked extremely cold.

After Zhou Hao finished washing up, he walked out and saw Jonina staring blankly at a photo.

He could not help but walk to Jonina’s side and ask in concern,””Why aren’t you resting?”

“We don’t know what kind of danger we’ll face tomorrow. If you don’t rest well today, I’m afraid we won’t be able to win so easily.”

Zhou Hao smiled and slowly said,””Go and rest.”

Jonina lifted her head and glanced at Zhou Hao. Then, she smiled and shook her head,””I can’t sleep.”

Jonina wiped the tears from her eyes and sobbed,””My people are still suffering. I can’t sleep or eat in peace until I get the Milky Way star.”

Zhou Hao glanced at the thing in Jonina’s hand and realized that it was a photo of her and her father.

Zhou Hao walked to the side of the sofa and sat down. He then consoled her,””Don’t worry, everything will be fine. ”

Jonina nodded slightly, then turned around and returned to her room.

That night, Zhou Hao did not sleep much.

He had been thinking about one thing all this time, and that was how he was going to face these dangers.

The reason he had come here in the first place was to get the Milky Way star. But now, after meeting Jonina, he suddenly felt a strong sense of responsibility and burden.

Perhaps, he should help this poor girl.

Thinking of this, Zhou Hao decided that after getting the Milky Way star, he would first help Jonina go to planet mandaronina and solve the crisis.

The night passed quickly.

Perhaps it was because they were lucky, but the night was very peaceful and no accidents happened.

In the morning, when spring had just arrived, everyone woke up.

As usual, Jonina prepared a sumptuous breakfast. Then, she chuckled as she looked at the gray-haired man and Zhou Hao and said,””Alright, come and eat.”

Zhou Hao smiled and strode over. After the three of them finished their meal, they immediately walked out and prepared to continue moving forward.

After everyone was done packing, Zhou Hao immediately took out the ancient jade he had placed in his storage space and checked it.

As expected, they felt that they were getting closer to Milky Way star.

Soon, Zhou Hao walked out of the room and led a group of people in the direction he had sensed.

There was a tall mountain in front of them. If they wanted to walk over, they would have to cross the mountain.

However, it was not difficult for them to cross the mountains. Zhou Hao had planned to use the aircraft, but the magnetic field was in chaos at that moment. Therefore, Zhou Hao had to give up the aircraft and follow them on foot.

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