Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 970 - Mutant  

Chapter 970: Mutant

“Are you sure he’s the person you saw? could you have seen wrongly or remembered wrongly?”

Jonina couldn’t help but shiver from head to toe. Then, she hesitantly stammered,”

“I can’t be wrong.”

Zhou Hao’s expression was extremely determined. He nodded and then said in a serious tone,””I have a deep impression of him because he had a red round birthmark on his neck.”

“And he’s wearing a peace talisman around his neck. These are all symbols of his status. If you don’t believe me, take a look.”

The gray-haired man pointed at the birthmark on the man’s neck, and then pointed at the fortune teller on the ground not far away. As expected, it matched what the gray-haired man had said.

Qiao Nina and Zhou Hao were shocked, and their breathing started to Quicken. They knew that a huge danger was still waiting for them in the dark.

“If I had known, I would have let that Thunder live a little longer. That way, we would have an extra helper.”

Jonina could not help but feel a little remorseful.

When Zhou Hao heard this, he only shook his head and smiled. He did not take this matter to heart.

“Let’s not talk about that for now. Let’s get out first. The aura of the mutated exotic beast here hasn’t dissipated yet. That means that we’ve already awakened the mutated black bear exotic beast by shattering its illusionary shadow.”

“No matter what, it’s not a wise choice to stay here. We have to leave as soon as possible.”

After hearing Zhou Hao’s words, Jonina and the gray-haired man immediately nodded in agreement.

Then, the four of them immediately walked into the tunnel.

Fortunately, the journey this time was quite smooth, and they did not encounter any danger.

When the few of them walked out, they realized that the season outside had already become autumn.

They were now standing on the top of a mountain with a wide view. At the foot of the mountain was a place with beautiful mountains and rivers, and an excellent environment.

Everyone finally had a chance to catch their breath, so they immediately went down the mountain and prepared to set up camp at the foot of the mountain. After a short rest and eating something, it would not be too late to continue on the road.

“Hey, where’s Liang Wenyuan? where did he go?”

After taking a few steps forward, Zhou Hao suddenly realized that something was wrong. He could not help but look around. He did not see Liang Wenyuan. He looked at the few people hesitantly and asked, puzzled.

After Jonina heard this, she smiled faintly and waved her hand.””What are you looking for him for? I was just worried that I wouldn’t have a chance to get rid of this brat. Now look, he disappeared on his own.”

“I’m not worried that he’ll keep following us. I’m just worried that if he’s not under our eyes, he’ll suddenly appear and plot against us. ”

“Forget it. Since I can’t find it, then I’ll stop looking for it.”

Not long after, they arrived at the foot of the mountain. Countless yellow fallen leaves covered the ground. As the three of them walked on them, they made a series of creaking sounds. In this quiet environment, it was exceptionally ear-piercing.

In a short while, the three of them had chosen a place.

The magnetic field here was rather strong and did not seem to be disturbed. After seeing this, Jonina immediately took out her foldable tent capsule and threw it on the ground. In the next second, a triangular tent as tall as a person was taken out.

The gray-haired man had finished fetching water by the river. When he returned and saw the tent, he couldn’t help but sigh,””It’s great to have a tent to sleep in. I slept on the hard floor of the spaceship last night. My neck was almost stiff.”

After the gray-haired man finished speaking, he couldn’t help but look around. Then, he asked in confusion,””Miss Qiao, why is there only one tent? if that’s the case, I’m afraid the three of us won’t be able to rest.”

“And …”

Halfway through his sentence, the gray-haired man scratched his head in embarrassment and chuckled,””And you’re a girl. I’m afraid it’s not very convenient for you to sleep with us two men.”

Jonina was speechless. She could not help but roll her eyes and said gloomily,””You still know? come in first.”

As she spoke, Qiao Nina took the lead and walked in. Zhou Hao also smiled gently and did not say anything. He stood at the door with an uneasy expression.

“Why does it seem like boss and miss Jonina have such a good relationship?”

The gray-haired man couldn’t help but guess in surprise,””Could it be that the two of them are secretly dating? if they’re a couple, then I’ll be the third wheel when I go in.”

“And this tent is so small, how can we sleep in it?”

The gray-haired man hesitated, but in the end, he did not go in. Instead, he sat directly under a big tree next to the tent, leaned against it, and closed his eyes to rest.

Zhou Hao strode forward and followed Jonina into the tent. He was instantly stunned by the scene in the tent.

His face was filled with surprise, and he couldn’t help but ask hesitantly,””What … What is this place?”

It was no wonder that Zhou Hao would ask such a question, because the tent looked very small from the outside, but when he walked in, it was exceptionally spacious!

The interior was like a Presidential Suite in a high-class hotel. It was divided into four rooms, a bathroom, and a bathroom. In the middle was a living room with a wide view. There was a French window in the distance, from which one could see everything outside.

Zhou Hao was stunned by such advanced technology. He could not help but ask in surprise.

Looking at Zhou Hao’s surprised expression, Jonina only shook her head slightly. She then chuckled and said,””This thing is called a folding tent capsule. It’s easy to carry and has a wide space.”

“You can think of it as a magical barrier that keeps us in the same place. It’s just that you can’t see it.”

Jonina smiled. After explaining, she turned to Zhou Hao and said,””Also, I’m afraid we can’t continue our journey today.”

“Because we came out quite late, there’s only half an hour left before the change of season. If we don’t find a place to hide as soon as possible, we’ll freeze to death after a night of cold.”

Jonina turned around and looked at the mountain outside the window. She said in an extremely serious tone,””And that mountain is even more dangerous. We can’t go back.”

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