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Chapter 969 - danger everywhere  

Chapter 969: Chapter 969-danger everywhere

Zhou Hao focused his eyes and suddenly realized that there seemed to be countless black figures behind Liang Wenyuan. They were rapidly approaching his position and suddenly chasing after him!

The gray-haired man standing behind Zhou Hao suddenly felt his scalp go numb. Then, he said in a daze, word by word,””Boss … It’s … It’s a mutated beast!”

Because of the distance, Zhou Hao could not see clearly what kind of exotic beast it was. He could only judge from its aura that the exotic beast that was chasing him this time had probably reached the stage of a ninth-grade martial Saint.

A ninth-grade martial saint’s strength was actually about the same as Liang Wenyuan ‘s. However, Liang Wenyuan did not even have the courage to fight head-on. Instead, when he encountered something, he could only run away.

He was simply a good-for-nothing.

However, the tunnel was too narrow. It couldn’t accommodate so many people and exotic beasts at all. Even if they were to fight, there wouldn’t be enough space for them to display their skills, and danger could easily occur.

Zhou Hao didn’t say anything more. Instead, he gave Jonina and the gray-haired man a look, then quickly turned around and ran back into the huge cave where the mutated black bear was.

This time, the mutated beasts chasing them seemed to be extremely powerful. Every time their feet landed heavily on the ground, the ground would start to crack inch by inch, gradually spreading to their feet.

The surrounding rocks continued to slide down, looking extremely dangerous.

Jonina staggered and almost fell to the ground. It was Zhou Hao who grabbed her arm and helped her up.

Soon, the three of them ran back to their original positions. Liang Wenyuan also staggered and suddenly fell to the ground. He stood up with difficulty, looking extremely frightened and uneasy.

In the next second, Zhou Hao took out his Super Gatling gun and activated the ancient jade. As an energy source, it began to continuously send energy into the Gatling gun!

Countless shock waves, shimmering with blue light, erupted from the Gatling gun and shot toward the ferocious mutated beasts behind Liang Wenyuan!

However, the mutated beasts actually looked like zombies. They looked very similar to humans, but they were two to three times taller than humans. They waved their arms, and every time they were shot, their bodies would stagger back, and then they would charge again!

They came in an endless stream, as if they were going to eat them all!

This scene instantly caused Jonina’s expression to change drastically!

She looked in shock at the mutated beasts that kept charging in, feeling a chill in her heart.

“Nina, aim for their heads. As long as their heads are blown up, you can restrict their movements and kill them directly!”

As Zhou Hao spoke, he immediately raised the Gatling gun in his hand and directly bombarded the heads of those mutated beasts!

Jonina immediately calmed herself down. She picked up the longsword in her hand and charged at the mutated beast!

Behind him, although the gray-haired man was extremely afraid, he had to brace himself and charge forward when he was facing the attacks of so many exotic beasts, in addition to the fact that the person he had sworn to follow was already here!

At the thought of this, the gray-haired man suddenly gained courage from God knows where. He suddenly roared and quickly rushed toward a position far away!

Zhou Hao’s expression froze. He did not expect that the gray-haired man who was as timid as a mouse would be able to explode with such a powerful force.

He took out the weapon he had snatched earlier and fired at those mutated beasts!

In the next moment, dozens of mutated beasts were beaten to the ground. They were trembling, but their arms were still scratching in all directions, looking extremely terrifying.

The gray-haired man was determined. Without hesitation, he raised the dagger in his hand and ruthlessly stabbed at the heads of those mutated beasts!

There were only a few ‘Puchi’ sounds, and in the next moment, the surroundings quieted down.

Only a few mutated beasts that weren’t completely dead were still mumbling something.

Zhou Hao immediately raised the Gatling gun in his hand and shot at the few who were not completely dead. Then, he knocked them all down.

In the next moment, the gray-haired man could not help but gasp for air. He looked extremely shocked and uneasy. He had never thought that he would become so ferocious one day!

“Guys, look! These don’t look like mutated beasts, but … Humans.”

Jonina couldn’t help but stick her head out to take a look. A few mutated beasts ‘heads had been chopped off by her, so they weren’t completely unrecognizable.

She leaned over to take a closer look. When she saw the scene in front of her clearly, her eyes widened in shock. She stared at the scene in a daze and was unable to come back to her senses for a long time!

“Are they really … Humans?”

Zhou Hao and the gray-haired man also stood up and walked over. The gray-haired man looked at it for a while, then suddenly pointed at one of the mutated beasts whose head had been cut off by Jonina and said,””I know this person!”

After she said that short sentence, both Qiao Nina and Zhou Hao looked at her hesitantly, their faces filled with surprise.

“You know him? What do you mean by that?”

Everyone turned to look at the gray-haired man in unison.

The gray-haired man swallowed a mouthful of saliva nervously. Then, he began to stammer and stutter.

“Yes … Yes, I’ve seen this kid before. When we were setting up camp at the entrance of the forbidden land, I saw him and that group of people coming here to rest in a huge space capsule.”

This short sentence immediately shocked everyone.

If those things were the mutated beasts here, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

After all, every planet was in chaos now. It was actually very normal to encounter the threat of mutant beasts.

However, if these few people were really like what the gray-haired man said, humans turning into mutated beasts, then this matter was a big problem!

This also proved that the dangers of the forbidden land were far more terrifying than they had imagined!

When she realized this, Jonina’s expression instantly turned extremely ugly.

She suppressed the fear and panic in her heart, and her breathing quickened as she looked at the gray-haired man in front of her nervously.

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