Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 968 - Saving the fire and water  

Chapter 968: Saving the fire and water

Jonina’s eyes were filled with the flames of anger. She suppressed the anger in her heart and said coldly,””He himself is a senior official of our planet mandaronina, holding an important position.”

“Now, he’s been exiled because of his mistake. He actually used our planet’s secrets, such a ridiculous method, to exchange for him to become a citizen of the Thunder and fire planet.”

“In the end, the Thunder and fire planet launched an attack and war on our planet mandaronina, causing heavy losses to our planet.”

“All the natives of our planet were instantly frozen by the planet’s self-protection barrier. Until now, we still have no way to break it.”

Jonina’s face was filled with sorrow when she said this. He couldn’t help but shake his head and sigh,””However, only the Milky Way star in the forbidden land can activate the power of the entire planet and remove the barrier.”

“The reason why I came here is actually to get Milky Way star and remove the barrier. As long as the barrier is removed, then Milky Way star is of no use to me.”

“That’s why I’m willing to work with you. At the same time, I’ve been looking for an opportunity to take revenge and kill Leiting.”

Jonina’s words were filled with anger, but Zhou Hao did not understand. He could not help but ask suspiciously,””But if you hate Thunderbolt so much, why did you come with him?”

Zhou Hao’s words seemed to have struck a spot of sorrow in Jonina’s heart.

His expression suddenly became desolate. Then, he slowly opened his mouth and said again,””After he betrayed planet mandaronina, he captured me.”

“Although he has been providing for me with good food and drink, I also know that he is just using this opportunity to threaten and humiliate my father. He wants to take revenge for being expelled by my father back then.”

“Besides, Thunder even threatened me to be with him. I only managed to escape because I threatened him with my life several times.”

“He wouldn’t dare to do anything to me. After all, if he wants to get the secret treasure under planet mandaronina, he will need my father’s star Mark. Otherwise, he will never be able to open the Stargate.”

After Jonina finished speaking, she looked at Zhou Hao with a smile. Even though her tone was still weak, it had softened a little. She smiled and slowly said,””Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. ”

“We, the caegars, do what we say and will never go back on our words. I’ve already promised you that I’ll only use the Milky Way star to open the barrier and save my people. After that, this Milky Way star will be yours. I won’t fight with you for it. I just want to protect my people.”

Jonina’s words were very calm.

She did not take Liang Wenyuan seriously at all. She knew that the gray-haired man was Zhou Hao’s underling and was loyal to him.

Liang Wenyuan was a scammer, a coward, and a person like that was nothing to be afraid of.

At this moment, Zhou Hao finally understood why he had not said anything since he had seen Thunder. Every time Jonina was in danger, he would be so nervous.

In the beginning, he thought that the two of them were either husband and wife or lovers.

But now, he finally understood that one of them was just being used, and the other was being used.

However, as the princess of planet mandaronina, Jonina’s intelligence was not to be underestimated. She had actually understood how to kill someone with a borrowed knife.

Zhou Hao didn’t say much, but nodded slightly and agreed,””Okay, I promise you. After we find Milky Way star, I will go to planet mandaronina with you and unseal your people first. Please don’t forget your promise to me.”

“Alright,” he said.

Jonina nodded slightly and stood up with Zhou Hao’s help.

“Wait, don’t go in yet.”

Jonina’s gaze was like a torch as she glanced at the tightly shut door. Then, she muttered something in her heart. She slowly raised her hand, pointed at the door, and roared.

The boundless force in the surroundings whizzed past and smashed heavily on the bronze door.

Jonina’s eyes were like torches as she stared at the image in front of her. The next second, she suddenly took out the treasure she had obtained from the spaceship from her inventory.

The longsword, which was glowing with a pale blue light, was swung out rapidly and instantly blew the door apart!

The entire door was instantly shattered into pieces by such a huge force, and countless fragments fell to the ground.

Immediately after, a beam of light burst out from the distance. When Liang Wenyuan saw this scene, his face lit up with joy. Then, he rushed into the distance excitedly!

“Just as the gray-haired man was about to follow them, Jonina suddenly pulled him back.

She squinted her eyes and looked into the distance. Then, she said in a very serious tone,””We don’t know if the exit of the cave is behind the copper Door or if it’s dangerous.”

“It’s better to be more cautious. Since Liang Wenyuan wants to go over, why don’t we let him take the lead and we’ll wait and see.”

After Jonina finished speaking, Zhou Hao started to look at her in a new light.

This woman didn’t seem to be a simple character.

However, even though he had his suspicions, he could not deny that Jonina was right.

Only a fool like Liang Wenyuan would rush to a place so urgently and be so eager to die.

At the thought of this, Zhou Hao’s expression suddenly became extremely serious. He then looked at the road indifferently with a serious expression.

The next second, a heart-wrenching wail suddenly burst out in the passage!

Zhou Hao’s scalp went numb, and his expression immediately became serious.

“It’s Liang Wenyuan. It looks like he’s in danger. Let’s go over and take a look first!”

After Zhou Hao finished speaking, he immediately rushed through the bronze door and rushed to the front. The gray-haired man followed closely behind to protect Zhou Hao’s safety.

Jonina walked behind the two of them and looked around vigilantly, in case any danger suddenly appeared.

The next moment, everyone saw a shocking scene!

Liang Wenyuan was in a sorry state. His entire body was stained with red blood and he looked extremely miserable. He looked at Zhou Hao and Qiao Nina in front of him and shouted,””Run! Go back!”

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