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Chapter 967 - -sacrifice  

Chapter 967: Chapter 967-sacrifice

However, it did not take long for blood to flow out of the corner of Jonina’s mouth again. Her aura instantly became dispirited.

After Zhou Hao saw this scene, his face suddenly showed a trace of surprise.

He looked at Jonina in confusion. He did not know why, but Jonina seemed to be using up her energy very quickly!

Although it was true that she had used the ancient jade to power the energy in the beginning, so it was normal for her to consume more energy, it shouldn’t have been consumed so quickly!

Very quickly, Zhou Hao noticed something!

Jonina seemed to be continuously transferring her energy and energy into the mutated black bear’s body through the ancient jade as a medium!

Her speed was very fast, so the energy consumption was also very fast, so fast that he could not stop it!

In the next moment, the fireball condensed in the mutated black bear’s mouth suddenly grew in size, and then shot toward the group of people in the distance!

Liang Wenyuan, who had been watching the scene vigilantly, naturally reacted the fastest. He first dodged left and right, then pulled the gray-haired man over, using him as a human shield, constantly blocking any possible attacks from the mutated black bear Beast!

However, the speed at which the raging flames were poured out was not something they could compare to at all!

In the distance, Lei ting was stunned for a moment, then his expression suddenly changed!

“Jonina! What the hell are you doing!”

Thunder suddenly let out a furious roar and quickly retreated backward!

Although Zhou Hao did not know what Qiao Nina was up to, they had already reached the most critical moment. There was no way to stop now.

The thunder in the distance had more fear and shock in its eyes!

He subconsciously wanted to avoid this violent flame attack, but his speed simply could not keep up. Almost in an instant, the flame directly arrived in front of him!


The Thunderbolt suddenly let out a roar and instantly came into contact with the fireball!

The moment the fireball touched Thunder, Thunder’s body was instantly set on fire. He screamed in pain and struggled, but in the next moment, there was a loud bang!

Thunder’s entire body exploded in an instant, turning into a pool of blood. He disappeared in an instant, as if he had never existed.

If it wasn’t for the blood on the ground that reminded everyone that someone had just been walking with them …

After the explosion of the lightning, the mutated black bear in the distance also exploded like a firework. Then, it turned into a wisp of green smoke and disappeared.

All of this happened too quickly, almost in the time it took for a spark to fly off a piece of Flint. Before the gray-haired man and Liang Wenyuan could recover from their shock, the faces of the people closest to them were sprayed with hot blood. It was a terrifying sight.

Liang Wenyuan let out a miserable scream. He looked particularly panicked and helpless. He quickly rolled and crawled away from the pool of blood and wiped the blood off his face in a panic.

Zhou Hao had not expected that Jonina would suddenly use the mutated black bear to kill Thunder!

After all, wasn’t she on the same side as Leiting?

And when they were outside, they had agreed to come here and form a team with them in order to find Milky Way star.

But now, Jonina had killed her partner who had come with her without hesitation.

In that case, could Zhou Hao suspect that this woman would also attack them?

Thinking of this, Zhou Hao’s spirit instantly tensed up. His face was full of anxiety as he looked at the scene in front of him nervously.

After Qiao Nina had settled this matter, she handed the ancient jade to Zhou Hao and nodded slightly at him as a sign of acknowledgment. Then, as if she had lost all her strength, she fell to the ground and panted heavily.

Zhou Hao kept the ancient jade into his storage space. He then looked at Jonina, who was sitting on the ground, and said with a smile,””So, can I assume that miss Zhou was actually planning to use such a method to kill Mr. Thunder on purpose?”

That short sentence stunned the gray-haired man. He looked at Jonina in a daze, then glanced at where the illusionary figure of the mutated black bear was. He realized that there was indeed a bronze door behind it. This was the only place where they could leave and head to the outside world.

But now, he was more curious about why Jonina had suddenly decided to kill her own companion.

Jonina panted for a moment, recovering some energy.

She smiled weakly and said,””How did you know that I wanted to kill Leiting on purpose? after all, anyone could have suffered the final blow of that mutated black bear.”

“Maybe it’s that Leiting brat. He’s just unlucky, so he deserves to meet with this calamity. Who knows?”

Jonina’s words were said in an extremely relaxed manner. It was as if she did not take this matter seriously at all. Even if she had killed Thunder, it was not her fault.

After hearing these words, Zhou Hao smiled faintly. He looked at Jonina with a profound gaze and said,””I’ve already guessed it when you continuously gathered your energy into the ancient jade. ”

“Otherwise, your body wouldn’t be so weak. This is the only explanation.”

Jonina only shook her head slightly.

After a moment of silence, she said,””I don’t intend to hide it from you. After all, I’ve already hated him before I came here.”

“Especially when he calls me Nana so affectionately every time. It makes me sick!”

Jonina’s expression suddenly became extremely resentful as she spoke. She suppressed the coldness in her heart and slowly said,””Although he is also a member of the Caucasus people, he has already betrayed planet mandaronina. He is a sinner.”

“He made a mistake that caused planet mandaronina to fall into a huge crisis. As a last resort, my father, as the master of planet mandaronina, exiled him.”

“Who would have thought that he would seek refuge with the old enemy of our planet mandaronina, the planet Thunder and Inferno? he even changed his name to Thunder. It’s really disgusting!”

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