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Chapter 966 - -illusory shadow  

Chapter 966: Chapter 966-illusory shadow

Fresh blood flowed out of Jonina’s palm and dripped onto their tightly held hands. It flowed through the cracks and into the ancient jade.

The ancient jade absorbed the blood drop by drop and instantly fused it into its body.

At this very moment, the ancient jade suddenly became warm. Its entire body was also constantly emitting a warm red light. It was as if an extremely powerful force was already brewing.

In the next moment, the ancient jade suddenly burst forth with an extremely strong light, piercing the surrounding onlookers and causing them to immediately cover their eyes.

They squinted their eyes and tried to open them to take a look, but they couldn ‘t. They only felt that the light was not only intense, but also boiling hot, as if it was a scorching flame that was constantly roasting their surroundings!

Very quickly, the beam of light shot rapidly in the direction of the mutated black bear exotic beast!

In almost an instant, it rapidly surged into the mutated black bear exotic beast’s body!

The loud sounds continued to reverberate in the surroundings. The huge mutated black bear in the distance suddenly started to shake!

The surrounding ground also began to shake violently!

Countless clouds of dust continuously scattered down from the top of the cave, causing everyone to immediately find a corner to stabilize their minds and avoid the attacks around them.

In this place, they had no way of using any high-tech weapons. In addition, these few soldiers of the Caucasus people lacked physical strength, and could only rely on their own weapons. Thus, in the face of such a situation, they could only be like ordinary people, powerless.

In the distance, Zhou Hao suddenly felt the energy in his body boiling.

His divine sense was also growing stronger and stronger. He felt that he could clearly sense the light, and could control it to quickly rush towards the location of the mutated beast.

Zhou Hao only felt that the ray of light had quickly charged into the mutated black bear’s weak point. Immediately after, he looked towards Jonina. Just as he was about to say something, he saw a scene that shocked him to the core!

Jonina’s face was filled with killing intent. Her eyes were dark as she glanced at a spot beside her.

Zhou Hao followed Jonina’s gaze and looked over. To his surprise, he realized that the person she was looking at was Thunder.

What was going on?

At the same time, the rumbling sounds in the surroundings became even more intense.

Jonina’s face gradually turned pale. This power was triggered by Jonina’s blood, so Jonina was the main person who guided this power!

Zhou Hao was the assistant. Although he was the assistant, he still played a very important role!

Jonina was a member of the Caucasus people, and her blood was extremely pure. By using her blood to activate the energy within the ancient jade, not only would she be able to achieve twice the result with half the effort, but she would also be able to use the least amount of cultivation and energy to activate the most powerful energy within the ancient jade!

Time passed by the seconds and minutes. After about five minutes, the violent shaking sound exploded again.

Countless broken stones and tiles came crashing down one after another. The surrounding trembled and buzzed. Liang Wenyuan, who was far away, stuck his head out to take a look. He was instantly shocked by the scene in front of him!

In the distance, the mutated giant bear exotic beast seemed to be awakening!

Its originally dull eyes gradually lit up, and its entire body trembled violently as if it was about to stand up from the ground!

Jonina’s breathing gradually became heavier, but her eyes still looked normal.

She couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood. Countless wisps of aura surged into the mutated black bear Beast in front of her!

The mutated black bear beast’s entire body suddenly began to shake violently. In that instant, the tremors in the cave grew stronger and stronger!

In the next moment, the mutated black bear woke up instantly, and under everyone’s watchful eyes, it actually stood up!

His eyes revealed a cold glint. Immediately after, a strong pressure gradually poured out and erupted like a flood that had opened the floodgates!

At that moment, the pressure suppressed the surroundings, causing everyone to be dumbfounded. They looked at the scene in shock and could not believe what they were seeing!

Zhou Hao had never seen such a shocking scene before, and he was instantly stunned.

He could not help but take a deep breath. Immediately after, he quickly mobilized his cultivation and energy, planning to help Jonina and kill the mutated black bear exotic beast in front of him in one fell swoop!

Jonina’s body was still trembling, and her face was filled with fear. She looked as if she was truly afraid. She was not pretending.

Her mouth tasted bloody and sweet, and suddenly, blue veins appeared on her forehead, looking like she was in extreme pain.

However, her eyes were filled with determination and persistence. It was as if she had already made up her mind. No matter what the danger she was about to face today was, she would clench her teeth and endure it. She would never admit defeat!

In the distance, the mutated black bear exotic beast had already slowly stood up. It suddenly opened its bloody mouth, and there seemed to be an extremely strong pressure condensed in its mouth!

Then, a small ball of red light that looked like a burning fire gradually condensed!

At the sight of this scene, Zhou Hao’s pupils instantly trembled, and then a strange look appeared in his eyes!

“Seize the opportunity. We can’t give up so easily!”

That short sentence exploded out with a loud bang. Immediately after, the mutated black bear in the distance stood up completely!

Suddenly, its body turned into the shape of a ”, and its four limbs were completely spread out. Its entire body seemed to be as tall as the entire cave!

A powerful force burst forth in an instant. Jonina’s face suddenly turned extremely pale. She opened her mouth and spat out a mouthful of Scarlet blood. Her entire person looked extremely miserable.

When Zhou Hao saw this, he quickly transferred some of his power into Jonina’s body. In that instant, Jonina’s aura finally calmed down and she seemed to have recovered some energy.

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