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Chapter 965 - The key  

Chapter 965: The key

“This piece of ancient jade is the key!”

As Zhou Hao spoke, he subconsciously looked at Jonina. Then, he said in a very serious tone,””I wonder if miss Qiao would be willing to help me?”

Among their group, the only one who knew how to activate the ancient jade was Jonina.

Among the few of them, if there was anyone who could help him, it would be Jonina.

Therefore, Zhou Hao did not hesitate to immediately look at Jonina, and could not help but start to ask for help.

Jonina’s eyes flickered and she nodded slightly. Then, she chuckled and said,””Mr. Zhou’s reaction is really fast. Although this mutated black bear beast’s aura is strong, there’s still a way to break it.”

“Miss Qiao, what do you mean by that?”

Liang Wenyuan and the gray-haired man’s expressions turned extremely surprised after they heard the short sentence.

They looked at Jonina in unison, not knowing what she meant by her words.

“It’s simple. ”

Jonina’s face was calm and composed. She smiled and then slowly said,””The energy contained in the mutated black bear beast’s body is extremely powerful. This is something that everyone here can feel, right?”

The crowd did not know what Jonina was trying to do by saying such things.

However, after hearing her words, he couldn’t help but nod and agree.

Jonina pointed at the ancient jade in Zhou Hao’s hand, then continued in a serious tone,””The ancient jade in Mr. Zhou’s hand can absorb a large amount of the energy contained in the mutated black bear.”

“If we can absorb more than half of the energy contained in the mutated black bear beast’s body before the battle, we can greatly reduce the threat and damage it poses to us.”

Jonina’s words were very firm. She did not look flustered at all. It seemed like she was very confident about this matter.

After hearing Jonina’s words, Zhou Hao nodded slightly and a faint smile appeared on his face.

It was so convenient to talk and do things with smart people. As long as he spoke a little, it was enough to let them understand what he was going to do next.

The next moment, the two of them looked at each other and nodded. They had already made up their minds to do this!

In the crowd, Liang Wenyuan’s face was full of fear. His breathing was slightly rapid, and his eyes were full of anxiety and uneasiness. He seemed to be extremely panicked and afraid.

“Mr. Zhou, I’ll be honest with you. I’ve read about how to activate a powerful energy source in ancient books. This piece of ancient jade might be one of the energy sources. We can try to use this method to get rid of this mutated black bear Beast.”

“But …”

Jonina was halfway through her sentence when she looked at the mutated black bear in the distance again. Her expression suddenly turned extremely grave.

“I keep having the feeling that this mutated black bear Beast is both illusory and real, like a dream and an illusion. It’s sometimes invisible and sometimes fake.”

“It doesn’t seem like it’s the real mutated black bear. It’s just an illusionary figure it created to protect its territory from being attacked, just to scare off intruders.”

When the people around them heard Jonina’s words, their faces turned serious.

If the mutated black bear exotic beast in front of him was really just an illusionary figure like Jonina had said, wouldn’t this matter be much easier to handle?

Jonina seemed to have seen through their thoughts. She smiled faintly and shook her head helplessly.””Don’t think that this matter is too simple,”

“Although I think that it’s just an illusion, it’s not that it’s not very powerful. It still needs a strong power to break the shackles and let us pass through here.”

“What we need to do now is to use the ancient jade to find the illusionary shadow created by the mutated black bear. After breaking it, we can leave this place through the path behind it!”

On the other hand, Qiao Nina and Zhou Hao’s gazes were filled with determination. The two of them had already made up their minds to work together to deal with the mutated black bear.

Only Lei ting, who was at the side, had a grave expression on his face. He suppressed the anxiety and uneasiness in his heart and looked at the scene with fear.

“Nana …”

Thunder spoke slowly, but even his tone was stammering with a trace of urgency. He simply didn’t know what to do.

Qiao Nina acted as if she did not hear the Thunder calling out to her. She continued to stare at the ancient jade in front of her with a serious expression. Together with Zhou Hao, they prepared to activate it!

In the next moment, the two of them held the ancient jade in their hands. Qiao Nina looked at Zhou Hao, and a gentle smile suddenly appeared in her eyes. She then slowly opened her mouth and said softly,””We can start now.”

As soon as Jonina’s voice fell, the boundless power in the surroundings suddenly whizzed out from the ancient jade. A series of rumbling sounds continuously reverberated throughout the entire Shandong.

There were even countless lightning bolts around him, and the continuous explosions made Liang Wenyuan so scared that he grabbed the gray-haired man’s arm and squatted on the ground. He was so scared that he didn’t even have the courage to open his eyes to look.

At that moment, Jonina immediately pulled out a dagger from her waist.

Her eyes were filled with determination, and her face was solemn.

The dagger glowed with a cold light as Jonina cut her palm. She then threw away the blood-stained dagger and tried her best to drip the blood on the hands of the two people who were holding the ancient jade.

Zhou Hao’s eyes were filled with worry. After all, Qiao Nina had almost fainted when she activated the ancient jade. It was a good thing that Leiting’s pill had saved her life.

Now that she had activated the ancient jade again and used her blood to activate her fresh blood, Jonina’s mind power would definitely suffer a heavy blow.

However, among the few of them, only Zhou Hao and Jonina were capable of doing this.

If it was anyone else, no matter who it was, they would not be able to do it.

Even though Jonina’s mental strength was not as strong as before, this was the most important moment. She could not stop now!

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